Three down…

Yes, I went back there again because there are still a lot on the Seremban guy’s menu that I had yet to try.

This time around, I had his yee mee in mind. I did not want the Cantonese version as that would have the same egg gravy as in the wat tan hor or the Cantonese ying yong and I already tried that the other day. Besides, we had a very nice one here (but at over 3 times the price) not too long ago and furthermore, I did try cooking my own once and it didn’t turn out too shabbily.

I was thinking of ordering the soup version but decided against it as, for reasons unknown, the guy is not serving his in a claypot like all the claypot yee mee that I had had before. As a matter of fact, he does have something on his menu that will be served in a  claypot.

In the end, I decided to go for the braised yee mee (RM5.50)…

Noodle Bar braised yee mee 1

…which, if I am not wrong, is something like the moon mian that I always prefer when going for our local Foochow fried noodles.

Yes, it was very nice. The noodles were perfectly done, not too soft, not soggy and not hard either. It sure tasted great and while I was enjoying it, I could detect the taste of pork fat crusts…

Noodle Bar pork fat crusts

…and true enough, I managed to locate a few in the dish.

Unlike in the peninsula/mainland, you will never find anyone doing it here – they will throw a few pieces of pork fat into the hot wok to render the lard and then use it to fry the noodles, be it their KL Hokkien mee or their Penang char kway teow so when you eat it, you will find the crusts amongst the noodles. Another thing peculiar to the other side is how they use a hot charcoal fire to fry the noodles…and for their Penang char kway teow, more often than not, they will use duck eggs. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t but personally, I don’t think I know of anybody doing that here.

Yes, I would say this…

Noodle Bar braised yee mee 2

…was good too and I would not mind having that again sometime. Unfortunately, there is more that I have yet to try. Three down, still a long way to go. Perhaps the next time around, I shall try the Moon River – I spotted it on the menu that morning!

NOODLE BAR is located at the GRAND WONDERFUL FOOD COURT (2.309601, 111.845163) along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, on your left just before the Petronas petrol station a short distance from Delta Mall. You can also go in via Lorong Pipit 4, turning left into the lane at the junction where Starbucks Sibu is located and go straight ahead from there.


There used to be a lady at the kampua mee stall in front at this coffee shop and I was there twice, at least. I can’t say I had anything memorable so of course, you did not catch me rushing back there for more.

Well, they have a new guy now and I had his stewed pork noodles (RM5.00)…

e-Cafe stewed pork noodles 1

…the other morning. Boy! It sure was very very good!

I did not plan on going there, actually. I was driving past and I saw that there was somebody new running that stall, a plus-sized guy…

e-Cafe new guy, kampua stall

…assisted by a skinny young boy so I parked my car and went to have a look.

I’ve had stewed pork or stewed pork rib noodles at a number of places like the one here, for instance, but I can’t say I was impressed. For one thing, I did not really enjoy the kampua noodles tossed in the stewed pork sauce. Somehow I did not think they were all that compatible and did not go too well together.

It was a totally different story here altogether though. What I saw in the photograph stuck to the stall looked so good that I simply had to order it to give it  a try. The guy used the flat variety of the noodles, what we call mee pok

e-Cafe stewed pork noodles, mee pok

…and it was really good! It was not exactly the same but I thought the overall taste was a little bit similar to the mee kua/mee sanggul that my mum used to cook at home for us to eat during our growing up years. I sure enjoyed that so so much!

I must say that the guy’s photograph that I saw looked very much nicer – I think there were bigger (and maybe more) slices of the stewed pork but this…

e-Cafe stewed pork mee 2

…was good enough. You can bet your bottom dollar that I shall be back for more soon or maybe I will try something else from that new guy!

e-CAFE (2.311913, 111.846213) is the first shop right behind Delta Mall, Jalan Pedada – the block a little to your left if you are coming out of the mall via the back entrance.

Come early morning…

My friends, Robert and Angela, said that the Indonesian lady‘s nasi lemak is very nice too but I must go early in the morning so I will not be disappointed as it sells out real fast. That was why I made my way there at around 8.00 a.m. that morning. Unfortunately, they were not quite ready to start their business for the day – I saw them getting down to cooking their nasi lemak so my guess was it would not be available till 9.00 a.m. or later.

