A week ago…

We got together for dinner, a quiet low-keyed one at my parents’ house, just the family together, over a week ago – last Saturday night to be exact.

My dad and my sis went and ordered some nice dishes from this very nice restaurant in town, one of the oldest, most established around. Coincidentally, those included some of the very nice dishes that I had there when I was going around all over town to sample all the good stuff there was for the book that I was involved in writing last year.

We had the chess duck…

New Capitol chess duck

…as it is called and also the fried sea cucumber…

New Capitol fried sea cucumber

– sharks’ fins, dry version-style, minus the offensive stuff…and the claypot mutton…

New Capitol Claypot mutton

…and the ikan bawal putih (silver/white pomfret) slices with its very special sauce…

New Capitol Fried white pomfret slices

I would say that if I had to pick the best, that last one would be it.

We also had the hot plate…

New Capitol hot plate

…which was good too and the fried mee sua with eggs…

New Capitol fried mee sua with golden eggs

Those, plus this vegetable dish…

New Capitol vegetable dish

…came up to a little over RM400 (servings for 10) inclusive of free home delivery and I think my dad gave a generous tip to the guys. That was definitely cheaper than the RM500 per table set (not inclusive of everything else) that we had recently on my mother-in-law’s birthday…and I would say this was just as nice or perhaps even nicer!

No, there were no prawns either so I decided to cook my own version of the Chinese drunken prawn dish – Sarawak-style with tuak (traditional ethnic rice wine) added…

Drunken prawns with tuak 1

I would say it  was very nice…

Drunken prawns with  tuak 2

…but it may not go down too well with those who are less inclined towards anything with such exotic ethnic taste. My girl tried one and said it was nice but “very strong on the tuak“. Well, of course, it was – I used the wine, unadulterated and what was in the soup would be the wine plus all the sweet juices from the prawns and whatever moisture that might have dripped into the dish in the process of steaming.

I also went back to this place to buy some macarons…

Noodle House macarons

…for dessert. I remember the salted caramel ones (brown) were not as sweet so I bought some of those…and also the new pistachio ones (dark green), thinking that those would not be so sweet as well. Well, I was wrong! They were VERY sweet! Upon closer inspection, I saw the filling sandwiched in between layers of brown, probably chocolate. I also bought one each of their other new ones to try – from the feedback I got from those who had them, the orange and the raspberry (pink) were very nice but also very sweet and generally, everyone agreed that the nicest of the four new flavours would be the (pepper)mint (light green). It seemed to have a hint of pandan flavour with a light touch of the pleasant minty taste.

I would say this batch looked a lot better than the ones I bought the first time – the surface of the shell was glossier and smoother and even the texture was nicer – slightly harder and crustier, not as crumbly as previously…so either the one making them has improved or I caught her at a wrong time then. All in all, everyone said they were very nice – they loved them very much…just that they were all too sweet, not for those who are not into sweet things.

Well, that certainly was a delightful dinner that we all had that night – I sure enjoyed it very much.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “A week ago…”

  1. wow, a feast of chinese cuisine.. chess duck?

    all macaroons are sweet no matter the flavour. From what I read, macaroons need the sugar to actually form the delicate outer shell.. sweet and tempting. 😛

    Some nice deep-fried stuff made with duck meat, my mum’s favourite that night – the name is derived from the squares arranged like a chess board, nothing spectacular behind the name actually.

    Yes, sugar and egg white for the shells, I hear…but that is all right – it is the added sweetness in the filling that makes it worse. Some are not as sweet and if one is shared by two or three, the sweetness is quite bearable. Loved the first ones ever that I had – my friend, Quay Po, made…not sweet, just right but the second batch she made that I had the pleasure of trying, different filling, was very sweet as well.

  2. A really good looking feast. Love the chess duck. Wonderful (even without tasting).

    My mum loved it – insisted it was nicer than my choice – the fish! 😀

  3. Indeed a delightful dinner with family members. Nice spread of food. Love the greens & chess duck, very crunchy looking.

    Yes, great dinner, enjoyed most everything.

  4. I love looking at macarons. But I can only take one bite. Too sweet. 😆

    Yes, buy one, bagi…bagi…very nice. If eating on one’s own, too sweet. My mum enjoyed them very much!

  5. If you hadn’t mentioned that the drunken prawns dish was cooked by you, I would have thought that it was from the restaurant too. It does look very professional! I am sure all the dishes were very tasty. What a feast!

    Aiyor!!! You flatterer, you!! But I like! Hehehehehe!!!! It sure was a feast, we sure enjoyed it very much!

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