We were heading to the town centre last Saturday in search of a nice place for lunch when we saw that some roads were blocked and there was a horrendous traffic jam so I took a detour and decided to drop by here but unfortunately, the guy selling the nice wat tan hor kway teow and all the fried stuff was closing for the day. Good grief! It was not even noon yet!!! Janggut was not around – I hear that usually, he would not be opened if he had some catering assignment to do – probably he had been enlisted to prepare all the pre-packed meals for the participants in that grand function at the town square across the stream – some big shot from the peninsula was in town.

In the end, we just decided to just drop by the hotel next door…

Paramount Hotel, Sibu

…and have a bite to eat at their Valentine Cafe…

Valentine Cafe

…there. It is actually quite a big place – I was only taking a photograph of the paintings on the wall and the lanterns they had put up for Chinese New Year. Yes, there were some decorations…

Chinese New Year deco

…for the festive season all over the café and also the hotel lobby.

Normally, I would not go and eat at hotels unless it is the venue for a wedding banquet or some kind of party…but I was here over a year ago and I had their potato tuna salad (RM11.00)…

Valentine Cafe potato tuna salad

…and it was nice so I thought we could have that and see what else they had on their menu.

They had a set lunch promo at the moment for only RM13.00 (excluding GST) and the things on the menu looked quite good so we decided to go for that. My girl and I had their spaghetti, mamak-style…

Valentine Cafe spaghetti mamak

…and hers was served first. It seemed that they cooked them separately, plate by plate and I had to wait for a while for mine to be served as my missus’ pineapple fried rice…

Valentine Cafe, pineapple fried rice

…was served next. It was very nice, a much better choice than the spaghetti, I would say…but the pasta was all right too, not anything to shout about but it was not bad.

My girl said that hers was kind of bland plus it was sour as she squeezed both the calamansi limes by the side…

Valentine Cafe spaghetti mamak

I tried a bit but thought it was fine. Mine had a stronger wok hei fragrance but it was a bit too salty for my liking. It sure looked like they were not all that consistent…but for one thing, I certainly would give them top marks for their presentation…

Vaelntine Cafe pineapple fried rice

They had other choices for their set lunch such as their kung pao fish or their black pepper chicken and there was also fried beef with ginger but we did not quite feel like having any of those.

You get a free drink (cordial) and an ice cream…

Valentine Cafe vanilla ice cream

…as well and if we deduct RM3.00, the price for that little cup at a coffee shop close by, the set lunch actually costs RM10.00 only, inclusive of a drink…and that is rather cheap for a hotel. That is why I don’t usually fancy eating at hotels – the prices can be quite steep while the food may be good but not quite sensational…plus I had had my fill of hotel food on my never-ending working trips before I retired.

However, the one here, I must say, is very reasonably-priced and what we had was ok which made me think that this would be a good place to get together with friends and hang around all afternoon to chat and catch up with one another. Unless they have a function going on, there are not many people around and the waiting staff is very nice and friendly.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

13 thoughts on “Valentine…”

  1. RM13 for a hotel lunch seems pretty reasonably priced.

    Yes, I was pleasantly surprised too! They have buffet dinners on special occasions with special discounted rates for children and the elderly/senior citizens. That sure is nice…considering that we old people don’t have much of an appetite any more and being toothless and all, we really do not/cannot eat all that much.

  2. Frankly speaking, I have never been to hotel set lunch as I always thought hotel food are not nice & yet pricey. Surprisingly this one has a very good deal & the food looks ok. As a small eater, not worth paying that much, hahaha…so calculative rite?..Am not a spaghetti person, so fried rice for me, pls.

    Yes, if at hotels, it is usually not cheap, not worth it especially if you’re out for a quick one, eat and run – not unless you want to hang around and chat for a long time then it would be a lot nicer and more comfortable than in a regular coffee shop.

    This one is cheap and there are not many people around so you can enjoy that – some places may be nice but can get real crowded and noisy, I would quickly eat and dash out as soon as I can.

  3. Sound like a nice place to relax and enjoy food. And cheap too!!

    Yes, that’s the best part, relatively inexpensive for a hotel of this class.

