On a Sunday afternoon…

It was on the Sunday, the eve of Hari Raya, when we went for the service at the cathedral here in town and after that, Melissa went with her ex-classmates to spend the afternoon together and go watch a movie.

Left to our own devices, my missus and I stopped by here on the way home for brunch, the one along Oya Road, opposite Sacred Heart Secondary School. We had not been to this place for quite a while now and both of us wanted the Sarawak laksa (RM4.80)…

Thomson Corner Sarawak laksa

It was, as always, really good and all this time, the one here has always been my favourite in town even though there are many who would sing praises of others elsewhere.

I also had their ang tao peng (iced red bean)…

Thomson Corner ang tao peng

…and yes, that was consistently good too.

After the movie had ended at around 6 in the evening, we went to pick Melissa to go for dinner – we had decided that we would do that and not do any cooking that day. Seeing how she loved the roast lamb the previous time we were here for dinner, I decided to take her back to that same place again for more as I did promise her then that I would do just that and yes, we were given the keropok (prawns crackers) again as starters (RM2.00)…

Fisherman Restaurant keropok

I asked for iced water and the nice guy there was thoughtful enough to give me two glasses…

Fisherman Restaurant iced water

…at one go. Sky juice is F.O.C. here.

We ordered the roast lamb (RM57.00)…

Fisherman Restaurant roast lamb

…and we were served three HUGE slabs, easily twice the thickness of what we had before. It was done medium rare and was very tender and juicy, absolutely perfect. I loved the skin, so very crusty/crispy and fragrant. I would not say that was cheap but considering that it worked out to RM19.00 for one chunky steak, that would be more or less the same as what one would need to fork out for a plate of lamb chop at a western restaurant, I reckon.

We also had the kiam sor hu phee (salty crispy fish fillet), RM10.00…

Fisherman Restaurant salty crispy fish fillet

…and I thought that the way they cooked it was much nicer than any other place in town but I was not too fond of the fish they used – Dory.

I wanted midin (wild fern) in santan (coconut milk) but we got paku (another variety of jungle fern) instead, RM10.00…

Paku in santan

…but it did not matter as this was just as good and as always, we enjoyed that a lot…and we also had sweet corn soup (RM8.00) as well.

That certainly was a delightful dinner and we enjoyed it a lot. Some people say that the things here are expensive but hey, good things don’t come cheap and if you want cheap, you can go ahead and eat elsewhere – that’s your prerogative. I do think, however, that it depends on what you order and I really feel that what they serve here is getting to be much nicer than before.

If anyone hasn’t a clue as to where it is, the restaurant is located at No. 4, Chew Geok Lin Road and I do advise that you call first to book a table (Tel. No. 084-316888) as the place is not very big and at times, it may be packed and you may end up having to leave and go elsewhere.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “On a Sunday afternoon…”

  1. I am not sure but that Sarawak Laksa looks promising to me! But must add banyak sambal 😀

    Well, it left Constance speechless and going ooo….ahhhh….when she came over sometime ago, last year, I think.

  2. All the food looks very good especially the sarawak laksa, tao peng and roasted lamb. The laksa has a lot of prawns and it’s very ‘red’, I am sure it’s very fragrant but spicy.

    Dunno of any good places for Sarawak laksa in JB or Singapore. Lots of prawns? Not really. This is the “biasa”. If you go for the RM7.00 special at another place (though I am not too fond of the taste – this one is better, more like the real thing), it will be buried with the prawns.

    1. errr… I can kolo mee but not sarawak laksa. 😦

      Can find, you mean? I’m sure they have Sarawak laksa somewhere. Lots of places in KL, even in the classy hotels, not difficult to replicate.

  3. Wah all the food looks so goooooood! Is there a (super) like button for the roast lamb? I can finish that 3 slabs in one minute! Oohhh I love that layer of fat and would slowly chew on them to enjoy..RM57.00 is reasonable.. Here, like you said, a piece of ribeye steak or lamb chop costs almost the same…

    3? They were huge. Melissa finished one along with all the other dishes, could not finish the rice and my missus only managed half. They’re so bg and thick and no prize for guessing who finished off the other half. What I like is it was roasted…not pan-fried or grilled like in all other places, can do without that extra oil used. Ya, I guess if the 3 of us were to go some place and we all had lamb chops, it would cost a lot more than just RM57.00…and they might not be as nice.

  4. The doc ask me to stop eating meat for a week, and the first thing that greet me on Monday morning is 3 slabs of decadent roast lamb. Gahh…
    What’s with the red edges of the keropok anyway? Just coloring or anything special about it?

    It seems they do that with the keropok in Mukah here, since time immemorial – something like their signature trade mark so if you see keropok with red edges, you would know where they’re from.

    No meat for a week? Oh dear!!! Uric acid shooting through your head? Saw something on Facebook about eating papayas…and they also told me to boil pandan leaves in water and drink.

  5. True also, if feel it too expensive, why having food there, right? Must have expected the price first before went in, right?

    Yup, the money is yours – you make the final choice, nobody’s forcing you.

