Actually, I was here at this place…

Wan Li

…that morning with Melissa and the mum in search of something for brunch. I did glance at what the people were eating and it looked like kampua noodles with some pork soup and Melissa said she did not feel like having that so we just went past and we ended up here instead.

Now, if anyone is interested, it is among the shops to the left of Medan Mall along Wong King Huo Road, behind the three blocks of shops to the immediate left of the shopping mall. Let’s just say that if you walk through here and come out at the back, this place is in the block of shops right ahead of you. Do take note, however, that it is not open on Wednesdays…

Wan Li opening hours

I saw Huai Bin’s post on it recently and since I was in the vicinity sometime last week, I decided to give it a try.

The kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) was great (RM1.50)…

Wan Li kopi-o-peng

…and I had the set (RM5.00)…

Wan Li noodle & soup set

…which comprises a bowl of kampua noodles…

Wan Li kampua

…and this bowl of soup…

Wan Li raw meat soup 1

According to Huai Bin, sheng rou mee means raw pork noodles but the pork was definitely anything but raw…

Wan Li raw meat soup 2

He said the meat had been pounded into thin slices and cooked lightly so it was not overcooked and yes, it was very thin and very soft and tender, so much so that it almost felt like I was eating fish!…

Wan Li raw meat

Yes, the noodles were very nicely done, tasting like our original authentic kampua and the meat and the soup were nice too though I was kind of wishing they had liver and intestines as well in it – I didn’t ask if they have those and will add them to the soup upon request or not. I gather that they sell this in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as well but since I have never had that there, I am in no position to make any comparison…but I am pretty sure that our noodles and theirs would be completely different and don’t bother asking me which one I think would be better – you know the answer! Hehehehehehehe!!!!

All in all, I do think this is something worth considering when you’re out looking for something nice for a change.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Raw…”

  1. This place is hardly visible from the main road, unless you drive to the back.

    I like the look of the soup. Looks delicious. Remind me of Cheng soup, with all those other ‘goodies’ in the clear soup.

    I missed the ‘goodies’ – dunno if they had those or not but they only speak Mandarin there and my basic grasp of the language does not allow me to delve into details like intestine and liver. So I just ordered what I could.

    Lots of shops at the back like 100 Yen, iBake Bakery, Junction and so on – the area is growing fast…and I hear they’re building Tune Hotel there.

  2. I just love pork soup.. Especially with more pork liver and intestines, hehe… I know those are not good, but once a while, ok lah.. Ooohh, with extra “chue yau jar” (lard)..
    So, you only took pictures of your food.. What about Mel and her mum? What they had?

    I went alone – sent my car to the car wash nearby and took the opportunity to drop by. Otherwise, I would see that we ordered different things on the menu so I would have more to blog about.

  3. That iced coffee looks really strong. I’d need a splash of milk in it for sure.

    That’s the way I like it. I always order – kopi-o-peng kao kao kao! No milk for me though – it makes me sleepy.

  4. Looks good too, for a change instead of piansips… maybe they put something to tenderize the meat? My mom always tell me to put in some tapioca flour to make the meat smooth and not so dry when it comes to marinating…

    Yes, a welcome change indeed. No idea how they do it.

  5. Okay… this is not my type of food 😡

    Ok. No kway teow th’ng for you then? I love that a lot, Penang ones. To each his own.

  6. That good ah…very high praise wor ” tasting like our original authentic kampua”. Sure fire way this shop will pick up biz. Next round u go there have to queue up to go in makan lo.

    The original authentic may not be my favourite – I would prefer the RTM Cafe or Rasa Sayang versions. The die-hards would go for the old school though.

  7. That bowl of soup looks really great and it is even better if it is served piping hot. Best with white rice also. Have a great week ahead and the long weekend to come.

    You too! Ya, girl’s coming home a day earlier and going back a day later. They;re taking Monday off too. Soup’s good…but I missed the innards. Slurpssss!!!!

  8. yeah, got me wonder what is “raw meat” noodles, haha.. it does look something like the pork noodles we commonly have over here, have you tried any before during your trips to KL?? or something like the “bak chor mee” in Singapore..

    They say it originated in Sabah but I did have something like this at Jalan Alor – Foochow guy from Sitiawan.
    It was very nice when he did it himself but when I went again and the Indon maid did it, it was not as great.

  9. Hmmm.. now I am wondering how many bowls of kampua noodles you take per week?

    It depends. Sometimes none, sometimes one or more. Only when we go out to eat and at times, very lazy to think about what to eat – just order kampua. Always good, never fails to satisfy.

  10. Sibu seems so much unexplored when reading your blog. Great..

    Growing fast, opening up many new areas. More options too these days when it comes to Malay or halal food.

  11. The “raw” pork sounds interesting. I suppose they just pour the boiling soup over the thin slices of pork and they cook instantly. That way they stay soft and tender and won’t be overcooked.

    Probably that’s how they do it! Very nicely done, the meat.

  12. The ‘raw’ pork sounds yummy. I do not like the pork slices in noodles mainly because they are tough and chewy but yours seems so delicious. Like fish?! Wow! I love fish!

    Yes, almost…so you can imagine how soft and tender it was. 🙂

  13. I love pork noodles but cannot find a good one in my area. I will usually give liver and intestine a skip. Never like ‘spare parts’.

    We’re the direct opposite, it seems. I love those innards…but no choice, have to control so I will only eat them once in a long long while and will never cook my own at home.

  14. The pork looks good. Not over cooked hard to chew ones that some stalls end up serving.

    Yes, loved how soft and tender it was…and I always have a soft spot for clear soups…like kway teow th’ng or yong tofu or steam boat.

  15. i love pork noodles for lunch. yummy.

    I usually have noodles for breakfast…and sometimes, very seldom, supper. Lunch and dinner, I would have rice…usually.

  16. I know this place! ! I should have try this out. My aunty told me she tried shen rou meen, very nice. And on ching meng day, we are having lunch at this rest that next to this shen rou meen shop, that’s why I know! Look very interesting.

    I’ve walked around the place next door – did not see anything I would want to try. Morning time, mostly closed. Maybe most of them do night time business.

  17. Interesting take on raw, I’ve seen similar ways of preparing the meat. Pouring something boiling over the raw meat to cook. 🙂 Did you think the pork had more flavor being prepared that way?

    Definitely. Normally, we simmer the meat (and bones) for a long time to get the “sweetness” – the taste and flavour out into the soup but the meat would end up being quite bland or not as tasty, I guess.

  18. To each his own… I don’t mind the bowl of plain kampua noodle but will stay away from the pork. Tq 😀

    The kampua’s good. Not sure if they serve that the usual way…or it has to go with their “raw pork”. Not that proficient in Mandarin to ask a lot of questions, just fluent enough to get by.

  19. I agree with other comments made that the coffee looks intensely dark! My husband would LOVE that! LOL

    Only when you ask for it extra strong. The coffee at the other side of the country is even darker and it doesn’t even taste nice plus I get put off by how it leaves stains on the mug/glass. 😦

  20. I quite like their drinks too! 🙂

    Yeah, you’re right, they make them thick over there.

    I don’t know what sheng rou mien translates too but that’s what I was told in Chinese – raw pork noodles. Haha!

    I feel that they use so much tenderizer that it does indeed taste like fish! It’s good stuff, I’ll go back again coz it’s cheap (considering if you order kampua + pork liver soup for around the same price and this is pork meat).

    I love liver though…and intestines too. Not sure if they have those here.

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