Is everybody happy?…

This should be the main priority if you are in the food business – you should be nice to your customers, make sure the service is prompt and good and the food is great and a little small talk, smiles all around would be nice…unlike at some places where they are so grouchy and grumpy and they would snap at you should you happen to ask a question too many or they will grumble and grumble, moan and groan about anything and everything under the sun and spoil your appetite…and  your day.

Well, last Sunday, after the morning church service, my girl wanted the tosai (RM2.00) again…

Sri Pelita tosai

…so we dropped by here even though we were here for this not too long ago, in fact. Looking at how there is always quite a lot of people enjoying the food here everytime, this place, Sri Pelita, sure needs no introduction anymore, I’m sure but for the uninitiated, it is the first shop (2.293566, 111.820736) in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel, right below this pseudo-Korean place.

The very nice and friendly boss, Guna, was around and he was telling me about his new outlet here (2.291292, 111.826328) behind the petrol station right below this coffee place. Yes, I did know about it – my friend/ex-classmate, Robert, did mention it to me once and yes, I did intend to drop by and check that place out no less than three or four times but parking in the area can be such a pain so I abandoned the idea every time. I hear he has an authentic Indian chef there whose cooking is quintessentially Indian and they are setting up one of those traditional stone ovens there – I hear they have tandoori chicken but I don’t know what else they have in store. I guess I will just have to go there myself one of these days to check the place out first hand.

What I did not know was that he has another outlet in Permai, the residential area opposite the Sibu General Hospital. He said it is beside the Sugar Bun outlet there. Oh? There is Sugar Bun there too? Gee!!! I never ventured to that area – perhaps one of these days, I should just drop by and look around.

Anyway, back to the tosai, I forgot to mention that I wanted it paper thin – I actually prefer it that way but maybe, Guna did read my recent post on this and got wind of it and that was exactly what I got…

Sri Pelita tosai, paper thin

– paper thin tosai, very very nice, just the way I like it!

Somebody by the name of Shashi (I went snooping around Facebook and if I am not wrong, he’s an otorhinologist) commented on my post that day and he said, “Am in sibu for about 2 yrs now…they serve one of the best thosai…should try their egg thosai with mutton curry or chicken kurma…really awesome.” Oh? I forgot about the egg bit but I did remember what he said about the mutton curry so I asked for that…

Sri Pelita mutton curry

…and what I noticed from where I was sitting was how Guna, seeing that the young boy was going to get the curry for me, quickly took over and did it himself. I guess he chose the best cuts, no fat and no bone…just for me. This kind of thing sure will make the customer happy and will get him or her coming back for more, no doubt about that.

Other than the mutton curry, there was the regular tosai dip that you can see in the above photograph and they also gave us some dhal curry dip as well. Oh yes! In case you are wondering, I was sure my girl would want hers all to herself and if we were to share that one piece between the two of us, it will not be quite enough for me so yes, I did order one for myself…and while my missus stuck loyally to her mee mamak (RM3.50), I also had this nasi lemak ayam (RM7.00)…

Sri Pelita nasi lemak

Oopssss!!! I forgot to mention that I am not all that fond of eggs fried using the ring – I did mention that once and yes, Guna saw the post. Oh dear! LOL!!!

I was given extra sambal – you can see it in the white saucer that I placed by the side of the plate for the photograph but actually, even though it was very nice, that was not quite necessary as they gave so much of it already in the platter – that would have been enough, I think…but who’s complaining? The best things in life are free. Hehehehehe!!! They were also very generous with the chicken and as for the rice, yes, I could detect a hint of the lemak-ness, not quite enough for me but yes, it was definitely nicer than a lot of places around here.

Incidentally, I met Janggut here – he is no longer operating his stall here and works only at night at the newly-renovated and revamped Malay Union Club (MUC) hawker centre at Bandong here…and while we were eating, Guna served us his ginger tea…

Sri Pelita ginger tea

…to try and yes, we liked it! Very strong on the ginger, very very nice! However, I’m afraid I would not say the same about his ABC or air batu campur (iced mix)…

Sri Pelita ABC

…as I am not fond of the rose syrup plus I am never a fan of that, anyway. As I was leaving, I saw a banner – it seems that now, they have this ABC thing and ais kacang (I guess that is iced red bean) too and another one, some corn thing – I can’t remember now.

