In the neighbourhood…

It so happened that I was in the neighbourhood so I decided to stop by this shop…

TwinCorner Sibu

…again to give it another shot.

The last time I was here, I thought the roti canai was very good but the stuff from the Malay stall there was not that great and definitely not something that I would want to go and eat again.

I thought most of the stalls would be closed, it being the puasa (fasting) month right now but to my surprise, they were all open. Well, I did not order anything from them this time around as I had already made up my mind to try the chui-char (cook-fry) place at the back of the coffee shop.

My missus had the fried mihun (rice vermicelli) with cangkuk manis (RM4.00)…

Mihun with cangkuk manis

…which was quite good but there did not seem to be a lot of ingredients other than the vegetable, egg and bits of meat so minute that they were hardly visible. Thus, I would think that RM4.00 is a little bit too much to charge for that. I tried a bit and personally, I think I prefer the one here which had some of those canned clams in soy sauce that we usually use to fry mihun at home…and that one was only RM3.00 a plate though I wouldn’t know if they have jacked up the price since then as in the case of most things around here lately.

I ordered the fried kway teow (flat rice noodles) with cockles (RM4.50)…

See-ham kway teow

…which was even more expensive but thankfully, it was very nice – perhaps nicer than what used to my favourite here – but the next time I order this, I must remember to ask them to leave out the kuchai (chives) as I do not fancy the smell/taste and it can be quite a chore picking the strips out of the dish and placing them by the side of the plate. The cockles were big and fresh, no complaint about those…and as a whole, it was definitely something that I would not mind ordering again the next time I drop by that same coffee shop.

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23 thoughts on “In the neighbourhood…”

  1. wow why u dont like kuchai. it is nice to mixed in CKT. but nowadays not many stalls would put kuchai.

    It has always been the standard ingredient for char kway teow here…and that’s one reason why I like Penang’s – no kuchai, got see-ham, prawns some more. Yummmm!!!! LOL!!!

  2. well, RM4.50 is not expensive here, in fact it’s the standard price for a plate of CKT..

    This is Sibu mah… KL city, not the same. But the cockles, not that cheap and there were a lot and big ones too. No complaints, RM4.50 o.k. but not RM4.00 for the mihun – hardly any ingredients and that cangkuk manis is so cheap… 😦

    1. hey, but looks like what your missus had was not fried meehoon with cangkuk manis, but fried cangkuk manis with meehoon!! hahahaha.. it has more vege than meehoon itself.. but i do not like the meehoon they all are broken..

      Too soft and not handled gently when fried – sure will come out in bits like that – especially when you want wok hei fragrance, have to really fry hard. My own fried mihun also sometimes ends up like that… 😦

  3. CKT looks more appetizing than the fried mihun. Looks like they didn’t tear the cangkuk manis in the fried mihun. Love CKT with lots of taugeh and I don’t like kuchai too.

    Ahhh!!! You’re like me then, not a fan of kuchai. They did tear the cangkuk manis but not enough – still, the smell of the veg was very strong in the mihun. Cannot imagine if they really tear it – maybe the mihun green colour liao!

    1. Hahaha!!! today I cook one of your easy peasy receipe again, for the 4th time, if I am not wrong, Kampung style, assam fish.

      LOL!!! Fish again! What fish do you use? Tenggiri/bay ka? Here, we would cook ikan buris (sai seng) but if that’s not available, maybe tenggiri or pek chio or oh-chio (bawal putih/hitam) – the bigger ones. I’ve seen them cooking small fish – quite a problem when eating with all the bones.

      1. Last time I used tenggiri but today tenggiri not fresh so I used kembong. Yum!!!Yum!!!. What to do. I am so addicted to it liaw.

        Kembong is nice…but preferable big ones. If the small, small kembong – have to be careful with the tiny bones and those of the fins at the side.