In the end, I decided to have the kueh chap there…

Yummy's Kafe kueh chap 1
*photo taken using my antique handphone camera*

…and went to place my order at the stall…

Yummy's Kafe kueh chap stall

…in the other section (non-halal) of the coffee shop. I wish they would not hang their towels and bags and simply leave whatever everywhere  like that and would make an effort to put away everything nicely.

I think I had the kueh chap here before, a long long time ago. If I remember correctly, there were some other people here but they moved here and here too later. Personally, I thought all of them were all right – my personal preference is the one here but that one is very strong on those spices and as far as I know, some people are not all that fond of those. Taste aside, I would give this one some bonus marks for not using those horrendously gaudily coloured plastic bowls…

Yummy Kafe's kueh chap 2

Minus the fragrance of the spices, it was more like plain soy sauce broth. Otherwise, everything was fine with it – let’s just say this is one place to consider if you are in this part of town and you feel like having kueh chap. I had the special (RM8.00) but I asked for an extra stewed egg so that was RM9.00 altogether.

YUMMY’s KAFE (2.293333, 111.827763) is located along Jalan Bako, right beside the Alliance Bank.

Ain’t nothing like it used to be…

It had been six months since I last had my car serviced in May, around 2 months later than the scheduled date because of the lockdown at the time and the service centre was closed. No, I do not follow the kilometre count as I hardly ever used it and now after two years plus, I’ve only managed to cover around 1,800 km. only.

Well, since I was in the vicinity, I decided to drop by this place that was so popular at one time for their giant freshwater prawn noodles. It was a Friday and I was abstaining from meat. Of course, I did not want those overpriced prawns so I had the fish, ikan tapah (wallago attu/helicopter catfish) instead…

Brother Sing ikan tapah noodles

The last time I had it was when I came here in 2015 with my friend who was teaching in a school upriver and his wife, now happily settled with a kid in Kuching. Looking at the old photographs, they do seem to be a lot more generous with the fish these days and the best part was despite the prices of things shooting sky high, it was priced exactly the same, RM12.00 a plate! I also loved how they were a lot more generous with the green vegetables unlike most of the places around here.

At one time, this place was always packed with people flocking here for the giant freshwater prawn noodles…

Brother Sing giant freshwater prawn noodles

…with prices ranging from RM30.00 upwards to RM50 and above depending on the size of those crustaceans. I guess the novelty has worn off…or maybe, it is because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That morning, there weren’t that many customers around, mostly seated on the pavement outside, less than 6 tables there altogether, I think…

So quiet

…and I only saw one  guy, with a lady, having the prawn noodles. They even had a dish of steamed prawns as well. Probably they were from elsewhere, back here to have a feast of the udang galah.

I did ask the lady how much a bowl of prawn noodles costs now and she said RM35.00, no more no less and no longer dependent on the size of the prawns. I guess they do not bother stocking up on those humongous ones anymore. I may come back for that one fine day or I’d ask for the moon mien version of the fish noodles…

Brother Sing fish noodles

It tasted great but the mee wasn’t quite the way I would prefer it, soft and having soaked in the sauce…but not overcooked and soggy or perhaps I would give the kampua mee a try. It looked rather good and my goodness, the serving was so generous that the mee was literally overflowing off the rim of the plate! That alone is something worth blogging about. LOL!!!

BROTHER SING SEAFOOD CAFE (2.278256, 111.838701) is located at No. 4H, Ground Floor, Lorong Aman 2, off Jalan Lanang, past its roundabout with Jalan Aman.

Not alike…

That day, when I blogged about that Seremban guy at a food court near my house, my Singaporean blogger-friend, Libby commented and asked me what Cantonese ying yong was. Obviously, she spotted that in the guy’s menu displayed at his stall. I simply replied that it was wat tan hor but it turned out that I was mistaken – the two are not exactly alike.

