One two three…

First, there was this one…

Li Hua Hotel, Sibu
*Archive photo*

…with the very nice and pleasant Madam Toh at the helm, one of the oldest hotels in town. They have refurbished the place and everything is good and new now. The last time I dropped by, I noticed that they even had new lifts to replace the old ones. I love having buffet parties there as they are very affordable, the food is good and they have a very impressive karaoke system, one of those that make you sound so good even though your voice is not all that great. They do get mixed reviews on Trip Advisorย though and once, my friends who stayed there shared the same comment as one in the website – it can get rather noisy at night with all the karaoke pubs and clubs in the vicinity. Otherwise, according to them, it was all good.

As for the room rates, they’re the same as/similar to their sister hotel, their No. 2, at the Sibu Bus Terminal here, ranging from RM65.00 to RM90.00 depending on the type of room you choose…and the rooms are as nice as any 3 or 4-star hotels anywhere, minus the carpet. They have Italian tiles for their floors instead. Friends who have stayed there loved it very much but there are no lifts at No. 2 so you will either have to book early and reserve your room(s) on the first floor or do a bit of exercise throughout the duration of your stay there. Other than that, this one is not in the town centre so it may not be as convenient as No. 1 unless you have your own transport to get around…but of course, there are lots and lots of shops, eating places and bakeries included, all around and one very big supermarket right across the road.

Now, they have their No. 3…

Medan Hotel @ Wong King Huo Road

…which, like No. 2, is also not in the town centre. My cousins stayed there that day when they came to town so I took the opportunity to drop by and have a look at the place…

Medan Hotel, entrance

It is very nice, simple but very neat and clean…and there are two lifts, right behind the reception counter…

Medan Hotel, lobby

…with their very friendly staff, ever ready to flash a smile like when we walked past. The rooms are more or less like the ones at their No. 2, near identical, I would say but the tariffs are a bit higher – RM98.00 nett for a room with a queen-size bed or RM108.00 nett for two single beds. If I remember correctly, one with two queen…or was it king-size beds would put you back by RM128.00 per night. The rooms come with a complimentary breakfast…

Medan Hotel, dining

…though I do not see that as essential considering that you would be spoilt for choice if you spend a night or longer here with all the popular eating places and shops all around that area, just like No.2.

Back to back with the hotel is the Medan Mall

Medan Mall, Sibu
*Archive photo*

…where there is a departmental store and supermarket, hair salons, a renowned foot reflexology centre and other shops and stalls including this outlet of the one with the very nice Sarawak laksa, my favourite in town, and ang tao peng

Thomson Corner, Medan Mall
*Archive photo*

Among the many shops in the vicinity is this one…

Anson, Sibu
*Archive photo*

where you can enjoy western cuisine at very very affordable prices but it only opens at night and be forewarned that it can get very crowded…like the crab and seafood place opposite, also famous for its Philippine pork leg, right beside this cake place

*Archive photo*

….or perhaps you would like to check out this fusion place instead…

Junction, Sibu
*Archive photo*

You can also drop by here…

Fish Culture, Sibu
*Archive photo*

…for their Foochow fish balls and other dim sum stuff from their array of selections…or if you prefer the simpler local stuff like the kampua noodles, there are lots of coffee shops around here and I enjoyed the one I had here with the “raw meat” soup, something that they say originated from KK, Sabah…

Coffee shop

The Korean fried chicken franchise is right around the corner…

Pelicana, Sibu
*Archive photo*

…and there are bakeries too like this one

iBake, Sibu
*Archive photo*

…or those in the mall and you may want to browse around the 100ยฅ shop a stone’s throw away or perhaps, the ladies would want to check out the clothes shop and boutiques in the mall or those all around the vicinity of this hotel.

Anybody planning to come to town soon?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

26 thoughts on “One two three…”

  1. I wont go to No 2 because I cant stand to walk up stairs with the kids and luggage. When I travel, I need breakfast in the hotel because I’m always hungry as soon as I wake up so a quick breakfast is really appreciated. I’ll go around hunting for food for lunch, tea and dinner out of the hotel instead ๐Ÿ™‚

    Bluff!!! Your poor hubby would be the one struggling with the kids and juggling with the luggage, I know…while you walk up like a queen. Hehehehehe!!!!

    There’s a 24-hour coffee shop right downstairs (and two next door) at No. 2. I would not want the hotel breakfast if I go anywhere this convenient as firstly, it is the same old stuff (or worse, some a lot worse!) and secondly, I would rather go and enjoy what is good locally – like when in Penang, for instance. That’s why I prefer hotels where breakfast is not inclusive and you can opt to pay for it, cheaper than for walk-in guests, if you want. No choice if staying in some secluded resort…or in the middle of nowhere like Concorde KLIA.

  2. A great promotion to promote that part of the place, STP! ^^

    I actually go to this mall for my grocery shopping more nowadays. Nearer and easy parking during weekday.

    Parking’s free too…and if it rains, you can park in the basement, also free. I don’t do that as I don’t want to walk up the stairs. Hehehehehe!!!! The lifts are a bit slow and I think they’re more for transporting the goods and stuff.

    I know you went to Sam once – my old friends, very nice people, been around for years and years…but I usually go elsewhere…cheaper and I know you love that crab place next door too.