  4. The mihun doesnt look attractive cos they cut them to bits? But I would like to try the cangkuk manis though… something different…
    Your CKT certainly looks “yummier”… lots of kuchai is Best!! hahaha…

    You like kuchai? Next time we go together and I give you all of mine. LOL!!! All in bits, I think fried too long or not gentle enough – all cut up by the ladle. Happens too sometimes when I fry mihun…

  5. The CKT looks delicious but not sure about the bihun. looks a bit plain

    It was. Very strong cangkuk manis taste… I think I can cook nicer fried mihun, a plate, one serving like that RM1.00-2.00 cost price more than enough.

  6. Char Kway Teow is something I have to order at any hawker stall. Your CKT looks really good. Oh, you don’t like kuchai. That’s one of the ingredients in my Aunt’s Mee Siam πŸ™‚

    That’s why I left it out when I cooked mee siam the other day… LOL!!! πŸ˜€ Ya…this CKT is pretty good compared to most of the rest that we can get here in Sibu. A few good ones around but I like this one most of all.

  7. Aiyorrrr! My fav food, but I do like the daun kucai in mine. 😦 Puasa today…so darn hungry! 😦 Must go get some later.

    Huh? You don’t eat pork and you are puasa-ing… Are you a convert?

    1. No la… detox-ing… these days body came out so much rashes and they say I ate too much nonsense…so better if I puasa to get rid of the toxic and go on a fruit diet 😦 Dono if it will work or not la…

      Good luck.

  8. Wah the kueh tiaw looks like the one i had in BCCK! sedap sangat! this looks yummy! i passed by this place, i forgot where again…

    Right next to Paramount Hotel. You must have stayed there…

  9. I must say that I’m so happy that you added me into your blogroll! Such a pleasure!! (and yes, I was vain enough to check. haha!)

    Most welcome. I also check to see if others care enough to link me or not… Some expect you to do for them but they do not bother to reciprocate. Big shot bloggers like that lah…

  10. the mihun looks quite thick. At first i thought they were beansprouts!

    Hah!!! You like the xtra-fine ones. Wait for my post in a few days time…

  11. You went there again? heheh..but you didn’t try the fried kampua, the makcik is at another side, not the same row as the roti canai, it is at another side, must try the fried kampua, i like very much. The mihun look good, maybe i will like.

    CKT, i am opposite, i don’t like cockles and i am ok with chives. Sometime when i forgot to tell them don’t put cockles, i will end up line all the cockles on my plate, if my husband with me, he will eat all, if no i will just leave it. kekekeke

    Oh? This side? I think not open… Puasa time, better not eat at Malay stalls – they cannot taste so dunno nice or not. LOL!!! Ooo…cockles best lah, add prawns, lagi better!!! Yummmm!!!!

  12. kuchai picking is called hand exercise. πŸ™‚ hehehehe πŸ™‚ i somewhat think that koay teow in sibu, is rather bad. i mean the texture. it is more of tapioca / sago flour rather than rice flour, resulting in transparent and chewy aftertaste.

    Kuching not the same meh? Nothing like Ipoh’s or Penang’s or even KL’s – some call it hor fun….translucent and soft. Ours isn’t transparent at all – white…and thick and chewy…but there are people who do not like the peninsula’s and yearn for our Sarawak kway teow. Ah well…to each his own – like how many Sibu people do not like Kuching kolo mee and would rather go for Sibu kampua mee. Give me Kuching kolo mee anytime!

    1. when you come to kuching i bring you for a kolo koay teow! πŸ™‚ then you tell me your verdict. i eat a lot of koay teow in kuching, hence sometimes i forgot and ordered koay teow too in sibu and uh…rather disappointed with the texture. koay teow in kuching made by teochews is firmer in texture, solid and not that transparent when cooked. my 2 cents that is.

      Haven’t had kway teow for a long time – not since the tomato kway teow days and the Green Road roadside stall in the 70s. At that time, it was more or less the same as Sibu’s – but when I had it in KL or other places over that side, I marvelled at the texture of their kway teow – so much nicer…or to me at least.

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