Hole in the wall…

I guess everybody here would be familiar with this mall (2.292987,111.842358)…

 Medan Mall Sibu

…though it appears to be somewhat less popular than most of the rest but with all the shops and even a hotel in the vicinity now, things would have picked up a little. I do drop by sometimes as the area is not as congested as in the town centre and parking is free and there are a number of coffee shops, cafes and restaurants close by too.

There are also these stalls to the left of the building…

 Hole in the wall

…that may easily be missed as most people would drive straight in, eyes straight ahead, unaware their presence as they are not all that noticeable being rather inconspicuous and not quite visible from the front…like holes in the wall.

I am not sure but I think the second one is new – if it had been there before, I sure did not realise it and of course, I have never tried anything they’re selling there, some soya bean stuff, if I am not wrong. As for the first one, I have stopped by a few times before and I do enjoy what they sell.

That day, I bought these ham chim peng (80 sen each)…

Ham chim beng

…for my missus. These are Chinese-style cinnamon rolls, deep-fried. Personally, I am not a fan but my missus enjoys them.

The or koi (yam cake), steamed and deep fried (50 sen each)…

Or koi

…is pretty good, nicer than those at many other places in town and I love their sweet potato fritters (5 for RM2.00)…

Sweet potato frytters

…which I feel are nicer than their tapioca fritters (also 5 for RM2.00)…

Tapioca fritters

…though those are also very nice. For one thing, it sure amazes me how they are able to cut them so very thinly really!

They do sell quite a lot of stuff there – when I was there that day, they had just finished frying a fresh batch of banana fritters, piping hot from the wok but I did not buy any as I am not really a fan of those. Well, if you’re in this part of town and you’re into these fried fritters, you may want to check this place out.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Hole in the wall…”

  1. I love cinnamon rolls, I find them heartwarming, and so lovely with a nice cup of coffee, too! 🙂

    There is a nice American franchise here – Auntie Anne’s, I think. I remember I bought a box from Kuala Lumpur to bring home but the flight was delayed for a long time and I placed it on my seat while I stood up to stretch my legs…and I forgot all about it and sat on it! Tsk! Tsk! My girl prefers the pretzels to the rolls though.

  2. I prefer the sweet ham chim peng (oblong in shape) to the salty ones (round).All the deep fried stuff looks good. When coming to deep fried stuff, I am quite discipline & remind myself to take in moderation only.

    Oh? There are sweet ones? Didn’t know that. My missus loves them, not me. She likes the bee phang too, I’m not so fond of that. If in Kuching, I would go for the nyonya kuehs…and the chang – so nice the ones there, best in the world! That Green Road Ah Mu’s!

  3. In Venezuela they make cinnamon rolls (not deep fried just baked) and put a thick slice of soft white cheese on top – sweet and salty together. At first I didn’t think I’d like them, but soon became addicted – yum!

    They have all kinds of varieties at Auntie Annie’s – their outlets are everywhere in KL, I think. Those are baked ones too, only the Chinese ones are deep fried. I used to go to the one at Low Yat, those days when I used to stay at the Federal on my working trips. I quite enjoyed them, not all that crazy over it but wouldn’t mind eating once in a while. My girl loves the pretzels – not sure if they’re the same franchise, would see the stalls always together…

  4. See this post makes me craving for it, will buy and eat, if i happen to pass by stalls selling it…

    I used to see an Old Chang Kee stall selling these fried fritters and stuff along Orchard Road, an open space by the side of Le Meridian – they have line dancing there at night. Never bought though as the last time we were there, my girl was still small, not into deep fried stuff yet. So long ago! 😦

  5. I love ham chim peng! These look quite fancy with swirls like a cinnamon bun whereas the ones I have had are the traditional ones. And of course I also love sweet potato and tapioca fritters.

    Now I’m wondering what the traditional ones look like – all the ham chim peng that I know look like this, more or less. I’m not into them though – my missus is the only one who loves them, my girl’s like me too but she would want the western cinnamon rolls instead – young people these days, yunno lah! Ada gaya, ada style one. 😀

  6. These are things I haven’t had for a long time. Somehow, whenever I go back, there are so many things to do that I keep missing them.

    You have to make a list and plan an itinerary. I always do that when I have visitors coming to town to make sure that they do not miss out on anything. Flexi-itinerary, can add or skip, depending on how things turn out.

  7. My sil told me before on the stall but I never go there. The fritters look good.

    So she told you they were good, eh? Nice, nicer than that popular at Rejang Park next to the Chinese drugstore.

  8. wah, a fritter specialist … when i was young, my favourite would be tapioca, and i never really liked sweet potatoes. but you can feed me two plates of tapioca fritters and i’d be happy. i think i’d prefer them thick rather than thin though?

    Indeed, at least twice or three times the thickness. These were so so thin! It would need some skill or a very sharp knife to cut it so thin really! I don;t think I can do that, not right across the tuber.

  9. There are a couple of nice stalls selling these here, pretty good but rumour says that they actually fry plastic straws in the oil… to preserve the crunchiness of the crust, not sure if its true 😛

    Urban legend. There was a feature in a local newspaper – the reporter went and tried, all untrue. The batter/skin at those fried chicken franchises is also so crispy and crusty, surely they do not put plastic bags in their oil too?

    But talking about those fried chicken places, word was going round once that they sold the used oil to those fritter stalls. Gotta check and see the oil when buying – if it is really black like it has been used a million times already, then it is best to go elsewhere…

  10. I’ve never seen the outside stall but there’s a booth inside selling all sorts of kueh and local delicacies too.

    Yes, the Foochow delights. I would drop by to buy the khong therng or kacang tumbuk, best in town but not always available. They have the special tau sar peah too, savoury – nicer than Penang’s tambun…and they have the sweet ones as well, white or black tau sar. Lots of other things but I don’t think I’ve tried anything else.

  11. I know this place, but forgot what my mum said is good, I remember i went with her once.

    All that I got were good, not sure what else – yet to buy and try. I heard the chai peah not so nice though.

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