The Taliban song…

I call him Janggut by virtue of his long beard but the very nice and friendly boss of Sri Pelita calls him Taliban.

I used to enjoy his nasi lemak when he was running a stall here and I would have enjoyed his nasi ayam penyet too if he had not used the same nasi lemak sambal for that. After a while, he closed down his stall but I did bump into him a few times having his breakfast or lunch at Guna’s place. I did hear that he operates a stall at night at the Dewan MUC but so far, I have not gone there to check it out.

Every Ramadan, without fail, he would have a stall…

Taliban stall

at the Bandong (Walk) Ramadan Bazaar but no, he would not be selling his nasi lemak nor his nasi ayam penyet.

I did not buy his rojak nor his cucur sambal

Cucur sambal

…but I did grab a couple of bags of his laksa Penang (RM4.00 each)…

Laksa Penang

…to try.

I heated it up and had it for breakfast the following morning and I must say that I enjoyed it very much…

Laksa Penang, served

…and for someone who is not really into laksa Penang, that sure is saying a lot. A squeeze of that chunk of lemon that came with it made it taste even nicer, just that I would not mind paying a bit more for some visible bits of fish in the broth.

Actually, what I had in mind when I went there that day was his sambal kacang ikan bilis (peanut and dried anchovies)…

Sambal kacang ikan bilis

…that I do enjoy very much. I have had good ones elsewhere but mostly, the ingredients would be kind of limp, not nice and crispy so those would not be nice, not at all. Janggut’s pretty good – very very tasty, bursting with flavours and a bit spicy too so I bought quite a lot to keep…

In a tub

…and eat slowly with my rice – it sure helps to whet one’s appetite on days where there isn’t anything all that nice to eat in the house.

I’ve bought his kacang kuda

Kacang kuda

…before, RM2.00 a cup and yes, his would be extra fragrant because of the curry leaves added and so very nice and soft – that sure saves me a whole lot of trouble trying to cook it myself and waiting for hours for the chick peas to soften and the skin to fall off. I did buy quite a lot of that too that day as my girl enjoys it as well.

Well, if anyone is into these same things, Janggut’s stall (2.313955, 111.825111) is the first one along Jalan Jasmin, off Jalan Bandong, somewhere in front of SK Perbandaran Sibu No. 3, more or less facing the entrance of the Dewan MUC…and if you are having a problem trying to find a place to park your car when you go to the bazaar, you may be able to find a good spot here and it really isn’t very far to walk to where all the action is.

Author: suituapui

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8 thoughts on “The Taliban song…”

  1. I like strolling through bazaar ramadhan to search for new food! The Taliban Stall sound dangerous! Haha

    Not much of a Penang Laksa fan but I would eat it whenever I’m in Penang. It’s too pricy in KL.

    I’m not a fan of Penang laksa either – give me Sarawak laksa, anytime! I’ve had it in KL and Penang a couple of times, very very rarely and I can’t remember exactly where or when now – obviously they did not leave a lasting impression. My girl likes it – that was why I bought it. Maybe they give a lot more ingredients there – a lot more fish so that is why it is more pricey?

  2. Not a fan of Penang laksa too. I like peanuts and dried anchovies, actually my favourite. Once I start munching I cannot stop.

    I eat it with rice. Should be great with drinks, those people who are this inclined.

  3. Taliban or Janggut, he sure looks like it. Haha.

    I bet my hubby would love the sambal kacang and ikan bilis.

    Ya, he does, doesn’t he? You don’t? I love this sambal ones more than the dry ones they give for nasi lemak.

  4. omigosh – what a name for a stall! it’s kinda humorous, i guess, and it’s definitely very memorable, but it’s also skirting on the edge of being a risky name to choose, heh

    Can’t say I like that name. I guess he’s so popularly known by it so that is why he’s using it. I prefer what I call him – Janggut.

  5. The sambal kacang ikan bills, I can finish in no time if I were to eat it…

    Wahhhh!!! Everyone seems to like that!

  6. Well, he does have the Taliban look hee..hee… I love sambal kacang ikan bilis. I can eat lots and lots of it. Very hard to stop!

    Yes, been eating with my rice, just a little bit left.

  7. Every year, during Ramadan, I will look forward to going back to William’s hometown as there is one stall selling very good asam laksa. My sister in law will always buy for me if she knows I am coming home. This year I havent got the opportunity to go back yet. Looking forward to it.

    I like that sambal ikan bilis and kacang. Looks so good. Yummy!

    I’ve had some pretty good ones somewhere…just that I can’t remember where and it’s not something I would be looking forward to. Only a bit left, the sambal.

  8. I don’t quite care for Penang laksa, too, could never get used to the sourness.

    It is the fishy and herbal smell that I am not all that fond of – I guess it is an acquired taste like those that gradually grows on you.

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