Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha (1)…

Samantha or Sam for short, together with Gundot and Lindy arrived here at around 11 p.m. on Monday last week and the next morning, they went for one of their favourite Foochow delicacies – dianpianngu

Sibu's dianpianngu

…at this coffee shop in the vicinity of the Sibu Civic Centre…

Sibu's Grace Cafe

This is Sam’s favourite Sibu Foochow delicacy…

Sam eating dianpianngu

…and Gundot and Lindy enjoy it too…

Lindy enjoying dianpiangu

This was just the beginning of their two-day eating marathon! Stay tuned for more! LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

109 thoughts on “Goodbye Sam, hello Samantha (1)…”

  1. Bravo! You managed to put words and pictures together! Hahaha

    So how is the dish? Good? Worth recommending?

    Ask Sam! All my life, I never fancied dianpianngu… LOL!!!

  2. Why are the bowls so small?

    They asked for “small” as we had some things to eat at the house earlier… For once, you thought that the Foochows have suddenly become such light eaters? LOL!!!

  3. I hope you have their permission to put up their photos! hhehehehe

    That’s the price to pay when going out with me….Model for free!!! LOL!!!

  4. Long time didn’t pay visit. before link to here i know i can see some local delicacies again. πŸ™‚
    Suggest you create a food blog. πŸ™‚

    Humph! Thinking of terminating this one already. Internet connection so problematic…and frustrating! Better use the time for something else!

  5. Uncle, if i go, got eating tour or not?

    Sure! About all that there is to do in Sibu – eat, eat and eat! Let me know when you plan to come!

  6. Two day eating marathon? So they will be eating and eating and eating?

    Ya, this is just post (1)…wait and see the next few posts, if I can publish them that is. Internet connection not much better, I’m afraid…requires lots and lots of patience!

  7. Wow!Lindy so shapey now! So I hope STP’s eating marathon will not give her any side-effect.LOL!

    Didn’t notice…but I was positive Sam had a protruding belly by the time they were to leave town… Hahahahaha!!!!

  8. I was there two Sundays ago with a friend from Kuching. My friend Francis had specifically said he wanted dianpianngu. Could not find a parking lot at the old bus station, I suggested this place. And lo! it was a great disappointment. With “jia-liao” (extra), we had to fish out the ingredients and it was cold! Times are bad, may be.

    For one thing, I notice that they use fresh cuttlefish…not “meng ngee” which would add to the fragrance and the taste. But they say the original one isn’t so nice anymore and this one’s better. Anyway, parking’s such a pain in town.

  9. Hmm…I haven’t been here for their dienpienhu before. Not a great fan of dien pien hu also.

    And I thought I was the only one… LOL!!!

  10. That’s is the old old shop. Still luring people to come and eat. People still prefer this shop. I like it too. The long standing shop in town.

    I ate there before, not crazy over the stuff and the run-down and dirty appearance of the place certainly didn’t help! And it’s very difficult to find a place to park!

  11. oh.. no “meng ngee”? that greatly alters the taste then….

    That’s what they used to have in the old place…but they did not put that much. Now at over RM10 each, I dunno if they still use that, and definitely not at this one! Add meng ngee to your peanut or black bean soup, chicken or “char bee lau” soup…it will taste like heaven!

  12. my favourite too!
    lindy looks like she’s really enjoying it. hehehe..

    Eyew…!!! Everybody enjoyed it except me! Hahahahaha!!!

  13. More pics please!

    Haiyar! Where got so many pics? Everytime I wanted to take, Lindy would go, “Persek! Persek!!!” Hahahahahaha!!!

  14. Lindy must have been cursing after you took that photo. How come no pic of gundot? hehe

    Got one of gundot…coming up in a later post! Lindy kept saying, “Very persek…you people!!!” LOL!!!

  15. Foochow delicacies – dianpianngu? What is that? What’s the ingredients? Waiting for more indeed. =)

    Just flour…and they use the wok to make those white pieces – similar to kuih chap but the plain soup used not the same as the soy sauce one for kuih chap…Dunno if you have kuih chap in West Malaysia or not.

  16. Aduh, Sam is going to be so….happy. Best dianpianngu in town. No parking problem as well. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the other food.