I got this from this blog: Hor fun or shahe fen (Mandarin) originated from Guangzhou in Guangdong and its popularity proliferated into Southeast Asia. Another name for this dish is wat tan hor (Cantonese), which literally means “silky egg fried noodles”. In addition, a different version called ying yong hor (in Cantonese symbolizing Yin and Yang) with a twist is the use of flat rice noodles cooked in light and dark soy sauce plus thin rice noodles (rice vermicelli) fried until crunchy. Then meat like chicken or beef or pork and/or seafood together with choy sum are cooked in a silky and thickened egg gravy. Subsequently, the hot egg gravy including the ingredients used are served on top of the cooked noodles.

While I was googling for this information, I also stumbled upon zmun2’s post that included a brief description as well.

Of course, I had to make my way back to the food court to check on the guy’s Cantonese ying yong. I was not disappointed when it was served (RM5.50)…

Noodle Bar, Grand Wonderful Food Court Cantonese ying yong

– it did look good and when I tossed the noodles, I discovered that yes, it did have the crispy fried bihun

Noodle Bar, Grand Wonderful Food Court crispy fried bihun


Yes, it tasted great and yes, I certainly would go back again – there are still a lot of things on his menu that I would love to try!

NOODLE BAR is located at the GRAND WONDERFUL FOOD COURT (2.309601, 111.845163) along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, on your left just before the Petronas petrol station a short distance from Delta Mall. You can also go in via Lorong Pipit 4, turning left into the lane at the junction where Starbucks Sibu is located and go straight ahead from there.

Since when…

I had not seen my good friend/ex-classmate, Robert and his wife, Angela, since God knows when. It was so long ago that I cannot remember when the last time was, probably sometime in July last year!

Robert did call me once earlier this year, after the partial MCO lockdown, to go and try the bak kut teh or something at one place here but I wasn’t feeling too well then so I had to take a rain check. I did ask him but he said the couple, from KL or somewhere, had left town a couple of weeks later so it is no longer available.

Of course, I was delighted when he called me again the other day to invite me out for lunch here…

Yummy's Kafe

…and needless to say, this time around, I wasted no time at all in accepting the invitation. I did drop by there to try the ayam penyet from the Indonesian lady’s stall there but I did not get to eat that as it would only be available on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.

The nice lady, assisted by her daughter at the stall, treated us to this nasi Arab…

Nasi Arab

…on the house. Gosh!!! It was bursting with the flavours and fragrance of the spices used in the  cooking. I haven’t had many but I dare say this is simply the best! Too bad it’s not on their menu but if you are her good friends, like Robert and Angela, you can pre-order and she wouldn’t mind cooking it for you.

She also cooked this big plate of sambal petai/stink beans (RM10.00)…

Sambal petai

…for us to enjoy. It was very nice but despite my threshold level for spiciness being rather high, I found it way too hot for me. Surprisingly, Robert and Angela did not seem to have a problem with that!

We all had the nasi ayam penyet (RM5.50)…

Yummy's Kafe ayam penyet

…and yes, it was very good – I loved it and I liked how the vegetables were lightly blanched – they would just serve them raw at most, if not all, of the other places and I am not entirely fond of long beans that way.

I enjoyed the food very much and of course, the company too – thank you so much, Robert and Angela for the treat. This COVID-19 pandemic has dragged on for so long and time has slipped by without our realising it. I  certainly am looking forward to getting the chance to see some of my friends that I have not seen for a long long time.

YUMMY’s KAFE (2.293333, 111.827763) is located along Jalan Bako, right beside the Alliance Bank.


I guess I was not really paying much attention so even though I had dropped by here so many times, I never noticed this huge photograph…

Photo of Kampung Baru Rasah Seremban

…at the bottom half of the stall in question until that day and I made up my mind right away that I would go back there and get to the bottom of it all.

Well, I certainly did not waste any time and there I was, the very next day to check it…

Grand Wonderful Food Court Noodle Bar

…out. In my blogpost that day, I mentioned that we have a Noodle House here, and a Noodle Shop and a Noodle Cafe – well, now, we have a Noodle Bar too!

I guess if you intend to drop by and give it a try, you should avoid Monday…

Closed on Monday

…the guy’s  off day. I certainly liked what I saw in the fine print at the bottom of the menu that states very clearly that no msg/no Ajinomoto would be used in the cooking.

