Little bird…

Last Sunday, a week ago, after the morning service, my girl wanted to stop by here for breakfast as she loved the wat tan hor kway teow

Twin Corner wat tan hor kway teow

…that she had not too long ago.

My missus had their Foochow-style fried noodles…

Twin Corner Foochow-style fried noodles

…with gravy while I ordered something from this stall…

Twin Corner stall

…that has since grown a little bigger, having taken over the stall right next to it.

I did not quite like the kampua noodles but I thought the pian sip was not too bad. However, I did not want to have that again so this time around I ordered their lor mee

Twin Corner lor mee 1

…which was very good…

Twin Corner lor mee 2

The gravy was thick enough and had the hint of the five spice powder taste, not too strong – just right.

Janggut was not around and neither were the roti canai guys but there was a Malay stall at the far end to the back that did not seem to enjoy a lot of business. However, somebody had ordered a plate of fried noodles from there and had that with a drink at a table at the far end of the tables laid out along the five-foot way of the shop. After having had his fill, he left.

In the meantime, a little bird came along…

Bird 1

…and pecked at a strand of the leftover noodles…

Bird and noodle

…and hopping away to the side, it gave it to another bird…

Little birds

…probably the baby though it sure looked fully-grown already.

I was so captivated and could not resist taking a few photographs of the whole episode. As they say, caring is sharing…and I see the public display of it all here by our feathered friends. Don’t you think that was so sweet?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Little bird…”

  1. Oh that is so sweet and your photographs are so crisp and clear. The birds must be thinking the worms here sure taste so much better πŸ˜€

    I wonder if it does taste nicer than worms. Anybody who has tried? I know they eat those in some countries, real worms…nothing like our sago worms.

  2. Awwwww….so sweet! I love birds, and sparrows are adorable! πŸ™‚

    Yes, we have lots these days and they are very tame now, not scared of humans…so they will not fly off the instant they spot anybody around.

  3. Here also if u dine in alfresco the birds will hang around n they r so urbanised now n not scared. If u throw one chip then suddenly you found a throng of them on your table! Then u have to put up with dining with them!Tsk!

    Birds are fine, not stray dogs or cats…or worse, bees! Post on those coming soon… 😦

  4. Same here, over at certain places, i ever see birds coming to pick leftover foods…

    Seems there are lots of birds everywhere now.

  5. Me, a noodle lover will love noodles cook in any way, fried or soup. The birdie must have mistaken that strand of noodles to be a fat & juicy worm. Well, the other birdie must be happy chirpy chirpy away.

    Probably the baby, looked smaller…but should be big enough to find its own food. Gee! Even birds spoil their young rotten these days, not just humans.

  6. Haha! That’s such a funny photo, cute of the bird to come up to a table and eat from the plate!
    I didn’t know they would do that, usually these birds are quite jumpy, would not go near where a human has been.

    I like Foochow noodles but strangely only at home. I don’t enjoy eating it at the stall, mainly coz they don’t have Maggi/Kimball chilli sauce. It goes *perfectly* with those two sweeter and denser chilli sauce, maybe it’s coz I grow up eating it that way but if I go for Foochow noodles, I’ll tapau and eat it at home with my own chilli sauce.

    These birds are very tame now, lots in my garden. I can walk up to them and they will not fly off – not like birds in the past. They will only do that when I get very very near.

    You can ask for tomato ketchup or chili sauce at these places. My missus will ask for fresh cut chilies in soy sauce everytime – they will give. I do not go for those anymore outside as many have been quite a disappointment, nothing like what I used to love in my younger days and they would always scrimp on the ingredients – could hardly see those minute bits of meat and veg.

  7. I like your photos of the birds. That was rare and hard to take compared to food.

    Yes, not easy and I had to zoom in some more. Glad that the shots actually came out quite well.

  8. Nice story and photo shots of the birds. I’ve noticed over here that with the magpies, the overgrown babies still call out to their mother to feed them! I guess mothers are the same all over, including different species.

    Magpies? Ummm…they’re pretty big birds, aren’t they? In KL and Selangor, they have the big black crows. I shudder at the sight of those, so many there…and they make a horrible blood-curdling squawking sound every time. I do not mind these nice little ones.

  9. How cute! You managed to snap their pics without scaring them away.

    I used the zoom facility in my digicam so I did not have to go too near. It’s pretty good but I think when zooming, one must hold the camera real steady, no shaking or the shots would come out blur, not nice. The first two were better than the last one.

  10. Wow…you get to capture the sweet little birds moment. Like those photos.

    Yes, my lucky day. Was very pleased by how the photos turned out. πŸ˜‰

  11. love those mee infused with five spice powder. Too strong at it doesn’t taste good, but having a dash of it goes well with noodle dishes like these, or loh bak, the way my mum always makes it.

    I had pretty good ones in Penang – loved the Hailam lor mee but I don’t know exactly where I ate that, my friend took me there. Quite hard-pressed to get a good one here – most are just so-so. Perhaps it is because it is not a Foochow dish and this is a Foochow town but I liked this one here – they sure did it quite well.

  12. Wahhh…with your new phone, you can capture touching moments, eh…. Among the food pictures above, I like your girl’s choice.. looks very gravylicous! πŸ™‚

    New phone? What new phone? Still my old one, a year old now with its not so good camera – didn’t use that, used my cheap digicam from a Courts Mammoth sale. All still good enough for me to do what I need to do. Retired already, have to be careful with money, don’t see any point in getting new ones…especially with the economy so bad, prices of everything going up. Sighhhhh!!!!!

    All’s good here, all depends on one’s personal preferences.

  13. That’s so common here in New Zealand, I think you noticed that when you visited here before.

    Can’t say I noticed. Maybe I did not get to eat at places with a lot of birds. Seems from my Melbourne cousin’s comment earlier, they get lots there too.

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