    That’s what I keep telling them! I wouldn’t know as the only time I tried, I could not finish! The kampua and Foochow fried mee – not nice…but I hear the janggut’s nasi lemak is very nice – except that already 9 and he has not started his bizniz! @#$$&*!!! LOL!!!

  17. And he uses the paper blade to cut the eggs!!! I tot I was safe from the photos.

    Nope…you’ve got one and Sam has got two more. Looks like I can publish a new post just yet. Down again! @#$%&*!!!

  18. Q n bdq, you think famous stars going to Sibu kah? Lucky it was dark when we arrived. STP stood facing the door when we got off the bus. With his hp ready!!! Guess who got off the bus first. Her first words ” bo kuan…pesek!!!”

    LOL!!! Bdq said take lots of pics…but what to do when MTM (Malaysian Top Models) not very co-operative! Hahahahahaha!!!

  19. Hahaha!!!!! Today is my best day!!! I got the highest on my English test and now this!!! I knew that you were going to take a picture of me while i was eating.. That was why i stop and looked at you!! Hahaha!! ^v^

    Wah! Ur English so good kah? Must have inherited some of my genes! LOL!!!…..Got some more pics of you…so you have to check out the next few posts!

  20. what, the tian pian wu must be too damn good.. look at them, soo good that they wont even bother to put down their spoon and smile for the camera… theyre like “arrghh f**k the camera, this is too good, i cant stop eating…nom nom nom” hehehehe..

    And you must be droooooling like hell over there!!! Hahahahaha!!!

  21. Hahahaha! Haven’t heard that word for a long long time, is it persek or bersek? What is the meaning? My mum used to say that,I know she is complaining but never bother to find out meaning. n hot days,she yelled ‘ribut,ribut,I assumed it means wind or rain….?? Lindy so funny! Persek indeed! Another word I remember is ‘mei kerja kek/kik?…LOL!

    It means tak tahan/fed up (with you people) and ribut = strong winds and mei kerja kik = never do anything else…

  22. Wow… today there is a post with words and pics. Bravo…

    Don’t rejoice too soon! Looks like the problem’s back…and I may not be able to post anything till dunno when!

  23. Funny logic: more comments when you say nothing at all.
    What’s the menu for 3rd 4th 5th & 6th ?

    You’re staying till Monday? Well, you can browse through the old posts…and make a list of the things that you wanna eat and the places you wanna go…

  24. foodie marathon!!! i’ll be having mine in penang next month.. πŸ˜›

    You’re going to Penang in April? Hmmm…I may be going to KL in May but only for the weekend…

  25. hahaha. sure go.. if got chance.. sure sure sure! haha.. nothing is better than eating. my senior is working in sibu hospital as well! a chinese girl named wan tsien.. hehe

    Dunno if my missus knows her, hospital here quite big and she doesn’t know the docs in the other wards. Airasia flies direct JB to Sibu and if you book early you may get cheap fares or maybe zero fares, but not during school holidays.

  26. Lol an eating marathon! I’ve never heard of one of those before… but it sounds like tremendous fun *slurps*

    That simply means eating non-stop. Pretty common in my family especially during short visits and hoping to eat everything! That explains our shape and size! LOL!!! Btw, welcome…and do drop by again. From Sydney, are you? Will link you in my blogroll!

  27. Haha now I’m really looking forward to the next posts of your two-day eating marathon saga~~ did everyone make it to the finish line without exploding?

    And thanks for coming to my food blog<3 it’s pretty new hehe but I will see if I can set up a cool blog roll like yours

    *goes off to fight with Evil Doom Monster aka blog html*

    Too bad I’m facing some problems with my internet connection right now – expected to go on till around the 27th, so I am not able to continue posting on the eating binge we all had… I see you’re a new blogger, good luck in blogosphere!

  28. Lol ok congratulations! you are now officially the first and only person on my shiny new blogroll.

    Thank you, thank you…and like I said, I’ve added you to mine.

  29. Look quite tempting wo…

    Well, if you drop by, I can take you there to try. I thought airline employees can fly cheap to any destination within its covered routes?

  30. Sigh! Connection at its worst today… Meanwhile, you can entertain yourself to this video:

    Bad enough that she was beaten up by Chris Brown, now they have to go and kill her song… LOL!!!

