Worth the wait…

This place has been around for quite a while now – almost a year, at least…

Junction 1

…but I had yet to set foot on the premises until the other morning.

Well, what was holding me back, you may ask? I’ve seen friends grumbling on Facebook about having to wait for ages for the food to be served, some around 45 minutes to an hour. So far, from their reviews, they were of the opinion that the food was all right though they would or could not pinpoint anything that would get them going back for more.

Anyway, we were in the vicinity that day but the other place that was supposed to serve breakfast on Saturday mornings was not open – probably they were not doing well and finally decided to concentrate on their dinner crowd only. We went around the coffee shops but most of the stalls were not open – looks like this is a place for night birds…and the early ones would most definitely not catch any worm here. Finally, as we were walking past this place, Melissa saw somebody eating tomato kway teow and she wanted that too…and so she did…

Tomato kway teow

As you can see, it’s a nice pleasant cafe’…

Junction 2

…nothing fancy…and yes, we were early. There was that table inside and another one opposite and there was another one outside but they were already eating when we arrived. Still, we had to wait quite long, no less than half an hour, before the food came.

Cili potong

The tomato kway teow with silky egg (RM7.90) was good though personally, I would prefer the gravy to be a little bit more diluted and not so strong on the tomato sauce. As it was, it would be perfect for sweet and sour fish, ikan bawal hitam (fried black pomfret) especially.

My missus had the stir-fried beef noodles (RM8.90)…

Fried beef noodles

…and she said there was too much msg and not really to her liking. I tried a bit and thought it was quite nice. Yes, it did seem kind of sweet but I think that was because they used the sweet version of the dark soy sauce…or they added a bit too much sugar.

I had their seafood tom yam bihun (RM12.00)…

Seafood tom yam bihun

…which was not very spicy, just right…and I would not think it was too expensive, considering that they had udang galah (freshwater prawns) in it…


All in all, we felt that what we had were all right except that the servings were rather huge. Perhaps it would be just nice if three persons order two dishes and share…or for small eaters, one shared by two. On the way out, I saw that the man outside, the one who was having the tomato kway teow, couldn’t finish his as well and since it was quite nice, it was probably due to the size of the serving…or the guy did not have much of an appetite so early in the morning. Some people are like that, not me! Hehehehehehe!!!!

We’d probably go back there again sometime to try some of the other items on their menu but of course, we’d have to go on a day when we’re very free and have a lot of time on our hands…

I’ve been busy these last few days sending things to friends here, there and everywhere. I don’t know exactly how many of them have received their respective mails but it does not really matter as the contents are non-perishable so it would be perfectly all right if there are any delays.

I, for one, do believe that as one gives, so shall one receive…or as the saying goes, what goes around comes around and true enough, yesterday I received this bag of goodies…

Goodies from Australia

…from a cousin of mine in Brisbane, Australia, thank you so much to her for them.Β I must say that this is indeed very timely as the school holidays are coming up at the end of this week and Melissa loves all these. I am sure she would have a great time cooking them…and no prize for guessing who would be enjoying eating them. Wink! Wink!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Worth the wait…”

  1. The seafood tom yum looks good but judging from the color, it seems like they have added some evaporated milk?

    Not sure, didn’t taste it. I only wish these cafes would reduce the sizes of the servings and add a prawn or two instead. They would be making less if people in the know will just order one to be shared by two.

  2. As always, my favourite, tomato kway teow & stir-fried noodles, tom yum bihun can give a pass but give me the udang galah, much appreciated. All those goodies from Australia arrived just in time for your makan session come this school holidays. Sit back, relax & enjoy!!!!!

    Ya…you’re not into tom yam and spicy stuff. Eeeee….looks like Claire has beaten you now – she likes tom yam! πŸ˜€

  3. I will certainly go for the tomyam bihun.. I love the lemongrass smell and taste.. great choice!

    Lots of lemon grass in this one! Had to pick them out one by one. Come, come on over and I’ll take you here. πŸ˜‰

  4. Not many customers only wor, still need to wait for more than half hour? Hmm, if the place is full, then dunno how long need to wait liao.. There’s a pan mee place here in KL that needs to wait for about 45 minutes too, before you get to eat.. They will tell you first when you are seated, that you have to wait for at least 45 minutes.. But people still go there.. Full house everyday.. Food if need to rebut+tunggu baru sedap πŸ™‚

    Waiting is not so bad if I have the time. Standing in long queues is definitely not for me – I’d rather go elsewhere.

  5. So the tomato kuay teow is of acceptable standards? Looks like you have to be an early bird to eat here.

    …or have a lot of patience. Yup, the tomato kway teow was good – unlike some that I’ve had around here.

  6. Yumm… I am not a fan of kuey tiaw, but this one looks good. πŸ™‚

    Would be prefect if it had not been so strong on the tomato sauce taste – I prefer it lighter.

  7. The food there looks so-so. Maybe they taste better than they look..
    I love all kinds of pasta. Enjoy cooking them and eating them!

    It IS so-so. That’s the thing about these cafes. Usually nice…but would not get anybody jumping up and down with delight. Not really cheap, large servings and nice, comfortable surroundings that you’re actually paying for, not so much the food.

  8. I understand when new places have teething problems, but after a year or so you’d expect they would have worked them out by now…

    Precisely. Not everyone would have that much time to while away like that. 😦

  9. yes yes yes!! hip hip hooray!! i received the package from Arthur and it was a big packet of instant kampua!! OMG, what a pleasant surprise that was, and my family was so intrigued by that, cos they could peep something from the hole on the wrapping, haha!! and sure, good deeds comes with good returns, you sent us noodles and somebody sent you noodles too~~ :p

    Indeed! I just sent as I had a few packs at hand, didn’t expect to get anything and yet, I did. Appreciate it so much.

  10. From all the food above, all looks good to me. Tomato keow teow I wanted to try it the most.

    Come on over, you can try this and lots more. Hope you will get the things I sent yesterday today – EF166448450MY. You can track on their website…

  11. Hi there! Thought I give you a visit for a short while. πŸ˜‰

    Havent been to this place. The tomato kuaw tiaw looks good to me. Yum yum.

    So many goodies. Hmm, anything for me? I can collect personally at your house when I am back to Sibu. Lol.

    First things, first. What are you bringing me from Thailand? Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. the beef noodle looks like CKT ….so black . must have a lot of wok hei

    Should not have used kicap manis – not really into sweet noodles.

  13. Oh I like that an empty restaurant, don’t have to worry about it being too noisy. The food looks really good. I really like how the seafood tom yam bihun looks. What type of broth was used for that dish? It looks delicious!

    I guess it was just tom yam soup – cooked with the tom yam paste available in bottles here, plus the sweet flavours of the seafood used.Food was ok.

  14. Oh, that is tomatoes kway teow? I thought it is something like wan tan hor (egg drop kway teow) over here.

    They have that too – minus the tomato sauce. There are other places as well in town where they do it pretty well…but not the tomato sauce version. 😦

  15. I always enjoy seeing the ‘bag of goodies’ you get! Neat stuff! I really like the lights and wall art in that cafe! And I see sprouts in the Noodle dish! I’m going to start sprouting more this weekend! Trying to think of which ones to do…Alfalfa, maybe!

    I do like alfafa sprouts but here it’s most commonly bean sprouts. Just had some today – post on that coming up soon.

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