Between you and me…

When I shared the photograph of the lalapan ayam bakar I had here on Facebook, a friend said that the pili-pili (peri-peri) rice with grilled chicken (RM9.00)…

pili-pili rice with grilled chicken

here is nicer. I would say both are good but between the two of them, one certainly looks much cheaper than the other. Well, my girl wanted to have that for lunch on Saturday the previous weekend so we headed to that hawker stall in question – they had run out of the Moroccan rice with grilled chicken so all of us had the same.

This time around, we took note of everything and compared between the two. Both the grilled chicken here…

Grilled chicken

…and the ayam bakar at that other place tasted great and both are more or less the same size though the second time around, the one my girl had did seem a little bit smaller. As for the rice, one would get plain rice wrapped in banana leaf at that other place whereas the one here certainly has an edge over the other one with the special basmati rice and all the herbs and spices such as cardamon and what not that went into the cooking.

However, there  wasn’t anything else that came with the chicken and the rice other than the two types of sauces…

Two types of sauces

…whereas at the other place, there were those raw and blanched vegetables by the side that one could enjoy with the three different types of sambal that came with every order. So do these extras plus the better presentation and nicer environment merit a difference of RM3.50 between the two?

Personally, I would say that both are good and I would go for one or the other depending on what I would feel like having, never mind that one is a little bit more expensive. The most important thing is that what they serve is nice and I would enjoy myself – I guess that is what matters most. Otherwise, I can always go some place else and have something that is even cheaper like the ayam penyet (RM7.00)…

Janggut's ayam penyet

…at Janggut’s stall that I said the other day that I would go back and try.

The chicken was indeed very very nicely done, very well-marinated with whatever spices and all and I must say that I liked it a lot. The soup…

Soup & vegetables

…like the other day when I had the nasi lemak, was good and there were some raw vegetables by the side including some very tiny one-inch long cucumber! On the down side, the sambal

Nasi lemak sambal

…was the same sambal they use for the nasi lemak. I had expected some special sambal belacan but unfortunately, there was none…and  I wasn’t all that thrilled at getting plain rice with it. Perhaps the next time I drop by here, I would order their nasi lemak biasa (RM3.50, I think)…and the ayam penyet (RM5.00) – I certainly would prefer that combo for a total of RM8.50 only.

While I was there that day, I also ordered the roti telur (RM1.80)…

Twin Corner roti telur

…and yes, it was very nice.

Back at the hawker stalls at Simpang Tiga where they have the Moroccan or pili-pili grilled chicken with rice, there is also one roti canai stall…

Simpang Tiga roti canai stall

…but if I’m not mistaken, their roti telur (with egg) is slightly more expensive at RM2.00 each. The roti canai kosong (plain) is cheaper here though – RM1.00 only while it is RM1.20 at that other place. I looked at the menu on the wall and curious, I asked the boy what roti canai telur jantan (male eggs) was and he replied, “Dua biji telur!” (two eggs) Chesh!!! Naughty! Naughty! I sure would think twice about ordering that! LOL!!!

I tried the roti telur bawang (with onion added), RM2.50…

Roti telur bawang

…and yes, I would say it was nice and yes, the dhal dip…

Dhal dip

…was equally good – very thick and rich just like at the other place.

I guess I may order the ones here again whenever I happen to be around and feel like having it even though between the two of them, this one is a little bit more expensive. I sure would not bother driving all the way to the other place just to pay 20 sen less for something that is pretty much the same…or I will just opt for the kosong. What about you?

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28 thoughts on “Between you and me…”

  1. I prefer to have that ayam rice with blanched vege. I like it that way.

    I agree with you on the “not bother driving all the way to the other place just to pay 20 sen less for something that is pretty much the same”. I’ll just settle for the one nearer to me.

    Whichever is convenient but some people would go for the cheaper one especially big families – their argument is for a family of 5 and if they order one each, that would make a difference of RM1 already. That is why some of the cheaper kampua mee places are enjoying bustling business even if they may not be all that good.

    Personally, I prefer that ayam bakar too, never mind that it costs a little more.

