Can’t go home…

When I shared the photographs of the must-eat things when somebody comes back home to Sibu on Facebook, right away, somebody asked, “Where’s the kompia?” Of course, that is another one of those things here that one can’t go home without eating.

That was why last Sunday, when we came back from sending my girl to her school in the jungle, we stopped by here for tea. Gosh!!! The weather was really bad but not as bad as in Penang that day, far from it, but even so, I would not say it was a pleasant drive.

We had the sotong kangkong

Thomson Corner sotong kangkong

…but of course, they also have that in Kuching like the one at the Open Air Market there.

We tried the sio bee too and though it was not too bad, quite nice, in fact, it was kind of firm and springy, not as bad as the ones here in Kuching but more like the ones from the Open Air Market. I ordered three and we gobbled it up so quickly that taking a photograph of it did not cross my mind but for the uninitiated, they look something like these…

Sibu Foochow sio bee
*For illustration purposes only*

We did buy home the ones from here earlier (RM1.10 each) and they were really very good but unfortunately, I did not take any photographs of theirs. I certainly must make it a point to go back there again one of these days for the very nice fish noodles and this time around, I will order their sio bee, served piping hot on the spot, and blog about it.

Anyway, going back to our tea that day, I had the ang tao peng

Thomson Corner ang tao peng
*Archive photo*

…as usual while my missus and her sister had the ang tao cendol. Needless to say, ours would pale in comparison with the awesome ones here in Kuching but beggars can’t be choosers.

Of course, we did not forget what we went there for, the kompia (RM1.00 each)…

Thomson Corner kompia 1

…stuffed with minced meat filling…

Thomson Corner kompia 2

…and oven-toasted, fragrant and lightly crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. Yes, it was very nice and yes, my sister-in-law did buy one big bag full, the plain ones – 3 pieces for R1.00 – from my favourite shop here to take back to Kuching when she left that day.

The SIBU THOMSON CORNER (2.296517, 111.840710) is located at Pusat Tanahwang, right across the road from Sacred Heart Secondary School, Oya Road.