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In the past, everyone went home for lunch. Those who were unable to do so would have their lunches delivered in tiffin carriers either from home or one of the few restaurants around. Now that full-time housewives are more or less a thing of the past and the ladies have their own occupations outside, there are no longer any piping hot lunches waiting at home and people are eating out a lot. To cater to the lunch hour crowd, fast food stalls sprouted all over like mushrooms after the rain.

I have a bone to pick, however, over the name. So far, a lot refer to themselves as “Economy Fast Food” and I have seen some who prefer “Economic Fast Food”. Now, “economy” is a noun and refers to the economy of a country, for instance, while “economic” is an adjective referring to things pertaining to the economy e.g. an economic downturn or an economic slowdown or depression. I would think that the word that they are looking for is “economical”, meaning that it is cheap and can help save money.

However, is it really that cheap these days? This is a combination of three meat and one vegetable… 

Economical fast food 1

I had cangkuk manis, a bit of fish fillet, sweet and sour fried fish balls and half a salted egg with the rice and that cost RM4.00. I think if you ask for one meat and two vegetables, it will be RM3.00, two meat and one vegetable RM3.50. Wasn’t there a time when one could get that for as little as RM2.00?

Economical fast food 2

If that is the case, I do not consider it that economical anymore…and neither is this plate of nasi lemak at Janggut’s stall at Grace Cafe near the Sibu Civic Centre – noted particularly for its dianpianngu

Janggut's nasi lemak

For the uninitiated, janggut means beard and the name is derived from the fact that the guy running the Muslim stall at that cafe is bushily bearded. Well, that plate of nasi lemak cost RM4.00…but I did not really like the rice – a bit hard and not lemak (rich with santan/coconut milk) enough. The condiments that came with the rice were o.k.

But if you go to this lady selling her homecooked delicacies at the gate of her house, you can get the nasi lemak at only RM1.50…

Delta homecooked nasi lemak

Not only is it very cheap but tastewise, it is as good as many others that I can find around. I had a post on her Penang laksa recently (RM2.00) and at other times, she will sell fried mihun or fried noodles. I’ve tried both – not much ingredients but they’re very nice. After all, what can you expect for just RM1.00?…

Delta's homecooked fried noodles

Now, that is what I would call “economical”…

I bought the lady’s Milo cake once and it wasn’t too bad which is more than what I would say about her doughnuts and Malay kuihs…if you get what I mean.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

17 thoughts on “Get it right…”

  1. I agree with you. Nowadays the economy rice is not economy already. That day I had a plate of economy rice which cost me RM4.00 also at the coffee shop beside Rejang Medical Center. It taste lousy…yiak.

    Economical!…Yes, my daughter and I ate there once. Wanted to eat somewhere else but I couldn’t find a parking space in the town. Edible but wasn’t really worth going. I guess the business is good because it is right next to the medical centre…

  2. i tell u, da economic rice in my campus selling fried egg for 1buck…
    and if got a bit kuah hor, 1.30bucks…
    we are poor student u know…

    You can buy eggs and cook them yourself – halfboiled, hardboiled or poached. Healthier too without the oil! For one thing, I’ve found that at these Malay stalls, you should just stick to the specifications – 1 meat and two veg or 2 meat and 1 veg and follow the prices stated! If you want extras, it seems that they do not know how to count…and when they tell you the total, you may get a heart attack. I’ve eaten mixed rice up to as much as RM8 (Not as bad as the Nasi Kandar shops in the peninsula though!!! Those snakes!)…

  3. Fried mihun / noodles for only RM1.00 ?? So cheap !!

    Ya…and the best part is it tastes really nice, much nicer than the fried stuff (dry) at the Chinese stalls for more than double the price!

  4. i really miss cangkuk manis and salted egg 🙂 damn cant wait to go back

    You probably do not have cangkuk manis there but I’m sure you can get salted eggs at the Chinese stores… Kesian! LOL!!!

  5. More food pics!Good thing m not famished anymore,just had lunch!BTW Happy n Blessed Easter to u n including every one in your family!

    Dunno what to post anymore…other than food! LOL!!! And a Happy Easter to you and your family too!

  6. and the nasi lemak is a steal too.. I had one at Pending area for RM3.00.. Nasi Lemak Biasa only wor @.@

    At the shops, that’s the usual price – RM3-RM3.50…and with chicken, it’s RM4-RM5. That’s why I was impressed by this lady’s – nice and so cheap some more…and so much too!

  7. 1 ringgit is a steal. cheap for you and good enough for her because she doesn’t have to pay for shop rental since it’s just in front of her gate. same thing here in KL, those who are selling in front of their respective homes are usually very cheap. not as cheap as rm1 la but still cheaper than in mamak stalls nasi lemak. Nasi kandar .. errr .. cut throat la, not like it’s really nice also. RM8? Penang people very rich, that’s why. Go go! ha ha ha

    Yalor…not rental, no license, no income tax… Hahahahaha!!! KL banker also very rich mah! So when I go KL, can take me to expensive places to eat hor? LOL!!!

  8. bought a cho-pan this morning – cook using your recipe.
    want to eat my pie-tee – cannot find mangkuang here – what is best substitute?

    My recipe for very fresh fish, dun want to drown the sweetness. Otherwise you can add a bit of oyster sauce diluted in water or ikan bilis/chicken stock dissolved in water to enhance the taste. No mangkuang? I guess you can use taugeh or very thinly sliced cabbage fried with garlic and minced pork and prawns…

  9. Yay!Pollie is back after a long ‘sabbatical’!Not sure what she did during that time,maybe learning to make the ‘Paitee’ shells that STP only knows how to buy!LOL! U go lucky mole on your face kah? Never noticed,shld post it up!Anywhere else?Hahahaha!!!!

    She did not make lah! She bought from that same kuih stall at Rejang Park when she was here for Ching Ming! Hahahahaha!!! Where got lucky mole? Old Chinese people always say must be fat, fat got “hock” or good luck, that’s why! Dunno why everybody wants to be thin! No good luck! Hahahahahaha!!!

  10. Nowadays if you want to buy packed food in JB you have to be prepared to pay at least RM 5 for a decent meal. RM 4 is the price for “kucing kurap” stuff – just veggies and some mock meat. Fish, chicken, sotong all drive the price up to somewhere in the RM 6 range. I say you’re still blessed. 😀

    Anyway, happy Easter. 😆

    Yes, we must count our blessings! Thank goodness I don’t live in JB! And a Happy Easter to you too!

  11. Is this lady the one from my kampung? shall I give you the geography and some names so the food can even be cheaper??

    That’s the one! From Kpenyu! No lah…I think it is already very cheap! And nice too!

  12. Looks tempting! Will go and hunt for the nasi lemak soon ^^!

    Well, you know more or less where this house is now. Very near your friend’s… Hahahahahaha!!!

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