We built this city…

This area is called UniCity, short for University City, by virtue of the fact that there is a multi-storey hostel…

UCTS Hostel

…for students pursuing their further studies at the university close by, with a supermarket and a departmental store on the ground floor and I did see a bakery section, probably an outlet of this one like the one at the mall closer to town.

Directly opposite the hostel is this hotel…

Li Hua Hotel, UniCity

…another one in the chain of hotels that includes this one and this one as well. This would be very convenient for parents accompanying their children coming for their registration or attending their convocation.

There are a number of blocks of shops all around though mostly unoccupied. At this point in time, there is a MR DIY outlet and this pizza place…

Piosa, UniCity

…and I did see a pharmacy as well but there are quite a number of coffee shops and that morning, we decided to go and check this one…

Kiing Huat Kopitiam, UniCity


The kopi-o-peng (iced coffee, black) was RM1.50 a glass, cheaper than at a lot of places but the kampua piansip mee

Kiing Huat Kopitiam pain sip mee

…that my missus had was RM3.00 a plate, more expensive than many elsewhere. It looked kind of plain – they did not even have the usual sprinkling of chopped spring onions on top but thankfully, it did not taste too bad.

I wanted the kacang ma chicken…

Kacang ma chicken, only on weekends

…but was duly informed that it would be available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only.

In the end, I ordered the pork leg rice (RM9.00)…

Pork leg rice

…from this stall…

Pork leg rice stall

…but I  would not say that it swept me off my feet, not at all.

It was mostly soy sauce and garlic…

Pork leg

…and did not have the fragrance of five-spice powder than one would use when cooking phak lor too khar (stewed pork leg).

One thing I noticed was that many of the stalls were not open – perhaps they cater mostly to the night-time crowd, probably the students having their dinner and loitering around to pass the time.

UniCity (2.342337, 111.831781) is located along Jalan Wawasan, on your left if you are coming from Bulatan Teng Chin Hua in the vicinity of the University College of Technology, Sarawak, Kolej Laila Taib and Woodlands International School, heading towards the Batang Igan Bridge.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “We built this city…”

  1. Anything that looks dull will give an impression that it is tasteless, that apply to the kampua pian sip. Just sprinkle some spring onions will bring it back to life. I will go for my favourite kacangma if it is available.

    We certainly will not go all the way if we want kacang ma, will just go for Payung’s and we know for sure it will be nice. Indeed, just a sprinkling of chopped spring onions will add a bit of colour, will look more appetising.

  2. This place looks like Sunway Giza open air concept in PJ. The pork leg looks nice tho… I have never cook with five-spice powder before. Uhuhu

    Oh? Stewed pork leg will never be the same without 5-spice powder. They have that in ngor hiang too, something like what they call lor bak in Penang, meat rolls.

  3. Oh yes, it would be disappointing without the 5 spice!

    Exactly. I do enjoy soy sauce and ginger pork, nice with potatoes added, but I prefer the phak lor, stewed with 5 spice, a cut above.

  4. Now I am craving for kacangma. Haha. Been long since I cooked it. Lazy me and weather so hot to eat kacangma. Lol. I did tastes kacangma few weeks ago though when tapau from economy food stall.

    I know this place in Sibu. Did passed by twice if not mistaken. Once to Laila College and another time to police station to report hubby’s accident.

    I haven’t gone for my kacang ma fix, not craving for it so far. 😀 Hot? Heavy rain yesterday or was it the day before? I saw places in Kuching flooded – the Fook Hai junction in Padungan, Merdeka Palace and it looked real bad.

    Yes, the police place is right after this Unicity, next door.

  5. What a pity that the pork leg stew was disappointing 😦 Sambal belacan might have helped hee..hee..

    That’s for sure. Even with our own very nice stewed pork leg at home, our best Bintulu belacan sambal is a must to eat it with! Slurpssss!!!!

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