  2. RM1 roti canai or RM1.20? i’d vote for the one that provides you with the biggest feeling of satisfaction! 🙂

    Me too…or whichever is convenient but see my reply to Merryn’s comment. I do know of places drawing the crowd because their kampua noodles is cheaper than others by 20 sen. Sure makes sense not to simply jack up prices here.

  3. The chicken in the first pic sure looks succulent. Nice to have some raw veg on the side of nasi lemak to break up the richness.

    I would think so too – for some roughage. The usual pickled cucumber that they would often give with Malay dishes would be good.

  4. Everything looked good here. I would love to try that grilled chicken.

    Heading this way soon? School holidays round the corner, towards the end of September.

    1. Should be going back to Kapit this year end for Christmas. Would be driving to Sibu and stay overnight before heading to Kapit. See if got time in Sibu to meet up with you.

      I should be around. No plans to go anywhere. Maybe can follow to Kapit, eat tangadak, semah… 😉 LOL!!!

  5. Wah, your roti telur looks so yellow and has so much telur in it, full of telur goodness.. Over here, the whole thing is white patches only, only some yellow patches, and no telur smell.. So I always order roti telur planta instead, more fragrant ma..

    Yes, that first one in particular – I commented to my missus that there was so much egg that I felt like I was eating an omelette, not roti telur. Very nice!

  6. To me all looks good but sometimes looks can be deceiving. It all depends on ones’ taste too. I love the flowery name of the roti canai telur jantan.

    Somebody sure has a sense of humour. 😀

    I would say that all are as good as they look, unlike quite a few that I had had at other places in town.

  7. Me also won’t go all the way just to pay less 20 sen, unless i am nearby, then drop by to makan…

    Or KIV and when that is what I want, I would just go there…if I am in the vicinity. Sure would not go through the trouble just for 20 sen.

  8. Can’t go wrong with spicy grilled chicken. I’ll have that anytime. By the way, I made peri-peri chicken yesterday hee..hee…

    Yes, I’ve commented on the post.

  9. Yummy ayam penyet. Love this delicacy from Indonesia. I still remember the first time I tried these, chicken is awesome, but I will always remember the fiery hot chili that comes in their sambal.

    Yes, most important is the sambal. That is why I was not too thrilled that I got the nasi lemak sambal for the one in this post. 😦

  10. These days I took roti telur quite often.. maybe due to your putting up their pictures in your post that lure me to eat them.. hahahaa… I like your roti telur neatly arranged.. the ones I ate were all messed up…. not so crispy as the ones you put up… For 20 sen, I would prefer to drive to the nearer one…

    Who me? Muahahahahaha!!!! Ya, I know some people just squash it in between their hands and serve to you all crumpled like that, so not presentable. Better don’t eat too often – I know they soak the dough overnight in oil…and cook it with a lot of oil on the hot plate – even though it does not seem all that oily when we’re eating it.

    I would just go to the one close by depending on where I will be at the time, would not go out of my way to save 20 sen. 😀

  11. chicken looks good.. but too bad about the sambal! There’s a good one in Ampang though 😀

    Bet they are everywhere over there too – here as well. That’s the thing about these stalls – one does well, everybody follows suit!

    P.S.: Your first time here? Thanks for dropping by & commenting. Do hop over again, always welcome.

  12. I would rather choose roti telur than roti kosong…..because that one got egg..and I like to eat egg.

    I’m ok with both, one or the other.

  13. The peri-peri chicken and ayam bakar looks so good here!! Anyway, I love to have it with nasi briyani. The nas briyani has a nice scent and fragrant to the spices and with these chicken chunks will make a gastronomical meal!!

    The Moroccan rice at the African guy’s stall is more or less like what we know as nasi bryani, yellow in colour. I prefer that to the peri-peri rice but they were sold out that afternoon so everyone had to have the same thing. 😦

  14. So many grilled chicken, make me confused what is what and where is where. hahahha
    That roti canai looks very good, i am sure my boys will love that.

    I’m sure you had the nice one at Twin Corner before, behind Paramount Hotel, left side. You’ve been there – same one, still going strong…and the chu char place at the back. I think the other stalls including Janggut were not there when you last went.

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