Closing time…

I don’t know if it is the same people running this place, the one-time Thai restaurant under a different name, or whether it has changed hands again but they have done up the place so it now looks a little different from the last time I was there. Other than that, they are very active on Facebook lately, sharing photographs of some of the things they have on their menu though I must say they should invest in a decently good camera or a smartphone with a very good one as their shots sure leave a lot to be desired…but anyway, they were good enough to make me want to go back there and try to see if there would be anything to my liking.

However, they seemed to be closed everytime I dropped by or drove past so I posted a comment on their Facebook page to ask and was duly informed that they would only open at 3 and close at 11 but they would be opening for lunch sometime in the very near future. I went and asked again the other day and they said they would open from 10.00 a.m. till 2.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. till 5.00 p.m. and from 6.00 p.m. till 11.00 p.m. They are not alone – many have their own Facebook pages but their opening hours are not stated and I really do not understand why they cannot do that in their ABOUT pages – it really is such a nuisance having to go and ask…or look at their updates to see if one can find the relevant information one wants.

Well, I dropped by for lunch eventually and right in front, they state very clearly that they close on Wednesdays and are open from 10 to 2 for breakfast and lunch, 6 to 11 for dinner but 2 to SIX for tea, slightly different from what they told me and from their post on Facebook

Bug & Bee entrance

…but never mind! At least, they were not closed and I would be able to do what I was there for – eat!

Well, we went in and placed our orders and we asked for iced water to go with the food. Service was very good and we were promptly served…

Bug and bee tea & water

…a BIG glass of ice cold water each…and a while later, a glass of iced tea each! Puzzled, I told the very nice Indian waiter that we did not order the tea but he said it came free with lunch. Oh? I did not see any sign telling us that and there was nothing in the menu either plus he did not tell us when we were ordering but it was all right! The sky juice was free too, no charge which would be a point in their favour unlike at some places where they would charge you even for plain water, anywhere from 50 sen to as much as RM2.00. Tsk! Tsk!

My missus had their curry chicken rice (RM15.50)…

Bug & Bee curry chicken rice

…which was so-so…and those looked like fish balls to me. Fish balls in chicken curry – I rest my case. She did come once with my girl and had their green curry and she said it was very nice – very much nicer than this but it is not on their lunch menu, available only for dinner.

I tried their roasted duck noodles (RM16.80)…

Bug & Bee roasted duck restaurant

…which was also ok – it sure did not get me all excited with delight and I did wish they had de-boned the bird and cut it into very very thin slices like what they do at one roast meat place here. As it was, the meat was way too tough and I had a hard time trying to get it off the bone so I did not have much choice and just left most of it by the side.

Thankfully, I did order a plate of their fish cakes  (RM8.50)…

Bug & Bee fish cakes

…to share so I could have those to go with the noodles…

Bug & Bee roasted duck noodles, tossed

…and again, we thought the fish cakes were all right but they were definitely a lot nicer than those that we had here when it was a full-fledged Thai restaurant.

For dessert, I ordered my favourite – the mango sticky rice (RM5.50)…

Bug & Bee mango sticky rice

Ok! Go ahead! Tembak (shoot)!!! I don’t think I can say anything much in its defence.

This place has been around for a while now. There were only us, it seemed, who were there for lunch that day and I would not know if their business is any better, come dinnertime but I guess this is a popular watering hole for those people thus inclined…


…and I did like how they cut away the bottom of the bottle and use it as a funnel for the candle…

Bottle funnel

Nice, eh?

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19 thoughts on “Closing time…”

  1. OH WA Thai sawadee I once went there and had their mango sticky rice. However I found it nothing to shout about tho it is not all that bad.This new place seems to serve much better mango sticky rice just look at the glittering RICE and the mango!

    Went there once when it was under that name, maybe different people, and I never went back again. Went once when it changed its name as I heard the things served were pretty good and true enough, we liked what we had. My girl and her mum went back again and loved the green curry but this time around, I don’t think we’d be in a hurry to drop by one more time, especially not at those prices.

    The mango was over ripe and looked terrible but thankfully, it still tasted ok, not over-mushy or worse, fermented yet – on the whole, it was just ok, I’ve had better in Thai restaurants elsewhere.

  2. ooo, at first glance, i was quite enticed by the duck noodles, cos it looks like a lot of meat blanketing that plate! and we both love duck, haha 🙂

    Thankfully, the noodles tasted ok and I had the fish cakes to go with that. 😦

  3. The bowl of curry looks oily, but I don’t mind it if the gravy’s good, I’ll just scoop the bottom part to eat with rice.. Your noodles look the most appetizing to me, but the mango sticky rice, erm, hehe, not so appetizing coz of the presentation maybe..

