On that day…

Today, the 2nd of November, is All Souls’ Day, a day to remember our dearly departed and pray for the repose of their souls, may they rest in peace.

It is not a public holiday and my girl is at work so last Sunday morning, we made it a point to leave the house early and stop by my late dad’s resting place at the memorial park on the way from Sibu to Selangau and my girl’s school in the jungle. When we got there, we did a bit of cleaning, placed some flowers and lit some candles that we had brought along and said our prayers before we went on our way.

Usually every Sunday, we would have our brunch mid-morning but on that day, since we started moving way too early for that, we stopped by Selangau Bazaar and had lunch there before going on our way to our girl’s school.

We stopped by this coffee shop

Hua Kee, Selangau
*Archive photo*

…which certainly seemed to be a favourite among the locals – there was quite a crowd there.

I ordered their sweet corn soup…

Hua Kee, sweet corn soup

…with a special request for a couple to udang galah (the huge freshwater prawns) to be added for that extra sweetness and taste but it seemed that the cook at the back forgot all about it so we had to make do with what we were served. Thankfully, it was quite nice.

I must say that I was surprised that they had run out of midin (wild jungle fern) considering that the place is surrounded by jungle all around it. My girl said that she did not mind another round of cangkuk manis fried with egg…

Hua Kee fried cangkuk manis with egg

…even though we just had it for lunch the day before and yes, they did it very nicely too here and we did enjoy that.

I asked for some siew yoke (roast pork) thinking that there would not be any wheat nor soy sauce in that but the girl said that theirs was deep fried and yes, wheat was used to coat the meat so we could not have that. In the end, we settled upon their deep fried ikan bawal hitam (black pomfret)…

Hua Kee fried ikan bawal hitam 1

…with specific instructions that they should not coat it with any wheat flour nor sprinkle some soy sauce over it before serving and yes, they were good enough to oblige.

They had it served with some fried garlic on top and it was very fresh plus they did fry it perfectly well…

Hua Kee fried ikan bawal hitam 2

…not overdone and my girl loved it a lot! Seeing how she was enjoying it so much, I just had a bit around the head and the side and let her eat it most of it.

I thought it would cost quite a bit since we had one whole fish and it was quite big but the total, inclusive of rice and drinks, came up to only RM44.70.

After having had our fill, we left the place and once my girl had settled down back in her quarters in her school, my missus and I went on our way home.