Where you wanna go…

When my sister-in-law was in town, I took her around the no-longer-all-that-familiar places in Sibu and the new ones like the UniCity area and I drove her round the university campus after which we dropped by the Sungai Merah Heritage Walk but the recently-opened pasar malam (night market) there was such a disappointment. Only around 3 or 4 stalls were open and we did ask one of them and he said that all the others had called it a day. Ain’t that sad?

The place in itself was in dire need of maintenance – the Lovers’ Bridge looked so pathetic…

Lovers' Bridge

…and to think that this year, 2017, is Visit Sibu Year…

Visit Sibu Year 2017

…I simply cannot imagine tourists coming here and seeing everything in such a miserable state. Since there was nothing much we could buy to eat and enjoy, we stopped by here on our way home and had dinner there instead.

The next day, for our lunch, I wanted to take her for something that she enjoys very much so we stopped by here only to find that the people running the stall with the very nice own-made fish balls had terminated their business or moved elsewhere. I tried this place next but even though it was still early, around 11.30 a.m., the coffee shop was already closed. I did hear that the drinks people here would like to close early as they would open again in the evening and stay open till quite late into the night.

We ended up here…

Yong Chuan Fish Noodles House

…eventually and yes, my sister-in-law got to enjoy her zhao chai hung ngang (RM6.00)…

Yong Chuan zhao chai hung ngang

– the sourish preserved vegetable soup with the big bihun, one of the local Foochow delights, and they certainly were very generous with the fish slices and their own-made fish balls. She loved it so very much and kept praising it to the skies. She did say that they also have that in Kuching but the one she had here wins hands down.

I had the one with the clear soup (RM6.00)…

Yong Chuan fish hung ngang, clear soup

– fat people are not so into sour things while my missus had the sour and spicy tom yam version (RM6.00)…

Yong Chuan tom yam fish hung ngang

…of the same and she too enjoyed it a lot.

YONG CHUAN FISH NOODLES HOUSE (2.308016, 111.848896) is located among the shops on the right (next to WikiTea) along Lorong Sena 8, off Jalan Sena, directly opposite SMK Deshon.

Author: suituapui

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14 thoughts on “Where you wanna go…”

  1. Well, those Croc’s are cute! Bummer there were more than a few upgrades that should have been made to the surroundings!

    Sad. Hopefully the authorities read about this and do something quickly. I saw the same thing at another tourist attraction here, so pathetic – the temple complex reputed to be the largest in South-east Asia. There should be people assigned to such places, making sure everything is in top shape.

  2. That is so sad to hear that the stalls had already shut down after only a few months! I swear, every single time I am back in Kuching, the makan stalls are always different and I have to start rediscovering the places all over again LOL

    I wonder why the first one we went to had closed down. The coffee shop boss said it was the best seller and it couldn’t be the place – always packed with people so no lack of business there, I’m sure.

  3. I once had this zhao chai hung ngang at Peach Garden, Jalan Song & it was so sourish. It was not like the taste of preserved veg and come to think of it, I guess they use vinegar. That was the first & last time for me. I prefer to have yours in clear soup.

    Yes, some of them do that too here. Of course it would be very different from the sourish and fragrant taste of the zhao chai, anyone can tell. This one here was so good and my sister-in-law liked it so much that last night when we went out for dinner, she was telling her brother and his wife about it. Too bad we did not have time to go back for a second round, so many things to eat and enjoy here.

  4. Hopefully, it has move to somewhere else instead of terminate their business…. It will be disappointed if the foods you like has terminate their business…

    Indeed. I saw somebody sharing a photo of a place named “House of Fish” – dunno if they have gone and open that one, will go and check it out soon.

  5. i wonder if visit sibu year has turned out to be a success in terms of visitor numbers and reception. hopefully most of the travellers to sibu enjoyed their experience 🙂

    I don’t know if there are more than usual but the international events like the dance festival, the base jump sure drew quite a lot of people but then again, we have these events annually, nothing specially for this year or none that I know of.

  6. Those green crocodiles look cute and made me smile 🙂

    Yes, very nice. I hope they will leave them there after the year is over, remove the caption but leave the crocs and the trishaw there.

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