    The mango pulut was as good as it looked – I guess that just about says it all. The curry was so-so, nothing great – we can cook a lot better at home even with those instant pastes…and the noodles was not bad, just not worth that price especially when I could not get to enjoy most of the meat. All things considered, I’d much rather go elsewhere…

  4. Fishballs in curry????…and it seems that every dish has fishballs. Over ripe mango makes the dessert looks mushy and the duck noodles looks good.

    I would agree with you on every count except the noodles – yes, the noodles tasted fine…but not the meat. So disappointed. 😦

  5. My fav thai dessert is tab tim krob but mango sticky rice is just as good 😀

    I’ve never ordered that whenever I saw it on the menu – I don’t think I will like it.

  6. The way they presented the mango sticky rice, errrr…

    Would be quite nice, I think, if the mangoes had not been over-ripe and they had cut it nicely in smooth thin slices. It was the not so nice-looking slices that ruined the whole presentation.

  7. I never tried Mango Sticky Rice. Must be good. ☺️

    The one here? It was o.k. I had much nicer ones before elsewhere, not here. Love it with durian too – had that in Bangkok. VERY nice!

  8. Mona Vie bottle?? Lol.

    Been there once. Nothing really to shout about

    What’s that? Let me go and google… Hmmmm…I thought it was some empty wine bottle or one of those branded mineral water. I certainly would not want to order that if they have it on their menu, thank you very much.

    You went when it was still the original Thai place, right? I thought it was really horrible then. Many times worse!!!

  9. To me, the only dishes that resemble Thai food is the fish cakes and mango sticky rice. I noted those white fishballs were in your missus curry and your noodles too hee..hee… I am not fond of fishballs and I wouldn’t be happy with those. It’s rather nice that you get free drinks. Overall, not very Thai don’t you think?

    Well, to be fair to them, they never did state in no uncertain terms that this is a Thai place, unlike the original not-nice-at-all one with an unmistakably Thai name that opened here a long time ago…and whatever is Thai in the decor is actually some hand-me-downs from that former owner. The only thing is they do have some Thai dishes on their menu like tom yam and green curry, just to name two.

    Ya, those ultra-white fish balls – can buy anytime at the supermarts. Wouldn’t mind if they were some very nice own-made ones.

  10. Guess the food is not so nice here then, prices is quite high too…. and fish balls in curry chicken is kind of special .. hahahaa… That is kind of an expensive lunch there but then nothing is cheap nowadays…

    There are places…cheaper and nicer. This just isn’t one of them but I guess we’d never know unless we try, right?

  11. I note with interest the difficulties you have with their opening hours. Most restaurants here close on Mondays, especially for lunch. However some have odd closing days, and it is very annoying when you turn up and it is closed. Then the mind goes blank when having to choose another one.

    Here, it can be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Different shops have different days off and some do not even bother to put up a sign at their shop or stall to inform all customers so if you show up at one and it is closed, too bad!

    There are so many so it is really very difficult to remember. That is why I am of the opinion that if they have a Facebook page, they can state their business hours and their off days in English and Chinese so one may be able to check anytime…and they should edit the info should they change their times – I know some don’t bother to do that and one may get to see it in one of their updates. I wonder what is so difficult about doing that. After all, they are the ones to gain…from the business, not me or anybody else plus it will not cost them anything.

  12. Oh I love sticky rice. That’s too bad that this dish wasn’t a winner. It seems that the food there was just “ok,” hopefully, they can make improvements.

    Yes, there’s certainly a lot of room for that. They could cut down the number of dishes, concentrate on the ones they do best instead of being over-ambitious with a very elaborate menu and nothing great. 😦

  13. Haha! I’ve learned to take F&B outlet’s Facebook posts with a grain of salt myself.
    There was one popular durian chain advertising “Fairy Durians” and I called 1 hour after they posted but it was unavailable. There was another case where the restaurant posted their opening hours and we drove all the way to eat sang har mee but it was closed (no reason posted, it was just closed). Good thing too coz the restaurant beside was robbed later that night.

    Hmm…is that fish balls and crinkle cut fries in curry? That looks like a very strange dish.

    The noodles look good though, but I thought the duck rice is a bit expensive. It’s cheaper here, around RM 12-14. Goose rice would be RM 18-22.

    Indeed!!! That ridiculous-looking bowl of curry did not even taste good!!! And I do not think the duck noodles was worth anything more than RM10-12. The taste of the duck was ok, good…but I could hardly eat much of it as it was extremely tough!

    Everything is expensive – upscale cafe prices but it would not matter much had everything tasted really great – like going to Payung. I sure do not mind there even though their things are not cheap. At least, they all taste so good, value for money. Not here, not at all likely that I will ever go back again. 😦

  14. Wow that mango sticky rice is a personal favourite as well, specially when paired with Philippine mangoes they are really amazing

    You have great mangoes there? Here, we have nice local ones…and those imported from Thailand.

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