Good with the bad…

When Annie-Q was back here in Sibu with her twins, they went with her mum to this coffee shop, Twin Corner, to the left of the Paramount Hotel in the vicinity of the Kampung Datu shops and she loved the roti canai as well as the other things there.

Well, my friend, Philip, is back in town from the US and the other morning, we went there for breakfast. He ordered the roti telur

Twin Corner roti telur

…which was indeed very good and I particularly loved the dhall dip…

Dhall dip

…which was fragrantly tasty – it was thick and you can see all the dhall beans in it unlike at many places where the dip is watery with bits of long beans and what have you…and has hardly any taste of dhall. I would say that it is even nicer than the one at the Bandong stall that I like a lot but if I’m not mistaken, it is slightly more expensive here which is to be expected as the stall is located in  a coffee shop and they would have to pay the rent and what not. I tried a bit of the sambal by the side and found that it was great as well.

The tomato crispy noodles (RM4.00) that I ordered from the Malay noodle stall there…

Crispy tomato noodles

…was closer to what one would find in Kuching – the gravy is not so heavily adulterated with tomato ketchup compared to what I have had at the other places in town but unfortunately, there were only those few miserable shrimps and some sotong (squid) in it. I tasted a shrimp and found that it had a strong smell so I quickly spat it out and put all of them by the side of my plate – it was quite obvious that they were not very fresh. Otherwise, I would say that the noodles were not too bad.

Philip ordered their fried kway teow (flat rice noodles) with egg gravy (RM3.50)…

Wan tan hor

…otherwise known as wan tan hor, and we could tell from the moment it was served, judging from the appearance, that it would come nowhere near what we had here…and we were absolutely right.

All things considered, the roti canai or roti telur is certainly worth going back there for but I don’t think I would want to order anything from the noodles stall anymore the next time around.

Knowing how thoughtful and generous Philip is, I was pretty sure that he would not come back empty-handed and I was right! He brought me these all the way from the US – the made-in-Canada Ma Ling luncheon meat and the US-made condensed milk…


Thanks so much, Philip. That is so very nice of you and it certainly was great seeing you again and of course, we’ll go out again sometime to see if there are any more yet-to-be-discovered great eats in town…

Oooooo…luncheon meat!!! And Ma Ling no less…

Canadian-made Ma Ling luncheon meat

Yum! Yum! My favourite since I was small, fried with sliced Bombay onion and egg. Care for some, anyone? Hehehehehehe!!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

35 thoughts on “Good with the bad…”

  1. wahhh the tomato crisp noodle looks good! it’s been a while since i eat luncheon meat… only have it when im with my family 😦

    Oops! Made you miss home, did I? Oh dear… I guess being away from home, you can just get SPAM and make yourself a sandwich – pretty close. 😉

  2. eh so pinkish geh the layout?

    i am not a luncheon meat fan. but my bff loved it to bits. i am trying to cut down these processed meat after watching Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver :/

    Pink kah? Maroon lah…except for the right column…but I think the majority of the people reading my blog – the commentors, at least…are mainly ladies and laides love pink. Right or not? 😉 Eyewwwww….don’t like that Jamie – speaks like he’s spitting all over the place. LOL!!! 😀

  3. Roti canai and roti telors, so far I haven’t seen one yet in India…lol

    They’re not Indian – originated in Singapore, I think…called roti pratha there… India, I think you have no problem getting naan bread, thosai – the original Indian ones.

  4. the roti canai there is good. been there many times and surprisingly the stall is run by a young guy. the noodle stall serve good food also although the serving is quite small and the shrimp not that fresh. this noodles stall was previously at the kopitiam opposite EPF which is just behind twins corner….(u been there before STP…i believe for the cendol and ABC hehehe). cheers STP

    Ya…a young guy with dyed hair… Oh? No wonder the guy looked familiar…and the noodle fella too! I was trying to recall where I had seen them before… That place, the cendol not nice anymore, the branch at Sg Antu is the same – never went back there again.

  5. wah I’ve never seen a made in US ma ling. So nice of them to bring you so much nice food!

    Yalor! I’m so thankful… Everybody’s been so kind and generous to me.

  6. The dhall certainly looks good… going for breakie now.. should i take roti telur or capati?? 🙂 I still have one tin of spam, thank goodness.. perhaps I should ask my mum to have that for dinner tonight.. 🙂

    LOL!!! I’m torturing you, am I? Hehehehehehehe!!!!

  7. dress??? hahahaa…. after writing the above, I baru noticed…

    Adoi…you’re not very observant then. LOL!!! Must tukar mah…after a while, already busuk! 😉

  8. yeah, the dhaal looks good!! but i rarely had any other variations other than roti kosong, just think the original always taste the best.. 🙂

    My friend likes roti telur. Personally, I would go for the kosong…and the dip must be good, that’s all I want.

  9. the tomato noodles and kway teow look so-so only, your luncheon meat loos a lot of appetizing and delicious!!

    Ya…not going to eat at that stall again. My luncheon meat, of course best lah – I cooked it myself. Hehehehehe!!!!