  31. More difficult to bring kpenyu on a food marathon. The crabs were very good but kk has bigger ones. Dim sum kk also got. Just stuff him with Tiong Hua Rd kompia and kampua

    Ya…and lam pha kueh and chu nu miang! All very cheap stuff! LOL!!!

  32. Is this a stunt or something? So that your comment exceed 50? Hahahahahha!!! New tactic kah? Just kidding! πŸ˜›

    Celcom admits there’s a problem and “they are working on it”. Said many people have complained…and hoped to get back to normal by 27th. I duuno why that particular date. I’m thinking of giving up blogging altogther…not that I get a single sen out of this!

  33. Speechless!! to the ‘hor-sua’clip. If u play it long enough,Sibu will really stop raining!LOL! Can’t even come close to Rihanna’s Umbrella lah!

    Hahahahaha!!! I was so tickled by the Ho sua ho ho, ho sua ho ho… There’s another clip of the same – with subtitles but I could not understand the English!!!

  34. Aiya, don’t la stop blogging. Get a domain name. Suituapui dot com. Less than USD10 nia a year. Then can generate income also what. Also using wordpress so don’t worry. Consider lah.

    No lah…I think there are easier ways to make money, like writing articles for newspaper columns, for example. Ouch! Hahahahahaha!!!

  35. Obama day la

    Humph!!! Why can’t he pick another day? …I hope Lil’ Rounds will sing “Neither one of us” tomorrow…and I’m sure Scott will do “I just called to say I love you”…

  36. Why not start a new blog named “Persek”Persek” maybe Lindy will start commenting too! Persek Persek lah! I am soooo beginning to like that word. M going to teach my son when he comes back from camp.LOL!

    What “camp” would that be? I think these days, have to be very careful when you use the word? Hahahahaha!!!

  37. What is dianpianngu? Is it noodles?

    Something like kway teow but not cut into strips…and they make it in a hot wok – or “dian” till it turns – “pian” into “ngu” or something like that! Then they serve it in clear soup with fish balls, cuttlefish etc…

  38. Why can’t he pick another day lah…..that bugger…

    I wonder what important announcement he’s going to make. Thought his US1 trillion to save the banks already sent DowJones shooting up? Hope it’s not a flash in the pan! Let’s see what he’s got up his sleeves this time?

  39. Oh yes! That’s the site I visited for updates. Hahahahahaha!!!

    That’s how we get to know the results even before Australia!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

  40. Faster post a post with title only lah (if you can). I bet that one will generate more comment than your normal post. Hahahahha!!! πŸ˜›

    This one isn’t doing too badly…coming to 50 liao!!! Hahahahaha!!! Blog turned chatroom!!! LOL!!!

  41. haahha still damn active reply eh? hmmm i can pay u by belanjaing u when u visit here!

    Ooo…on condition that you don’t puke! It will not be a pleasant sight, I warn u! Oops!!!…I thought you said telanjanging… Hahahahahaha!!!

  42. I miss Sibu’s dianpianngu !!

    Can send some for me kah? T__T

    You want to eat everything, it seems… Why don’t you come over for a visit? Good Friday long weekend perhaps?

  43. Ever thought of making the song ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all? rotflmao

    But seriously, your comment counts shoot up when you can’t post anything lol

    Dunno why… Very strange, these people! LOL!!!

  44. I meant making the above mentioned song as the blogs theme song

    This is a good parody of the song:

    Boy, doesn’t it remind you of you during your school days? ROTFLMAO!!!

  45. Hahahaha by the way, are you the consultant in this new project in Kedah that I just saw in the news, the project is entitled ‘learn english the fun way through karaoke’ hahaha sounds suspiciously like its your idea

  46. Err…
    is this the same as what they call ‘bubur tepung’?
    it’s kinda ok for me but give me kampua anytime hahaha…
    sick leave for two days. fever and conjunctivitis…huhuhu

    I dunno what they call it in Malay but it certainly sounds like it. Ya, me too…kampua anytime! Poor you…do get well soon!!! Look on the bright side – no need to see the monkeys for two days!

  47. wow… still hot after all these years!

    Where got hot? Already half dead…can’t publish new post, can only reply to comments. Dunno when the connection will be back to normal.