He came out to see what I wanted and I asked if he was from Seremban and he said yes! I went on to ask what his specialty was and he suggested that I could give his KL Hokkien mee (RM5.50)…

Grand Wonderful Food Court Noodle Bar KL Hokkien mee 1

…a try. Yes, it was indeed really good. I’ve had some pretty all right ones here and there around town but I must say that this one takes the cake – it was love at first bite, true and true!

The serving…

Grand Wonderful Food Court Noodle Bar KL Hokkien mee 2

…was not very big though, not Sibu Foochow size (LOL!!!) and there were not a lot of ingredients – just a couple of bits of meat and cabbage and some pork fat crusts but it sure made up for it with its awesome taste of lard and its wok hei fragrance.

I certainly would love to go back for more of this but then again, there are so many things on the menu that have caught my attention – I think it will be quite a while before I would be able to try them all. What do you suggest I should order the next time I drop by here?

NOODLE BAR is located at the GRAND WONDERFUL FOOD COURT (2.309601, 111.845163) along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, on your left just before the Petronas petrol station a short distance from Delta Mall. You can also go in via Lorong Pipit 4, turning left into the lane at the junction where Starbucks Sibu is located and go straight ahead from there.

Green & blue…

Yes, I dropped by here again that morning, past 10.00 a.m. and the boy said that the kueh pai tee was sold out for the day. I thought the fried kway teow was all right, nothing overwhelming and nothing that I would want to order again while the kway teow th’ng was nice but no, it did not get me all that excited either. I loved the nyonya eggskin popiah but I was not in the mood for that that morning.

There were not many things left on their menu – the mee rebus was never available and I am not really into curry mee and no, no curry chicken and rice for me either in the morning. In the end, I decided to try their nasi lemak so I ordered that and sat down to wait for it.

In the meantime, I spotted these ceramic plates…

Ceramic plates

…at the kampua mee stall. When I was here previously, I had that and it was served in those horrendously-coloured plastic bowls and I said I would never order kampua mee from that stall ever again. It sure looks like I can do so now, just that I shall have to insist that she uses those ceramic plates instead of the plastic ones. Honestly, I really cannot understand why she insists on using those.

I had to wait for quite a long time and at long last, the nasi lemak (RM6.00)…

Grand Wonderful Food Court Mary's nyonya cuisine nasi lemak

…was served. The rice was blue but it was green in their photograph. I guess they used the butterfly pea flower to get that colour but I would prefer it green in which case they would use pandan (screwpine leaves) and other than the colour, that would give the rice its special fragrance. The butterfly pea flower has neither taste nor fragrance – it only gives the rice its pleasantly-mild blue colour.

I tasted the rice and yes, I did detect the lemak-ness (the richness of the santan/coconut milk used in the cooking) but very remotely. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 3 or to the most, 4 which is not too bad unlike the ones at many places that I would rate 0 or 1.

The sambal

Sambal & cucumber

…was all right – there are nicer ones elsewhere and they certainly were not very generous with it…unfortunately. This was the first time I saw the cucumber shredded into thin long strips, not sliced.

That miserably small piece of chicken…


…was VERY nice! The boy insisted it was curry chicken though it neither looked nor tasted anything like it – he did try to explain, in Mandarin so it was Greek to me. He said something like they hong it, whatever that was supposed to mean!

I shall not say anything about the egg – I guess one look at it and everyone would know already how I felt about it. Anyway, it did not really matter as I do not think I shall be ordering this…

Grand Wonderful Food Court Mary's Nyonya Cuisine nasi lemak 2

…again. Like the other two dishes I had before, it was all right but not anything that would get me coming back for more.

玛莉娘惹料理 MARY’S NYONYA CUISINE is located at the GRAND WONDERFUL FOOD COURT (2.309601, 111.845163) along Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Dr Wong Soon Kai, on your left just before the Petronas petrol station a short distance from Delta Mall. You can also go in via Lorong Pipit 4, turning left into the lane at the junction where Starbucks Sibu is located and go straight ahead from there.