  10. wah .. I want the luncheon meat…
    I also store a lot of stock (luncheon meat) in my house..
    I love to eat roti with dhal curry only..
    I always ask them for an extra plate.. yummy…

    What brand do you buy? The local Ma Ling is no good… Gulong’s not bad…but not as nice as my younger days’ Ma Ling. Wah!!! Bankrupt lah…give you so much dhall curry – dhall not cheap, yunno! 😉

  11. Oh good dhal! Usually a lot of places the dhal just looks watery and yuks. 😛

    Yes, I was quite impressed by this one. Most places, not worth dipping… 😦

  12. Roti telur with dhall dip looks good. The noodle doesn’t look cripsy at all and the fried kway teow, over flooded with gravy. All in all I just need that plate of Ma Ling luncheon meat. That would be good enough for me.

    Ya…my favourite, anytime! The noodles were crispy all right, the tomato gravy was good…just that, those prawns and sotong were quite miserable…and I miss our dear “good friend” – halal, don’t have. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Oh, kesian, miss our dear “good friend”. If you want to have our “good friend”, must go to chinese stall lah.

      Hahahahaha!!!! You’re absolutely right! 😉

  13. WOW!! Have not drop by for few days, i thought i go to the wrong blog!! Looks like you’re having a mini “renovation” over here.

    You didn’t try the fried kampua? It is very nice, you should try that next time, cooked by a malay makcik.

    Nice lucheon meat with egg and bombay onion!! I My favourite! Yum!!

    Hahahahaha!!!! Sometimes must put on make up, put on new clothes mah!!! Otherwise, people see the same all the time, so boring. 😉 Didn’t check out other stalls – maybe will drop by again another day. Ya…I love luncheon meat too! Yum! Yum!

  14. You make me thinking of the Canada ma ling luncheon meat. hahaha!! I also go for other luncheon meat brand (that is not made in china) now.

    Those roti telur taste yummy. Mamak style with the dhall.

    What brand do you buy? I would buy the Gulong ones sometimes even though they do not come cheap and are not as nice – nothing like the Ma Ling ones I had in my younger days.

  15. That wan tan hor looks simply yummy if I didn’t know otherwise. Three miserable specimens of mini shrimps and three small strands of cuttlefish don’t to me a good dish make. Saw that comment above about spam. No this is not spam. It’s honest to goodness luncheon meat, the way they used to make them in China.

    Yes, don’t be confused! This was what we grew up eating and this was what we grew to love so well…and definitely has an edge over SPAM. I did not like SPAM when I first ate it in England – just that when one could not get hold of good ol’ luncheon meat, it would just have to do.

    Too bad the quality of the China-made ones have dropped so badly…and besides, they’re no longer as cheap as way back then. The Gulong ones are around RM5 something, almost RM6 a can…and are not as nice – in comparison, SPAM’s better but double. almost triple the price here. 😦

  16. I would like to try the way you cook the luncheon meat! We just usually fry them plain.

    This was the way my mum would cook it for us when we were growing up – minus the chilies, of course. My Foochow father is never into anything hot and spicy.

  17. Ohh….at least can see the dhal and the gravy is quite thick. Not those watery type.
    Hey…I like luncheon meat too! Match with anything oso feel yummy =p

    Yes, I love them in sandwiches…and I also use them in fried rice sometimes. 😉

  18. Luncheon meat fried with eggs is one of my childhood favorite. Love it with lots of tomato ketchup.

    Not me! I would eat it on its own – don;t want to drown out its unique fragrance and taste. But if sliced and fried in slices till crusty outside or coated with egg, I wouldn’t mind eating with tomato ketchup…

  19. Isn’t it lovely how those childhood favourites continue to please. For me it’s a thin scraping of Vegemite on fresh bread.

    Hah!!! Australian eh? The celebrated Vegemite sandwich in the land Down Under. I bought a bottle once, ended up throwing it away. Didn’t like the taste. I prefer Marmite…or Bovril.

  20. Goshh..u getting all those imported luncheon meat..Lucky you!!

    Yes, I am indeed. Very very lucky, I must say – all the kind and generous friends I have all over… 😉

  21. Hi, the luncheon meat is first on my list, yum yum… best in the world. Just coat with egg fried it and make sandwich also very appetizing. Fried rice with luncheon meat also taste great.

    The roti telor with dhall look very delicious.
    You sure one lucky gentleman.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  22. I love luncheon meat, my favourite, I always eat it with white porridge.

    I’d eat it with rice, with porridge, use to fry stuff…or just eat it like that! Yummmm!!!!

  23. I love luncheon meat but I am trying not to eat too much. I agree with you, the wat tan hor don’t look that appealing. The crispy noodle does not tempt me at all. I rather have the fried meehun you made.

    Frankly, not that I want to brag but I think if I open a stall here, the things I cook can be better than many in town… Some of them are really not worth going for…and I am surprised that there are customers! Maybe I’m just too fussy, I don’t know.

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