  48. WAH Rao new sex tape by STP meeeeh?!!? hahaahaa


    LOL!!! 55 only! Hope to break the record and go beyond 100! So far only 90 something!…Sex tape? Who’s the co-star? U kah? Ooooo… Hahahahahaha!!!

  49. Sorry, no sign of things getting any better, so here’s another song to keep everyone entertained:

    WARNING: Contains vulgar language and violence. I certainly hope they do not use this version to teach English! LOL!!!

  50. goodbye Joe, hello Joanne?

    Goodbye, tuapui, more likely… That’s why I posted the link to the “retirement” song (the x-rated version, if u can make out the words) in my previous comment…

  51. The one at old bus station and this one near civic centre are from same family….they are brothers.

    Ya, I heard…and I also heard they are not on good terms or something, dunno true or not.

  52. ..Ieeeeemor…tality. …I meant the dianpianngu..hahahahahaha.

    Remember my name…FAME!…I’m gonna live forever….

  53. Can’t get the song Ho Sua Ho Sua Ho Sua Ho Ho Ho outta my head. Damn!

    I wish I could share it on Facebook. Did you click the Ah Cheng bay loti (Unchained Melody)?

  54. ATTN: Kpenyu, KNB, TOC, Stella, gerrie, Lindy, gundot & gang gang yang sewaktu dengannya and to those who want to join in the fun πŸ˜€

    I have a proposal for all of you. I am thinking of collecting a fund for STP to have a dot com. I have someone who is willing to sponsor a dot com already. Now I need some fund for web hosting. That means our dear STP can earn from advertisement. (WordPress doesn’t allow javascript so he can’t put advertisement and chatbox here) What say you guys? Donate to Get A Dot Com For STP Fund?

    Any suggestions? Comments?

  55. wah..two-day eating marathon? I’ll stay tuned to that..:)

    Doesn’t look like it’s going to be soon though. Still can’t post! Got so many things to post now including a step by step guide to making sambal udang kering… Sigh!

  56. Clare: Long comment, can’t reply…
    Well, regarding your proposal, thank you, thank you…but no thanks! Gee! It sounds like I’m on welfare, living on charity… Hehehehehe!!! But nice things to eat, just send them my way. Most welcome, anytime!!! Now let me draw up a list… Hahahahaha!!!

  57. Btw, Allison sang Temptations’ “Papa was a rollin’ stone” and got good reviews from the judges. Who does NOT want American Idol updates…please comment now, or forever hold your piss! Hahahahaha!!!

  58. Haiz…don’t really like the song choices but ooo…watch out for Adam, Lil’ Rounds and Megan. They look fabulous tonight. The rest look the same…and I hope Anoop will sound real sexy in his song…Oooo…baby…baby…Hahahahaha!!!

  59. I never knew this place, how bout the one near Standard Chartered Bank, the blacksmith road, squeezed in between the lanes one?

    which one is better?

    That’s the original… Many say this one is better but I never like the stuff, so no comment! LOL!!!

  60. That sounds like fun,Clare! I will chip in to the STP’s fund if it is not going to break my bank a/c. Lepak here so far is cheaper than the kopitiam. been saving quite a fair bit of kopi’s since his blog started. However on saying that, STP is pretty ‘loaded’as in $ not calories…. so if he wants a .com he can easily do so,but m sure his hidung really kembang that u regard him so highly that u want to campaign some .com. fund for him! πŸ™‚ n to STP,m not clicking further more after Clare’s comments,bcos I know u r saying something abt. Idol,not going there,here showing at 7.30pm,1 hr to go n don’t want to get pooped again! Will clicked in again late late tonite if not sleeping yet! πŸ™‚

  61. LOL @ Clare’s proposal. We’ll see…I didn’t get any of the stimulus package, not.a.sen.

    I wouldn’t want any commitment!!! It’s like a marriage contract and one is more than enough! Hahahahaha!!!

  62. Adam the Emo is good!No emo tonite,bit like Elvis. Lil chose the wrong song,Mat, my 2nd daughter likes him,thinks he is a bit James Morrison,Justin & Buble combined. Me find him boring! Anoop’s eyebrows still needs tweezing!

    He was good!!! Sings from the heart and that singles him out! My fave tonight! And I wish Allison would do something about her Sabrina, the teenage witch hair!!! LOL!!!