That was yet another delightful brunch and the fact that people are so nice and treat you so well, all that pampering, sure makes one’s day!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Is everybody happy?…”

  1. I like the look of all food including the dessert/drink. The egg?? All the portions are big! Is it by default?

    Arthur, since the members of the public (not your regular readers) read your blog, perhaps you should visit the establishment as Mr Anonymous. That would keep them on their toes in case a Mr Arthur Wee decide to place a food order with them.

    Sibu is a very small place, most everybody knows everybody. Many would know of my blog or those who read English, that is – the silent readers and that would include those in the food business. However, most would not give two hoots about what I say or what I do and carry one with what they do, the way it pleases them. There are some, very few, who do appreciate my effort especially when they find more people dropping by after reading my reviews.

    I don’t know if the servings are always that huge or what but yes, it was huge. It was quite a struggle to finish everything, more than enough to last right through till dinner!

  2. The ayam is so tempting… Same here, i am not a fan of rose syrup..

    That makes two of us then…or three, including my missus. 😉

  3. It does make your day. Good food, nice people. Ginger tea. Not to my liking.

    The ABC looked colourful but I think it would be too sweet to my liking.

    Not sweet but I do not like th essence smell of the syrup, don’t like anything with that kind of smell like cakes and biscuits, for instance.

    You don’t like ginger tea? Good for you, lots of health benefits. I do not like eating ginger but I like the tea…and dishes like lacang ma or soups cooked with ginger usually, just do not fancy biting into the root. Not a fan of xiao lung pao though because of the strong ginger taste.

  4. Nope. Not happy. Groucy. Bought wantan mee this morning fr new stall. Only hv 6 paper thin wantan . No vege . Rm5.50. The regular stall not open.

    Wahhhh!!! Almost RM1 each, must be big with lots of meat! Hmmmm…jangan marah marah, nanti cepat tua. Hehehehehe!!!!

  5. I like Tosai too but i’d prefer chapati over tosai. Good to be back again after a short getaway, hope you don’t miss me much 😀

    Have you been away? Gee!!! I didn’t even notice! Muahahahaha!!!!

  6. All looks good. I like the nasi lemak ayam & ginger tea. Great to flush down everything.

    My girl loves ginger tea and I do enjoy it too – great for health and good after an oily meal.

  7. Yes, yes, yes! Service is number one. Customers are the livelihood and key to success – better be nice to them.

    Quite a number of them need to be reminded of this…and I just can’t understand why there are willing victims, ready to fork out the money to be humiliated, treated like dirt. Nothing can be THAT good!

  8. Guna sure knows how to take care of you hee..hee…hee… I am not a fan of ABC, I prefer cendol anytime.

    Me, I am an ang tao peng guy…not into ABC as well and not really crazy about cendol.

  9. His name says it all… Guna.. so he is indeed very Guna.. I like efficient service too and of course, good food as well!! So everybody is happy especially Arthur Wee! hahaha

    Yes, places like this one, sure I would love to drop by again and again. Great vibes, all smiles, happy faces and good food – the best way to start your day. Sure would not want to go to places where people look so grumpy, so unhappy and you ask or say something, you get your head snapped off.

  10. You don’t like rose syrup – I love it!

    I don’t mind a little but I would rather do without. I think Grenadine is nicer and even that, I have not had it for a long long time – have not seen it since I was young.

  11. the paper thin tosai looks exquisite! didn’t know they could make it this thin.. yum.

    We had tosai at one other place here and an Indian friend told me to ask for the paper thin one and I did and yes, I did like it a lot more. Otherwise, it is thick, not thin and crispy – the way I like it. I guess you can request for it to be done this way at the shops over at your side?

  12. Ooooooo. I’d really appreciate that extra serving of sambal. I’m the type who eats more sambal than rice, ppl said I am crazy. From the look and your story, can tell Guna is a very attentive person. I will definitely frequent his place if I am in the area. Keep it up Guna!

    Obviously, many do that as there are always quite a lot of people at his shop, very 1Malaysia one, unlike most other Malay shops where you can hardly find other races eating there. You would have enjoyed the sambal then – I had some left – after I had eaten everything, I just left behind the rest.

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