Touch of class…

This place…


…has been opened for a few months now but no, I never stopped by to check it out.

Why, you may ask? Well, so far only two Facebook friends shared photographs of the place. I asked one how it was and he replied, “Menu, one page only.” Another one showed a snapshot of what he ate and it looked quite good but when I asked, he said, “Expensive, chicken rice,” and one would be able to sense the disdain in the response. In the meantime, I was told that people had been sharing pics of what they ate here on Instagram and everything looked very good. Well, I wouldn’t know as I do not have a smartphone nor an Instagram account so I do not get to see all of them.

For one thing, it looks like a really posh place, real classy and I would feel like a fish out of water as I never bother to dress up nicely whenever I go out plus it did seem kind of crowded (and bright) everytime we drove past. Nevertheless, the other day, I decided to just go and give it a try.

There was this beauty parked right in front…


– I gathered that it belonged to the owner/chef and yes, inside, it was really very elegant…

LaDoree inside

…with a kind of continental setting and ambiance somewhat. I would say it was real classy but no, it is no fine dining kind of place. The crowd came in, all more or less dressed like me…and made themselves at home, if you can catch the drift. I met an ex-student there – that boy in black behind the counter. He had finished his tertiary education and was there to help out – his brother-in-law and sister are the owners – while waiting for his convocation later in the year.

They had set lunches that day though I am not too sure if that is an everyday thing. Nobody wanted the spaghetti, aglio olio with a sausage…so my girl and the mum both went for the chicken with mushroom sauce…

Chicken with mushroom sauce

…served with rice (RM12.90)…

with rice

…and a free drink, iced lemon tea. Rice? Yes, you heard right! No, nobody said it would be some western fare…even though one look at the place, one would expect nothing else but that. The chicken was nice though and the mushroom sauce was very good – I did try a bit and I thought it tasted…oriental, a perfect match for the rice by the side.

I saw there was nasi lemak (RM13.90)…

Nasi lemak

…on the menu and instantly, I said I wanted that. I had yet to find one that I, without a second thought, would want to go back for more.

The sambal was very good though I would prefer it to be a lot spicier – I think I like the one here more but the chicken rendang

Chicken rendang

…was simply out of this world, very very nice.

As for the rice…

The rice

…I would say it was the best around, a little more lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) than the others and it was not dry and hard like many of the rest.

Sky juice/iced water was 50 sen a glass and the total came up to RM40.20, no GST here…but no, I had to fork out that miserable 20 sen to pay all that is due on the bill! *frown*

It seems that they have a separate/different menu for dinner here and I did have a glance at it and yes, they do have a lot more stuff that is a lot more western so it sure looks like I will have to drop by another time…in the evening to see what’s good or otherwise here. Stick around!

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29 thoughts on “Touch of class…”

  1. tried last time..didn’t like it…chicken chop sauce was sweet..carbonara was sweet..baked bolognese was sweet

    Oh? I wonder why there were always so many people there everytime we drove past – so very bright at night, could easily see from the main road. They probably have their own following like that pseudo-Italian place that did not impress me much – the other one, not the one that I like.

  2. I like the look of the outlet. So classy, clean and neat.

    I think the price is reasonable. That ayam rendang attracted me the most.

    Yes, it was so good, I loved it! The rice is so far the best in town though I would like it a little bit more lemak…and the sambal a little spicier but the latter may not go down too well with the general public here. I hear that at that other place, there are people ordering nasi lemak without the sambal – too spicy for them! Unbelievable!!! Love the look of the place too, so clinically clean.

    1. Somehow I feel Foochows are not into spicy food. Correct me if I am wrong. ^^

      The old ones and those more traditionally inclined but this is slowly changing now, not so bad. When I was younger, I used to rinse my curry chicken in water before eating. 😀

  3. Nice decor with the beauty parked in front there. All looks good but I prefer the chicken with mushroom sauce though.

    It was nice though at a place like this, we were expecting something more western.

  4. The first picture indeed looks very classy.. And one-page menu only too.. I’ve been to a restaurant with just a one-page menu too, serving all pastas.. Front page, pastas and soup and garlic bread only.. Back page, drinks.. That’s all.. And we never go back for the second time.. I like Mel’s chicken chop with rice though, but I still prefer chicken chop with slaw and mash 🙂

    They do not seem to have a proper menu yet – so right now, they have one for lunch…and another for dinner…and maybe, one more for drinks or whatever. No point having an elaborate menu when NOTHING is nice! My favourite in town, Payung, has a one-page menu too – a very simple one on A4 paper, laminated – and most everything on it are nice. Why else would I be going back there again and again…and bringing everyone who comes to visit to go and enjoy all the great stuff served there?

    Give them time – they are just starting – if they work on the feedback and try to improve, this should be a good place to go and dine…especially on special occasions.

  5. Nasi Lemak looks more convincing as compared to the other dish 😛

    It was definitely much nicer. Not sure about the western dishes on the dinner menu – only heard the presentation is great from some Instagrammers.