  6. At first I were drooling over your laksa. And then I were even more drooling over your lamb! I shouldnt have come here early in the morning before my breakfast!!!

    LOL!!! No problem for you… Can always drop by and makan puas-puas! 😉

  7. Mmmm…the roast lamb looks very good indeed! Can see that it is moist and tender and the skin is nicely browned.

    Yes, very well done. I loved the skin especially – so nice and crusty, the wonderful fragrance with a slight hint of salty taste. Like siew yoke – I love the crackle! Yummmmm!!!!!!

  8. All the food looks great especially the salty cripsy fish fillet & paku but sad to say I am the opposite of others, I forgo the roast. Midin with red wine is superb.

    Kuching, can get really good Foochow red wine kah? I’m ok with that as long as the midin is fresh and young and crunchy, otherwise not so sweet and nice. Annie-Q’s favourite as she’s not into belacan.

    You’re like my missus – she would not eat lamb and wild boar before – now she will eat a bit but I can tell that she does not really enjoy it and ikan keli also, she will not want to eat…but the one thing she will NEVER eat is duck, not at all…so no duck for us, at home or outside. 😦

    1. I know somebody making red wine at home. She told me she make Foochow & Hakka red wine. I ever buy Hakka red wine from her and I think is quite good, “kaw kaw”. I ask her what is the difference and she say Foochow is sourish in taste and Hakka is sweet in taste. How true?

      I had Hakka red wine before, my friend from Kuching gave me – not suitable for all Foochow dishes. Good for kacang ma and others.

      Foochow red wine, the sour ones would be the poor quality ones – they say caused by some violation of some pantang, dunno how true. Not supposed to be sour, not sweet either…its own unique taste, very very fragrant…but if you do not know the seller/supplier, they may sell you the diluted ones. Use whole bottle also not wangi enough.

  9. Mmmmmm, I love roast lamb!!! 🙂 🙂

    It was nice, I enjoy it…but we went mainly because my girl loves it so much the previous time around.

  10. ah.. i like that ang tao peng!! looks nice and cooling, best to have this to freshen up under the hot weather.. and next, the kiam sor hu phee looks appetising too!! wow, good food and good company you have, that surely made it a happy sunday afternoon~~ 🙂

    Still hot weather there? We’ve been getting quite a lot of rain since August started so the weather is nice and cool usually.

  11. Paku and midin did not rhyme how come got misheard one? haha. Agree with you no fuss but makan sahaja lah.

    Dunno, but never mind. Both nice, so it did not matter. No need to sweat the small stuff. 😉

  12. Now I just need a place that has those roast lamb and laksa sarawak side by side.

    Unfortunately, they’re at two different places here but Sibu is so small, no problem getting from one to the other – before one song finishes on the radio, you would have arrived already.

  13. Love all the food shown above, especially the Sarawak laksa & roast lamb! Not so keen on the ice red bean, though. Sky juice free of charge? Wow! Can’t find them anywhere here.

    I know two places here, others 50 sen or RM1.00 and one, RM2.00 using the bottled reverse osmosis water. 😦

  14. wah … very thick and creamy red bean dessert … it’s another hot and sweltering day in KL, so this would be the perfect dessert for tonight 😀

    Hot in KL? No haze, I hope. Been raining quite a bit here since August – nice and cool weather most of the time, very pleasant and no haze.

  15. The dessert caught my eye! So creamy.. I can imagine how sweet and nice it is! Love the food there except for the medium rare lamb… I can still see the “blood” there… usually I will request for well done….. but I heard that medium or half done is very tender, right?

    Meat that is well-done may be hard, dry and tough like leather and would have lost its sweetness. If fresh, best served rare or medium rare. I would go for medium, not really into rare…and since you’re not into these, you should go for stewed or braised (with gravy) instead of roast or grilled.

  16. Yes, good things don’t come cheap. And cheap things don’t create memories. Haha.. though the price are slightly expensive for me. 🙂

    How are you Mr. Arthur? It’s been a while!

    Hi, Ken, so nice of you to drop by again. Nice to have you back. It certainly has been a while. Expensive for you? You must be working now, earning big bucks? It has been some years since when you first started, right? I guess it’s expensive living in KL, probably would have to stretch the ringgit to get the most out of it.

  17. i cannot eat laksa and drink teh c peng.. so, I’m sure I cannot eat the ice kacang after laksa.. hahahaha…

    that roast lamb looks really good.. i don’t mind paying for good food too.. hehehhe.

    Must be good, that’s most important and service must be great. We PAY for that! No queuing, no ill-tempered divas…I would never go back to those, dunno why there are many people willing to PAY and put up with such nonsense.

  18. What’s the name of this restaurant? The food looks so mouthwatering esp the laksa and lamb

    Click on the word here in the first line of the second paragraph and it will take you to a backdated post – the signboard in the 1st photograph will give you the name of the place selling the laksa and the lines below it will give you the location. I am not in the habit of repeating information that I have already given in my earlier posts but I will provide the relevant links should anyone require the information.

    However, for the lamb, you may need to click one post after another…before you can get to what you’re looking for. To make it a bit easier for you, I have the link right here below:

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