  3. I personally would prefer hotels that offer complimentary breakfasts, I would be bloody hungry the moment I wake up and need some food in my system quickly. It’s easy to hop downstairs or across the street to get some cheap and tasty local food if you know where you are going, but I don’t like thinking about what to eat when I just woke up. My brain has not been activated yet LOL!

    Gosh!!! Slow starter, eh? Not sure about those around No.3 – I know the coffee shops open really really late till maybe 3-4 a.m. but the one right below No. 2 is 24-hours.

    It’s easy to hop downstairs or across the street to get some cheap and tasty local food if you know where you are going…” No problem in Sibu – every other shop is a coffee shop, not like when I first went to Sg Petani…walked…and walked…and walked…and could not find a place to eat. In the end, ate at one Uncle or Master something at Central Square – the shopping mall…either that or SR or KFC or Pizza Hut. No such problem here – all at your finger tips!!!

  4. Err… can plan la but how many days should i go? Preferably by flight from Kuching to Sibu right?

    From Penang, can go through Kuching or KL – have to check to see whichever is cheaper and more convenient, the scheduled flight time. My Trengganu friends that day came for 3 nights – flew in afternoon on Day 1, 3 nights and two full days and left afternoon of Day 4. Did not manage to cover all but they rested in the afternoons – good for me too, we old people need that. Otherwise, there should be time to do a bit more than what we did when they were here.

  5. E-tour guide, hehe.. I would like to go to No 1, it looks high class and very comfortable..Fish Culture Cafe catches my attention.. Sounds like a place selling fish crackers and stuffs like that.. I would like to eat there too.. No worries about what to eat there as there are so many restaurants and cafe nearby.. No need eat hotel food also can lah.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nope, no fish crackers at Fish Culture, lots of fish balls, Foochow ones. All 3 ok, just that No. 1, they say, gets rather noisy at night- not for light sleepers…and No. 2, no lift.

  6. oooo, the hotel looks modest and unassuming and dependable … the way hotels would have been back in the 1970s and early 80s … reminds me of a few hotels back in the day in malacca too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, very simple, nothing outlandish. Meant to be another of those very basic ones, cheap but have to pay for everything, affiliated to AA but did not materialise.

  7. Wow a variety of places to shop n eat

    Lots to see and do ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, and this is just in the vicinity of the hotel alone…and yest people say there’s nothing to do in this little town. Tsk! Tsk!

  8. No. 2 is out, not lift. Definitely prefer to stay in hotel within walking distance to food court/ kopitiam or shopping mall and I don’t mind having hotel breakfast.

    1st floor is ok…and actually only 2 floors, I think…or to the most, 3. I would not mind walking, if no luggage…bags and bags and suitcases – that would be quite a hassle and worse, if you have kids in tow and you are travelling alone.

    Otherwise, good exercise. I do that in hotels when there are not many floors to climb – at seminars, conferences during my working days…so many people waiting for the lifts, it will take ages to get into one to go back to your room to rest. In fact, I had to walk up and down 2-3 storeys, different blocks of classrooms so many times a day before I retired, not a problem at all. People these days are just too spoilt, over-pampered. Should just walk and leave the lifts to the disabled, pregnant women and elderly.

  9. Which hotel will you recommend if go Sibu, no need high class hotel, as going there, not going to stay in the hotel whole day…

    No. 2 is good and so cheap…SIN$25 a night only. Over at your side, SIN$100…don’t dream of getting anything like this.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ There are even cheaper ones in town…but not too sure, how good they are.

  10. What? No food today? hee..hee…

    Withdrawal symptom? Just click the links to the posts that you missed e.g. I do not see your comment in the “crab and seafood place” post. Probably you were not a regular around here at the time… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. if go with my mom, 4 star up…
    but once go with my father (without my mother for sure), 3 star below, ours motel if possible, lol

    Men, as long as there’s a place to sleep, eh? I don’t mind staying in 4/5-star hotels once in a while though. Need to pamper myself sometimes, stay in hotel all day, enjoy the comfort and the luxury, ring for room service…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But no point if it’s at some place where you would be going out all the time.

  12. Alang-alang, next year will be coming to Sibu… since this year’s plan was cancelled. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    Why? So near yet so far. Can go Malacca or where, cannot make it to Sibu. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  13. I remember going to the buffet in the first hotel during our first Sibu bloggers meet! ๐Ÿ™‚

    They do have rather nice food.

    Yeah come to think of it the new hotel is located rather conveniently eh? Even though it’s not right in town, there’s plenty of food choices and stuff to do around the area and it’s very vibrant at night nowadays (or so I hear, I don’t do nightlife much now).

    It’s a good option to staying right in the city and you can always head into the city by car since it’s not that far. Nice post.

    Yup, Sibu is a small place, no jam…or at least, not like those in KL – not all that difficult to get around.

  14. Hmmmnn, ini macam Sibu tourism post. ๐Ÿ˜‰ good to know!

    Yes, yes…must promote sikit so people will think about coming. So cheap to come here compared to going elsewhere. If I go to KL, just staying in the hotel alone would take up so much of my expenses, and staying in some not-very-nice hotel at that some more. Nothing like this, not for this kind of money. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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