I’m so excited…

Indeed, I was so excited when I saw this banner…


…at this shop (2.293347,111.821331)…


…the first one in the block of shops to the left of Paramount Hotel (this one that I’ve blogged about a few times before is the last one in that same block). “The best in town“? Where would I be able to find the 2nd best or 3rd best…or not so best? I wonder if anybody can enlighten me on this for as far as I know, this is the only place around here selling this.

Now, why was I so excited, you may ask? All this while, I have heard talk about this ice cream in Kuching, how very nice it is and how there would be long queues of people all the time lining up to buy but unfortunately, when I went to Kuching that day, I dropped by the Open Air Market in the morning hoping to give it a try but it was closed – they told me that it would only be open in the afternoon around 4 something. Thus, I had to leave the place disappointed and no, in the end, I did not get the chance at all during my brief stay there.

For the uninitiated, gula apong is our version of palm sugar. The one in the peninsula would be derived from the coconut tree and is called gula Melaka while ours here is from the nipah palm, found growing wild among the mangrove swamps in the lower reaches of our majestic Rejang River. In Chinese (Hokkien), we call it attap therngΒ or attap sugar,Β attap being what was made from the leaves and used in the old days for the thatched roofs of houses. So ais krim gula apong would be simply ice cream served with the sugar…

ais krim gula apong 1

I asked the man at the stall…


…and he said that it would be RM3.00 each but if you want to add any of those things in the plastic jars with the red covers, those would be an additional 80 sen each.

The ice cream was like those soft-serve ice cream that you can find easily at places like Sugar Bun or McD and the one here was very good – very smooth and nice, vanilla flavour. I asked for the peanut and Nestum but somehow, I could not taste the latter…

Ais krim gula apong

…and I was charged RM3.80 only so my guess is the guy probably just gave me one of the two.

So was it really all that great? Well, it was nice, I can’t deny that, and the gula apong with the ice cream came across to me like salted caramel, and that was something that I liked about it. However, at the end of the day, I would have to say that unfortunately, it did not get me jumping up and down with delight unlike the durian ice cream…

Payung durian ice cream
*Archive photo: Payung Cafe’s durian ice cream*

here. That one sure has an edge over this and has that wow factor! Everyone who has had it would, without doubt, be wanting to go back for more whereas in the case of this one, I don’t know if it has that same effect on other people but no, it sure did not bowl me over, not at all. Of course, the durian ice cream is more expensive, RM8.00 but it has fresh durian cream in it and the serving is bigger, around double that of this ais krim gula apong…and considering the satisfaction derived, no prize for guessing which one I would much sooner go for.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “I’m so excited…”

  1. enjoyable to have cheap ice-creams, with wide selection of toppings. i think they need to have more selections of toppings that you dont really have them at home.
    as i usually do these myself at home. believe many does too.

    You do? And many do too? Not me. I would just eat ice cream on its own at home. Did not think the peanut did much to upgrade the taste to a higher level. For 80 sen, I would choose to do without it should I go for this again.

    My flight attendant friend in Dubai and his colleagues were so excited by the Malaysian cuisine at the Noodle Bowl, saw his photos on Facebook. East west, home is best!

  2. Durian ice cream? Wow! Never heard of that flavor!

    Not sure if there is such a flavour in the shops, maybe there is but I guess it would be some durian essence or artificial flavouring. This one here is fresh durian cream with the regular vanilla ice cream, great combination – very nice!

  3. Sure looks refreshing. How are you guys going with the haze over there? I heard reports that 1000s of people have fallen ill with related illnesses. It’s dreadful here.

    Yesterday’s API was around 70, not so bad here…unlike in Kuching. Planes were not able to land, delays and cancellations every day and some had to wait at Sibu airport for hours for the haze to clear there.

