As expected…

In my previous post on this place, I said that I would go back to try their roti canai (RM1.20 each)…

Sri Pelita roti canai

…that I saw a whole lot of people ordering and eating that morning. Well, I did that last Friday and yes, as expected, it was really good. I could feel the thin crispy layers in it and it was very fragrant. At some places, it is chewy/rubbery, very hard to tear apart and it does not have that light, pleasant fragrance.

I asked for curry gravy…

Sri Pelita roti canai with curry gravy

…to eat that with because even though my girl likes the dhal dip here, I prefer it thick and rich, all dhal, like what they have here

Dhal dip, thick
*Archive photo*

…but I have not been there for a long time so I wouldn’t know if they are still around or not.

My missus had the nasi campur, their curry fish and two of the vegetables. I went to have a look at what they had and the sambal fish…

Sri Pelita sambal fish

…looked very good. However, it was ikan tongkol which I am not particularly fond of as it may have a strong fishy smell and the texture, my wife says, is like wood.

Still, I ordered a piece (RM3.50)…

Sri Pelita sambal tongkol

…to try and I had it with my roti canai. I sure glad I did as it was very nice and I tapao-ed the remaining two pieces home for dinner. Guna’s wife said that she would go for the white tongkol which would not have the unpleasant smell and the texture would not be as coarse.

Well, if you’re wondering what vegetables my missus picked to go with her rice, she had the nangka muda (young jackfruit), masak lemak (cooked with santan/coconut milk)…

Sri Pelita nangka muda masak lemak

…and of course, their sambal terung (brinjal)…

Sri Pelita sambal terung

…which we tried the other day and liked so much. I would say that of all the places where I have had this, theirs is my favourite and yes, I did buy the two home and their sambal telur (egg) to go with the aforementioned tongkol as well for dinner.

If you’re thinking that the brinjal is very oily, well, I would say that you are right…and the nangka muda isn’t very much different either. That is only to be expected when it comes to Malay cooking. They have a whole lot of pounded ingredients that they would have to tumis (fry in oil) to bring out the fragrance and the taste. It would not be as nice if you use less oil or worse, none at all! Now, one way to solve the problem would be to let the dish stand in a bowl till all the gravy has settled and the oil is at the top by which time, it can be poured out easily…or if you are not eating it till much later, maybe on a later day, you can put it in the fridge and easily remove the solidified oil on top before heating up and eating.

SRI PELITA CAFE (2.293579, 111.820700) is located along Lorong Kampung Datu 11, off Jalan Kampung Datu, the first shop in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel They also have a branch at Permai, at the shops in the housing area opposite the Sibu General Hospital.

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9 thoughts on “As expected…”

  1. I remember when i was a primary school kid, roti canai was only RM 0.60 for a piece, the price stayed at 0.60 for quite some time before all the inflation came in

    When I was in primary school, I did not know of such a thing as roti canai but kampua was 30 sen a plate without meat, 50 sen with meat. I only got to eat roti pratha in Singapore in 1974, probably that was the first time.

  2. For roti canai, I prefer curry gravy too. My two favourite dishes are there, nangka muda masak lemak & sambal terung. Both looks so appetising.

    I love the terung especially. Will certainly go back for more.

  3. Usually if I eat roti patra, I will have 1 plain n 1 with egg..

    I am not all that fond of the ones with egg as it usually comes out like omelette. I think I only like it at one place here, nice and crispy.

  4. Lovely photos, especially of the roti canai and the brinjal.

    Natural daylight, open coffee shop. I love taking photos at such places, always turn out great.

  5. I like my dhall dips thick and rich too! Ah! Sambal terung again. I could eat that everyday 🙂

    My girl would, not me. I think I’ve had had enough to last for a while. Will eat but not really a fan of brinjal. 😀

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