  4. For a second, I thought you were reviewing a restaurant’s valentine menu LOL

    Me? Ummmm…nope, I would not fall victim to all that over-commercialised hooha.

  5. Spaghetti mamak-style sounds fascinating. Reminds me a bit of the time a restaurant here used fettucine for char kway teow. It was horrible. I never went back again and I think they’ve closed down!

    Maybe they did not know how to do it. I’ve fried macaroni, char kway teow style…and it was actually very nice. Of course, it was not like the real thing but yes, it was quite good. This one was ok but the tom yam spaghetti at Payung and their spaghetti belimbing prawns are to die for. Really very nice!

  6. There was a time when I enjoyed going for buffet at hotels. Nowadays I only go when there are seminars held there. The buffet at some hotels can be disappointing, so much choices and yet nothing good to eat!

    Now you know why I am not excited about hotel food. My working trips might range from a few days to over a week, maybe two…and we were fed SIX meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two teas…and one supper. By the second or third day, I would be sneaking out already to the nearby coffee shop for something a lot nicer.

  7. gosh, if the wan tan hor guy closes by noon, i’ll never get to try it, since i tend to still be asleep until 11am! 😀

    Gosh!!! You stay up till the wee hours painting the town red, I’m sure! Notty notty! 😀

  8. Yes, indeed the presentation looks good… it makes the food more appetizing and tempting… hahahaha..

    Yes, sure makes a difference. If serving is sloppy, gravy all over, so messy…or worse, the plates or bowls are chipped, those can be a real turn-off!!!

  9. I will choose the mamak style spaghetti if I were there, hehe!
    I agree, price is very reasonable!

    Yes, can definitely consider it cheap…for a hotel.

  10. I came here quite often last time I was back in Sibu.

    The Foochow fried noodles (wet) was dismal the two times I ordered it. There’s a lot of ingredients though e.g. proper fish slices, prawns, sotong etc, which justifies the price, but the way it was cooked wasn’t very impressive. I do like their club sandwich though even though I’m generally not a fan of canned tuna.

    Oh and the last time I went, they made the cappuccino with lukewarm water (or so I thought). It was puzzling since they had a machine but apparently the staff thought the amount wasn’t enough for the cup so they added room temperature water to it (!!!) which obviously dilutes the whole thing and makes it lukewarm.

    It’s relatively quiet though and the only proper smoking hotel cafe in Sibu (Tanahmas is by the side now). Several things on the menu is good, others so-so. Still not a bad place to chill out though coz it can be quiet during weekends.

    I had their club sandwich – I thought it was just ok and that was why it did not cross my mind to want to order that again. Heard a lot of not favourable reviews about the food there unlike their Chinese restaurant – I would say that I like their fish head curry more than Sheraton’s now. The quality has dropped as much as the prices have risen at the latter.

    However, it is quite deserted most of the time, even on weekdays, so I guess it would be a great place to get together with friends and sit in comfort to chat the whole day through, never mind that the food isn’t all that great.

    1. Interesting!

      I’ve been here with you to eat their fish head curry back in the days. It was good, I remember enjoying the dish. I didn’t know that it was surpassed Sheraton nowadays, would be nice to make a return trip. How much does the fish head curry dish cost nowadays?

      Oh and you’re right, I was in Ta Kiong with my dad last night, shocked at the prices, it seems like they have increased a lot of things quite a bit. I found several items that are cheaper in KL, especially the Japanese imports like Kit Kats which are significantly cheaper from the Japanese import speciality shops like Okashi in Tropicana City Mall.

      I can’t remember, not more than RM50, I think…if you ask for a smaller one. Sheraton’s seem rather sweet these days and many have complained, not to their liking…and they prefer the one here. I think I would agree with them too. And they still have the lovely Vietnamese prawns that we had then – the one with the gravy, eaten with their own-made bread. Sheraton dos not have that, I asked before.

      Oh? There are things that are cheaper? I did notice when I dropped by the other day, it was very crowded but traffic was rather light at the cashiers’ counters. I guess at those prices, many will just go and see and not buy. Times are hard.

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