  63. Allison nailed it!!! πŸ˜€ I still love Lil Rounds despite the judges’ comments that she chose the wrong song. Megan is totally out! Sound like noise to me when she sang.

    Anoop was good but, like Stella, I can’t stand the eyebrows! Yuck! Like Matt’s performance. Adam the gay looked like Elvis. Hahahahahah!!! Finally I can see his ears clearly πŸ˜› The rest not worth remembering wan.

    Adam’s my choice! Allison’s good too… Lil’ Rounds should have done Gladys Knight or one of those strong songs! What a waste!!!

  64. Show me more… Gonna make a to-eat list soon πŸ˜†

    How? Connection still not ok yet…and Celcom people said by the 27th! Still cannot post anything…

  65. clare: hahahahaha….YA..STP…hahahaah YA meaning you ask.

    Must be recalling the time when he wanted people to contribute and buy me a new hp for my birthday…and nobody would chip in!

  66. stp, i miss your post…
    busy eating marathon ar???
    look at your own size…
    stop Stop STOP

    *scurry 45675434567898574miles away*

    What to do? Pray hard…and hopefully everything will be back to normal by midnight tonight! Sigh!!!

  67. Awww still can’t post… till 11pm? Hahaha must be frustrating for you. On the plus side, you garnered 76 comments, you definately say it best when you say nothing at all hahaha

    90 now…think I’ll wait till it breaks the 100th mark! Hahahahaha!!!

  68. I think there’s a lesson to learn from all this. From now on, l will just publish a post a week, then sit back and watch the comments accumulate… LOL!!

  69. i wonder where are u actually getting at, here…trying to achieve the post with the most comments ever ????? lol…or have u lost ur touch and inspiration… i wonder what would be the cause…sibu running low on food ??? hahahz

    Sigh…a thousand times sigh!!!

  70. teacher, update ! update ! i need my daily dose of drooling!!!

    Get down on ur knees and pray! Maybe a miracle will happen!!! LOL!!!

  71. Who is Michael Sarver again?

    The big fella… Not very open to criticisms! The 1st one during country week where Simon could not get a word he was singing!

  72. STB just got back to me… they don’t have any special rates with Four Point yet.. but if you want Hilton.. the rate they give me, if you want is this..

    RM195 ++ for Single and RM225 ++ for Double

    so keep me posted

    Four Points RM230 nett for govt servants, better stay there…

  73. oh i get it. someone told me u got 3G problem…. hahaha… ask for money back! lousy service provider… =.=’

    Yalor…over a week, should give me rebate of 25%!!! Daylight robbery!

  74. but i realised that for RM 225++ for double.. you might as well stay at Four Points using Govt Rates

    Exactly what I said. Looks like I’ve to stay at Kapit Lodging House! Nice kolo mee stall at the coffee shop downstairs! Hahahahahaha!!!

  75. The persons righty to be voted out are Paula and Simon. I hope the person voted out tonight will make a reference to their STUPID childish stunt last night.

    I just noticed Simon’s frequent grammatical errors. He said, “…to make it more easy (easier)…” and then, “…like a few weeks ago when you blow (blew) everyone away…” Good grief! And he’s English!!!

  76. dianpianngu… is that a beef dish? πŸ˜›

    haven’t been here for a long time, and glad to be greeted by a food post – as always! LOL!

    It’s a fish and cuttlefish plus fungus dish – no meat. Too bad we’re stuck at this post for the time being. Having problems with my connection…and hopefully, will be ok by 11 tonight, as promised!

  77. LOL at your reply to kpenyu! Now that sound like Simon. Hahahahahahahaha!!!

    Good grief! Have to stop watching American Idol now… Hahahahaha!!!

  78. What’s inside this delicacy?

    There’s the white pieces that’s something like kway teow/kuih chap served in clear fish ball soup with cuttlefish and black fungus…

  79. Ahhhh, nvm I saw your comment up there. Hmmm I don’t like cuttlefish for dessert :s

    I don’t like this type of cuttle fish except with sotong kangkong…and I would prefer that they use the dried cuttlefish for something soupy like this – sweeter and nicer!

  80. when i was in sibu, they brought me to one place near the parking place, i think it was near the pasar malam spot. there’s this small restaurant, I had my first dianpianngu there … ha ha ha. I’ve been liking it since then ..

    That’s the original. Not me, dun really like it!

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