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Well, Hari Raya Puasa/Aidilifitri came and went but I did not get to drop by any of the houses to visit my Muslim friends, not even my family members for the simple reason that it had been so so so very hot here. I cannot imagine myself all dressed up nicely and dripping in my perspiration, feeling so uncomfortable. That, of course, meant that I did not get to enjoy all the lovely dishes, cakes and cookies but no, all was not lost!

I had just got up from my nap that afternoon when I got a call from my girl’s coursemate originally from Trengganu but posted to a school here in Sibu. He told me he would be sending some stuff over and he did! That was so very sweet and thoughtful of him to want to share some of the Raya goodies with me, thank you so very much to him for the really nice gesture.

There were these different types of kek lapis (layer cakes) and other steamed cakes…


I don’t know what those brown ones at the far end were but they were very nice – my favourite of the lot! My missus liked those colourful squares – she said they were not as sweet as the rest.

No, I did not save any for my girl who would be coming home for the weekend the following day as I would not think she would be all that excited over these cakes. However, she saw the photo that I shared on Facebook and was looking forward to the kelupis

Kelupis & rendang ayam

…that were so good and went absolutely well with the very lovely chickenΒ rendang and these, I saved till she got back so we could enjoy them together. The usual kelupis that we may get around here is a little different – they use the palas leaf and I think there would be much more santan too. These, I’ve been told, are the Limbang-style ones. I don’t know what leaf they use, the nyirik leaf, it is called and it looks something like lengkuas leaf or the bamboo leaves we use to wrap our chang (dumplings).

I did not save the fried bihun

Bihun & mantis prawns

…for her either – I had that for breakfast that morning and she would only be back in the house by mid-afternoon or evening…but I did keep the mantis prawns, cooked butter prawn-style, for her and yes, they were very nice too.

That weekend went past pretty quietly – just the usual routine stuff except for lunch on Saturday – my girl said she wanted her favourite beef noodles and dumplings here so of course, whatever she wants, she will get! I did not feel like having those so I ordered a plate of theΒ nasi lemak biasa (RM3.00)…

YummyKafe nasi lemak biasa

…for myself. I shall refrain from making any comment on the egg but no, the rice was nothing great. Luckily, the very nice sambal


…saved the day. It also helped a great deal that I had ordered the rojak (RM4.00)…


…as well so when I ate it all together, it sure made up for the not-all-that-nice nasi lemak. The aforementioned prices were those that I saw displayed at the stall but when I asked the boy for the total, he said RM8.00. I did not bother to ask and just paid quietly so I really do not know why I had been charged that extra one ringgit – maybe like most everybody else, they’ve increased the prices as well.

My missus ordered the sizzling noodles (RM6.00)…

YummyKafe sizzling noodles

…from the stall at the back of that coffee shop except that when it was served, the hot plate did not seem all that hot nor was the gravy sizzling. Well, she did not say anything so I guess it was all right and besides, there were two very big prawns…


…that came alongside the other ingredients.

Other than that lunch that we had outside, we ate at home the rest of the time and the next day, Sunday, we sent my girl back to her school as usual.

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16 thoughts on “Share with me…”

  1. i’ve not seen so many colourful types of steamed cakes all on one plate before … i think i’d try the one that’s orange, yellow & blue first! πŸ™‚

    That must be the one my missus liked, not so sweet. I’m just ok with it, very pretty. πŸ˜€

  2. lucky you! able to chow down all these delicious food. one of my favourite is the layer cakes. i love the sarawak ones. I always ask anybody coming from sarawak to get them for me. been long since i balik kampung.

    Yes, buying so many varieties will certainly cost a bundle. They do not come cheap, that’s for sure. Give me a shout-out when you’re coming back this way – will get a few of the best ready for you! There are some very good ones here, homemade…not the ones from those big-time producers. If they do not need refrigeration, that means there are a lot of preservatives – best avoided.

  3. My family call it Patlau. They’re more softer and lemak than kelupis. Ooo.. I miss having patlau. Couldn’t find any in Kuching. 😒

    I thought they were not as lemak as the usual kelupis we have around here? Or maybe, these weren’t but usually they would be. Patlau sounds like four days in Melanau. πŸ˜€

  4. What a beautiful mix of cakes. They all look delicious, I wouldn’t know where to start.

    As Julie Andrews would sing, “Let’s start at the very beginning…!!!” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  5. Interesting cakes, love the colors but i am more tempted to try that kelupis tho… never had one before.

    Something along the lines of pulut panggang or lemang. You’d probably love the fact that it is not sweet but watch out for the hidden sugars – lots of that in glutinous rice.

  6. Chicken rendang for me, pls and you can have the varieties of kek lapis. Sizzling noodles looks good too.

    LOL!!! Hands off the sweet stuff, eh? The sizzling noodles did not look that impressive, not hot and sizzling but my missus did not complain so I guess it was all right.

  7. Is the brown cake you like made of glutinous rice? I’m thinking of kueh wajid, my favourite, glutinous rice with gula melaka.

    Yes, I love wajik too…but no, those were regular steamed cakes – texture like the green ones, different ingredients, I guess.

  8. That is a lot of kueh you’ve got there! I have never eaten the famous Sarawak Kek Lapis. They are so colorful.

    Some are really very nice. Generally, I would avoid the colourful ones and so far, those that I truly love do not fall into that category. All black, or all brown or all green…or egg yellow with sancha (haw flakes) slices in between.

  9. I am also interested in the kelupis… I am sure it blends well with the curry chicken… the mantis looks great too! I am supposed to go to my ex-colleague’s house today but I didn’t manage to go due to some matters… Miss the ayam rendang and all…

    Hopefully they will tapao something for you? Pray that they will! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  10. I loves the 1st picture, the cake is so colourful…

    I would avoid the colourful ones – colouring…like the very popular red velvet or rainbow cake.

  11. Such a sweet and generous coursemate of your daughter. The Raya is a big celebration in your place. Here in the Philippines not that much.

    Not where you are, I guess. Maybe they have more festivities to the south, Mindanao.

  12. KEK LAPIS! my all time favourite! HAHA I always aim for cake when visiting people’s house during cny!

    Drop by my place – I would have a few – the nicest ones they have.

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