All the right moves…

This guy here…

Ah Wu New Generation Restaurant

…sure knows what he is doing.

Firstly, he has picked UniCity as his location so for sure, he is ensured of the business of the many university students staying at the multi-storey hostel there.

Secondly, his place is air-conditioned. That would attract customers keen on getting out of our tropical heat to dine in comfort – all the other coffee shops and food courts with all the hawker stalls in the vicinity are not.

There is an on-going promotion right now – all the rice sets, RM6.00 each, are priced at RM4.30 only between 11.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m.  That is sure to draw the lunch crowd and when we were there that day, it most certainly did. In no time at all, the place was packed – full house!

His place is the first one when one drives in from the main road so newbies like me would just park the car and go in to check it out. Yes, parking here is abundant and free unlike when one goes to eat at some place in the town centre. Too bad this section is not shaded unlike the part in between the hostel and the hotel – parking there, one’s car would not be like an oven when one goes back into the vehicle when one is done.

The bamboo chopsticks…

Bamboo chopsticks

…caught my attention. That is indeed a nice change from those plastic ones used elsewhere…or worse, those short and thin stainless steel ones. I am not all that adept with those things and using the latter could be quite challenging at times.

I did not see the guy but I guess if one is curious enough, one can just go and have a look…

Ah Wu, New Generation Restaurant, kitchen

Of course, with the lunch-hour crowd, he was very busy in the kitchen.

My missus ordered the cendol

Ah Wu cendol

…to try but though it tasted fine, it was not anything like what cendol should be like, just green-coloured agar agar (jelly) and ang tao (red bean).

I asked for their ngor bee th’ng (5-flavour soup)…

Ah Wu ngor bee th'ng 1

…and though they were not very generous with the ingredients…

Ah Wu ngor bee th'ng 2

…I rather enjoyed it – nice and refreshing on that very hot day.

For her rice set, my missus had their pork belly with salted fish…

Ah Wu pork belly salted fish rice set

…which turned out to be pretty good with its very strong fragrance of the salted fish used in the cooking…

Ah Wu pork belly salted fish

I did try a bit but I was put off when I bit into the bits of ginger – I don’t dislike ginger, just that I am not fond of biting into the raw bits when I eat something cooked with it.

I had the Mongolian chicken…

Ah Wu Mongolian chicken

…and unlike the one here, theirs is hot! What I mean is it was spicy and even the taste was not quite the same as at that other place.

All in all, I would say I enjoyed it…

Ah Wu Mongolian chicken rice set

…and at RM4.30, or even if it had been RM6.00, after having had  some not-all-that-great stuff for RM8.00 or more elsewhere, I certainly had no complaint, not at all.

I also ordered one kopi-o-peng (which was at best, just all right – nothing to get excited about) before I decided I would like to try the ngor bee th’ng and the lady told me the total was RM12.70. I told her she had made a mistake – it should be more than that and she pointed out to me that RM4.30 promotion on their menu. I had not noticed it when I was browsing through and placing our orders.

Incidentally, if you are not into the rice sets, there are some noodles dishes on their menu and if you are thus inclined, you may order a few dishes to share and eat with rice for your lunch or dinner.

AH WU NEW GENERATION RESTAURANT is located at UniCity (2.342337, 111.831781) is located along Jalan Wawasan, on your left if you are coming from Bulatan Teng Chin Hua in the vicinity of the University College of Technology, Sarawak, Kolej Laila Taib and Woodlands International School, heading towards the Batang Igan Bridge.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “All the right moves…”

  1. He sure does his homework and takes all into consideration befores setting up his business. Never come across people using jelly as cendol. Best is still our real cendol over here.

    Even when it looks like cendol, it may not be good. The texture will have to be right. On the other hand, when the cendol is all right but they do not know how to make it well, it is also not nice. My favourite, of course, is Swee Kang in Kuching – all the other places, not that great either.

  2. Very entrepreneur, good idea to offer promotion during lunch time.

    I like what your missus had.

    Cendol. Green. Rather scary. Lol.

    I dunno what agar agar they used, any pre-coloured ones in packets? I know they have for jelly, dunno agar agar. Not a fan. Not so bad if they use natural pandan colouring. I don’t think they did. 😦

  3. I, on the other hand, would probably enjoy the ginger slices 😀

    Thin strips of ginger. I wouldn’t mind if they had it in slices – I can remove and throw away. 😀

  4. I had to laugh at the green cubes. They’re certainly not chendol!

    Not at all. They should not call it that. Red bean with jelly would be a more appropriate name.

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