Near you…

I was out very early that morning and I decided I would go and buy something for the ladies in the house for breakfast.

Of course, the most convenient place for me to do that would be here since I stay so very near this coffee shop, right round the corner from my house in the next lane. I took the tiffin carrier from the boot of my car and placed my orders at the chu char (cook & fry) place at the back and sat down to enjoy what I had ordered for myself. Yes, these days, I bring my tiffin carrier to do my bit for our environment – they will not need to use any of those plastic or cardboard boxes, never mind whether they are biodegradable or made from recycled material or otherwise.

I ordered the tomato kway teow special that I had before not too long ago, the regular not the special and it was really good. The kway teow was so very well-fried…

Ah Kau Cafe tomato kway teow special 1

…I could detect the wok hei fragrance as I loosened the strands of the noodles.

You can see quite obviously that they were so very generous with the added ingredients…

Ak Kau Cafe tomoato kway teow special 2

…and the best part was it was only RM6.00 a plate unlike the somewhat disappointing so-called special that I had here and had to fork out RM10.00 for it or the RM8.00 ones elsewhere! I also liked how they did dilute the tomato sauce for the gravy – at some places here, the gravy was so thick that it was like tomato ketchup straight from the bottle. That, of course, was not to my liking, not something I would go back for ever again.

My girl loves the fried pek koi (RM4.00) here and I asked for the moon mien (braised Foochow fried noodles) for the mum and yes, both of them loved what I had picked for them. Rest assured I certainly would be going back here again…and again…and again.

AH KAU CAFE (2.316346, 111.839861) is located along Jalan Ruby, off Jalan Lim Han Swee, in the same block as Kim Tak Mini Supermarket, to the extreme left.

Be nice…

It does not matter that a place is so very popular or what you serve is so very nice, if you cannot be nice, then I shall just go elsewhere.

Imagine going to one place and the people there are as cold as ice, not that keen on talking to you and visually showing that they are most unhappy about whatever…or worse, there are places where they will scold you if, for instance, you happen to ask one question to many. I would much sooner settle for less and go to places where everyone looks very happy, is so cordial and so friendly and makes you feel at home.

Well, my missus did not cook lunch that day so I went out to buy something for the three of us. I dropped by here but was informed that they were out of sambal sotong. I don’t know how the nasi (rice) is now but the last time I had it, I was kind of disappointed that it was not as lemak (rich with coconut milk) as before.

I did tell the guy before that in view of the fact that the prices of things keep going up, it is all right if he increases the prices of what he sells provided he maintains that same quality…but obviously, that fell on deaf ears. Maybe he feels that others may not take too kindly to any increase in prices and may stop buying from him after that.

In the end, that day, I decided to walk over to this place a stone’s throw away and buy their nasi lemak

Kopi Kopi nasi lemak 1

…home instead.

The boss spotted me first in the distance, walking in their direction and of course, he greeted me and asked me how I was and said that he had not seen me for a while…and I also got that same warm reception from his wife when I reached the shop. Yes, they are all such nice and friendly people. You just feel so good when you go to places where the people are like that, unlike some that I have had the displeasure of encountering. I did not think it was that long but when I checked my blog, I think the last time I was there was in July. Good grief! How time flies!!!

Well, I never thought the rice here…


…was all that lemak and I also noticed that day that they blended the fried ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and mixed it with the sambal

Sambal ikan bilis

…making it a bit different from the regular ones – it tasted something like the canned sambal ikan bilis to some extent. Personally, I prefer the usual ones.

The chicken rendang

Chicken rendang

…on the other hand, was very nice and like I always said, your nasi lemak may not be all that great but with some nice add-on stuff and mixed with a delightful sambal, it will, without doubt, taste really good!

I don’t actually know how much that was – they told me the total, I just paid and left. If I am not wrong, I think I did see RM6.50 somewhere, RM3.50 for the nasi lemak and RM3.00 for the chicken…and I sure was delighted when my girl ate it and said it was very nice. Unlike the dad, she is usually not that into nasi lemak.

KOPI KOPI Café & Kitchen is located at the blocks of shops, at the back facing Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) and the main road.