  4. I have not gone to Kapit Hotel in city centre for a taste of their gula apong ice cream. Heard so much about it but considering the distance, jam and parking problem, I rarely venture to city centre. I never try the one in open market either. Lol. Probably because I am not so crazy about ice cream. ^^

    I do not mind to go for the cheaper version as it did looked good and smooth. The one in Sunny Hills that I had was even cheaper. Will blog about it soon. ^^

    It was ok but really, nothing to shout about – just ice cream with gula apong, nothing sensational. But with all that hoo-haa in Kuching about it, I would expect something a lot more than just that. Hope to get to try the ones there if I ever go to Kuching again. I saw in one blog though – she did not like it, said the Sunny Hill ones would be better, anytime and in another blog, I saw that it is only RM2 at Open Air in Kuching, with corn flakes topping some more – so expensive here!!! Tsk! Tsk!!! 😦

  5. I recently made a tub of vanilla ice cream, with fresh milk, powdered milk and egg white. Never tried gula apong ice cream before and I would give myself a shot at it in Sibu. But the durian ice cream you mentioned sounds more interesting, I would give it a try too if I am in Sibu.

    Must do that, rugi if you come to Sibu and do not get to sample it, absolutely out of this world! Wowwww!!!! You make your own ice cream! Impressive!

  6. Much has been said about the gula apong ice cream at open air & Jalan Padungan and unfortunately, I haven’t tasted it as yet. Seeing the long queue definitely puts me off. Am a durian lover so durian ice cream for me, pls.

    The one we have here is definitely very much nicer, something not to be missed, that durian ice cream for anyone coming to Sibu…unless you are not a durian lover!

  7. i’d be excited too .. i’m one of those uninitiated who hasn’t heard of gula apong! this is a cool way (no pun intended!) to infuse a local flavour into ice cream πŸ˜€

    It does bring the taste to a whole new level – like cendol with or without gula Melaka.

  8. Now they have Sibu version of Gula Apong Ice Cream. Nice.

    Was nice but nothing sensational. And RM3.00 for that little cup – I saw in somebody’s blog that it is only RM2.00 in Kuching with corn flakes topping. I wonder how much is one at Sugar Bun or McD – theirs a lot more, I think, taller and maybe the cup is bigger too. It’s just RM1.00 at a shop here, nicer…very rich and milky, minus the gula apong. Dunno how much now though, have not had for a long time.

  9. vanila ice cream vs durian ice cream how to beat lah. Like comparing apple and orange. both also fruit but taste different. Come come…Sangkaya by your relative, right. Try that.

    My missus’ brother’s son, her nephew. The sister told me that they use crunchy coconut flesh, the ripe/hard one. Not for me, thank you. When I order coconut water in a coconut, I would want the flesh to be young…soft, translucent and would scoop it all out to eat – if ripe already, I would be very disappointed and not touch it anymore.

    1. yes now u are talking my lingo… has to be young coconut… tat’s y Sangkaya was not my fav…

      We are the same in more ways than one, it seems! πŸ˜‰

  10. I heard of durian ice cream but I haven’t tried it. Durian is not that popular here in the Philippines.

    I wonder why, same climate as Thailand – tropical monsoon and they get a lot of durians from there in the peninsula. I love their durian and sticky rice dessert, a variation of the more commonly found one with mango.

  11. You should try the cempedak ice cream @ Garden to Table Dining. It’s insane! Damn good man. LOL

    They have local mango or what we call quinee here, for people who are not into durians…but I prefer the durian. For one thing, I am not into cempedak…nor nangka.

  12. Oh nice! Ice cream is always a joy to eat πŸ˜€ Is the gula apong very sweet?

    Something like gula Melaka. When they add just a little like that, sure it will not be very sweet – definitely not as sweet as those Walls Magnum ones.

  13. Oh yes, give me durian ice-cream anytime over vanilla ice-cream with nipah sugar. Though I love gula melaka lots, I’ll choose durian without a doubt πŸ˜€

    Ahhhh!!! Durian lover eh? I am into into the fruit but I love durian desserts – you will see my grabbing everything at the stall selling durian pancakes, durian cream puffs, durian swiss roll… Yum yummmmm!!!


    That’s why they can claim to be the best on town – they’re the ONLY guys doing it in town. πŸ˜‰

    Hmm…maybe they combined the peanut and Nestum together to make the topping? I thought Nestum would have gone well with the palm sugar though. I’ve heard of this from Kuching people, it’s like the giant catfish nasi lemak in JB, a bit of a craze.

    So pissed off now that I know they are selling it at only RM2.00 in Kuching with cornflakes topping. Not going to go for this one here again, that’s for sure, not at this price…but I would want to try the ones in Kuching to see if theirs are really that good, with everyone there queuing for it and all. If it is anything like this one, I sure would not bother.

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