  6. Hahahah Ladoree…. naming it after the famous macaron place in Paris.:P (so do they sell macarons here?)

    Not that I noticed when I skimmed through the menus. Anyway, even if they have macarons, I would not bother ordering that – just another one of those things, not anything that would leave me craving for more.

    1. That was my initial thought when I saw it too! 🙂

      I laughed and my friend asked me what I was laughing at and I told him about Ladurée and how this places only serves local fare and some Malaysianized “Western” dishes at night.

      Nothing French here, that’s for sure but what’s in a name? We can go to Osaka Bar or Tokyo Nightclub – no geishas there either.

  7. The rendang chicken is so tempting…

    It is very good, take my word for it. Sure wouldn’t mind having that again.

  8. Oh I saw this last time I was in Sibu for work. Gave us a good laugh. Haha.

    We were tickled at the name of the place – it sounds very close to Ladurée (the bakery famous for macarons in France) or the L’ Adoree cafe, both of which are French bakeries while the menu from this place serves local fare and a bit of Malaysian “Western”. I didn’t go in when I saw what they served, thought it was a new French place.

    Yes, somebody commented the same when I shared a photo on Facebook a while ago. Well, at least, the spelling is not exactly the same – dunno if the misspelling is intentional or not. After all, there are CafeCafe’s all over the world as well and none is in any way connected to the one we have here.

  9. The prices don’t seem too expensive… I suppose I’m jaded by the sky high prices that have hit KL this year.

    Yes, I would say the prices are reasonable for a nice place like this. Not all that cheap at the regular coffee shops, anyway, these days. 😦

  10. Place looks very nice, and I supposed air conditioned and comfortable to eat in.

    Yes, on all counts. Can’t deny them that and I’m ok with the food too, give and take a little here and a little there – the chicken rendang was very good.

  11. This just show everyone have different taste. Your two friends in FB doesn’t seems to like the food here but for you , the food taste good enough. No GST is good.

    Indeed. That is why I always say to each his own. What I like, others may not and vice versa. Then there are some, the young ones especially, who are not all that concerned about the food – as long as it’s ok, it will be ok for them. They would usually go for nice comfortable places to hang out and chat the whole night through. Such places would attract a lot of these, I’m sure.

  12. Oh, they serve rice and nasi lemak too! I thought that it was an all western eatery. It does look classy. I would usually shy away from those classy places where you are expected to dress to the nines. Good thing that the patrons here dress casual and you (and me) would fit right in 🙂

    Definitely not for me, the fine dining thingy. I do not belong to the high class set and I do not intend to pretend that I do – just be who I am, what I am comfortable as and with…and that includes when I go out some place to eat. No choice if it is somebody’s wedding or some not so casual event like that – will make an attempt to look more presentable as a show of respect.

  13. I think the younger generation will love this place. It’s like how ppl like to be seen in Starbucks? Same concept lah. Pay more, food not good oso nevermind. As long as picture looks good on Instagram >_<

    Looks like it’s the current thing among the young and trendy! Only old folks like me would be more concerned about the food…and the prices – I, for one, am so not into Starbucks, don’t mind Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

  14. Wahhh…nice place. Very classy and one will be surprised to see they serve nasi lemak after naming the famous macaron. **very close indeed* ahahah

    I thought it would be a western cafe, at least…but was actually quite delighted to find that they had nasi lemak…and a pretty good one at that especially the chicken rendang. Not all that crazy about macarons, we kampung people. 😀 😀 😀

    Frankly, given a choice, I would much rather go for that than anything western…and my missus too and for her, the spicier the better. Anything not spicy will not go into her good books. That is why she would much prefer places like Payung or Cafe Ind.

  15. ooo, the nasi lemak sounds like a win … i like santan-packed moist rice too, and the combo with good chicken rendang and not-too-spicy sambal sounds like a delicious partnership for me. the chicken portion is also quite generous ya! 🙂

    Yes, serving’s big, chicken was great, rice was ok but I’m more into much more spicier sambal. I like it hot! 😉

  16. I think I wanna go get a plate of nasi lemak tomorrow for lunch! Suddenly the craving is there… hahahaa… Now that I am no more working, nasi lemak is the one I miss most among other food in the office..

    LOL!!! Same here, only two weeks in NZ and I was already missing all our wonderful food – could not wait to eat when I got back. You were there 2 months, that’s much longer!

  17. Some places do have a single cardboard menu only and they listed everything there. The chicken rendang nasi lemak really looks good and I am a fan of it!

    Yes, it was good…not cheap but very good! Indeed, no point having a thick menu if nothing is nice…or worse, when you ask, they will tell you everything is not available. I get so put off by that at some places!

  18. Even the SIGN looks classy!

    It does? Initially, I thought it was one of those bridal shops where they rent out the gowns, provide the make-up artist and the wedding photographer and all.

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