Maybe next time…

I was here (2.318561,111.832075)…

Kampong Nyabor Kopitiam 1

a very long time ago, way back in 2009, located opposite the RTM building here in the Sungai Antu vicinity…

RTM Sibu

…and I did not like what I had. I remember that I did go back again soon after that for the Teochew porridge – if I did blog about it then, I cannot seem to find the post now but I think that was quite all right, like porridge – nothing more, nothing less, and I have not gone back there since.

Obviously they have their own following, their faithful loyal supporters, as all the time we were there, there were people coming and going. The place…

Kampong Nyabor Kopitiam 2

…looked pretty much the same as when I was here last, the faded photographs…

Kampong Nyabor Kopitiam 3

…most probably, were the same ones that they had up on the walls since they first opened for business here.

Well, what made me decide to stop by that morning was a friend had their ayam penyet the night before and shared the photograph on Facebook and he said it was good. Unfortunately, when we got there, we were told that it was not available and would not be available till after 11 or so, around lunchtime. I saw in the menu that it was priced at RM8.00, the same as the not-so-very-nice one here and 50 sen cheaper than the one here that my missus enjoyed a lot. The one here, RM7.00 only – unless he has increased the price since, was very nice except that it came with the same sambal as the nasi lemak so that was kind of disappointing…and it was very much cheaper and nicer here, so far our favourite in town, unless they too have jacked up the prices.

Anyway, since we could not get to try that, I opted for their so-called nasi lemak deluxe instead and this was what I got (RM6.50)…

Kampong Nyabor Kopitiam nasi lemak

– no hard-boiled egg and one fried egg instead and one miserable piece of fried chicken, breast…

Fried chicken, breast

The rice was dry and hard, not lemak at all and the sambal was very salty though it was all right when eaten mixed with the rice. I did detect a little bit of salted fish somewhere while I was eating but it was nowhere to be seen…and what was worse, the kacang (peanuts) had gone limp, masuk angin (lau hong in Hokkien).

I would much sooner go for the very much nicer ones here, so far, my favourite in town, RM4.00 for the standard, RM6.00 with one fried chicken wing…or chicken curry and RM7.00 if you go for the masak hitam beef unless they too have jacked up the prices since the last time I was there. Whatever it is, I wouldn’t mind paying more for something that is a whole lot nicer and is value for money. Well, if some people are not too comfortable eating at that serves-no-pork place, even Janggut‘s is a whole lot nicer and his is even cheaper – only RM5.00 with one chicken wing…and there was no complimentary soup, nice or otherwise, with this one.

My missus had the nasi campur

Kampong Nyabor Kopitiam nasi campur

…and she said it was all right but the total for that came up to a whooping RM5.50. Maybe the sotong (squid)…


…was expensive but I would rather go here instead – it did not seem that expensive there plus the much wider selections sure looked a whole lot nicer than what they had here.

No, we did not get to try their ayam penyet in the end that day. Maybe next time, you asked? Ummm…not likely! Based on what we had that morning, I think we would just give it a miss and try some place else instead.

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14 thoughts on “Maybe next time…”

  1. Not a good place for Malay food from the sound of it. Well, at least you gave it a try. Never try, never know.

    I had packet nasi lemak for lunch yesterday. RM2 from market. Ok lah. Few small salted fishes, very few anchovies, not even half of hard-boiled egg, generous amount of peanuts (not lao hong, very nicely toasted) & a seperate pack of sambal. Not bad. Not too spicy, sour and sweet.

    Overall it was okay considering it is RM2 and quite filling for my lunch.

    Yes, we have RM1 packs of nasi lemak, very nice…the rice, the lovely sambal and all the condiments and the RM1.50 pack has baby squids in the sambal – heaps better than what I had here…and RM6.50!!! I would have expected a lot more, much much more, for that kind of money. For sure, this is one place I will never set foot upon ever again.

  2. No good, no good. I would have been very put off with that sort of standard. I agree, no point going back for the ayam penyet 😦

    Can’t be very much better if, judging based on their nasi lemak, that is their standard. I would much sooner go elsewhere.

  3. Hey man, was blog hopping (oh I have not done that in ages) and came across your blog!

    I remember you’re always commenting on KY’s party album about me being around, so here’s me being around for a bit!

    Ciao man.

    Hi, been a long long time! This is indeed a pleasant surprise. How have you been? Married already with half a dozen kids? Still with Nuffnang? Glad to see you here, nice of you to drop by – do come again…and again…and again! Cheers!

  4. Hmm.. disappointed ho… Better luck next time maybe. Or next next year. 😂

    Don’t think there will be a next time when this is what they have to offer – so many places around, so much nicer and cheaper too.

  5. Peanuts, lao hong still serve to people??…that’s bad. Nasi campur, too pricey. Guess your 1st & last time, hahaha

    That’s for sure, not quite the first time but for sure, this will be the last!

  6. Looks miserable, the ingredients…

    Exactly! Did not even look nice, so put off from the very moment it was served – what a let down!

  7. When I last had nasi lemak from a bus station on the East Coast, it was the usual bog standard one. We didn’t have fried egg or fried chicken then. When did the deluxe trend came into the scene?

    It seems that at one very famous place in KL, you have an array of curries and all kinds of side dish selections that you can pick and choose to go with your nasi lemak. That, of course, would defeat the purpose. It would be nice even if you have it all with plain white rice. To me, if it is nasi lemak, it is the rice that counts – must be really lemak (rich with coconut milk) and very fragrant. Same thing when I go for chicken rice – it is the rice above all else, all the rest is secondary.

  8. You’ve been on an ayam penyet roll, trying to sample it at least a couple of times at different places this past month! I haven’t had ayam penyet in ages!

    Yes, but unfortunately, I can’t say that I’ve come across one that I’d give full marks to, one that would keep me going back for more.

  9. Seeing your nasi lemak makes me think of a salad I had recently. The chef used the flavours of nasi lemak as inspiration for salad dressing! It worked incredibly well with a nice infusion of coconut, a bite of chili and some crunchy anchovies. 🙂

    They’re so creative. Friends have had the nasi lemak cake for their birthdays – I wonder what they taste like, none here.

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