This coffee shop…

Victorious Cafe

…is located ideally beside one of the leading hotels in town and there is this other one right across the road plus all the other smaller ones in the vicinity. We did go there a few times a long long time ago but no, this would not be one of our regular stops especially when parking is such a pain in that area plus this road can be quite badly jammed at times.

I heard some favourable reviews of the mee sua here but quite recently, somebody said that he went and tried but no, he did not think it was all that great. I do not recall ever having that there but yes, I remember going for the beef noodles and I quite enjoyed it.

The other morning, after dropping off my girl at school, as I was driving past, I noticed that it was open so I quickly parked the car and walked over to have a look.

Yes, the beef noodles stall…

Beef noodles stall

…is still there, manned by a young guy who is bigger than I am, and a helper.

I guess I was way too early so no, he did not have the special (RM8.00) nor the mee sapi campur (RM6.00) so it had to be just the mee sapi/beef noodles (RM6.00)…

Beef noodles 1

…or nothing.

The soup was great, wouldn’t mind if the beef taste had been a little bit stronger and I seemed to detect a hint of sweetness in it. However, despite that, I rather enjoyed it and I loved the noodles and the meat with their special own-made chili dip…

Chili dip

…which I finished while I was halfway through and I had to ask for some more.

I can’t say I am all that fond of the use of plastic bowls…

Beef noodles 2

…though especially when it is served with the soup boiling hot.

The place was already very full by the time I was done and looking around, I noticed that many were having the kueh chap from the stall next to this one. Perhaps, I’ll try that the next time around.

VICTORIOUS CAFE (2.283657, 111.832501) is the corner coffee shop on the left at the end of Lorong Lanang 4, opposite the Li Hua Hotel, town centre and the Kingwood Hotel is right behind it.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Victorious…”

  1. A big NO to using plastic bowl especially with boiling hot soup in it. The beef noodles looks good with quite an amount of beef on top.

    Tasted good too…but since he uses plastic bowls, I don’t think I will go back there again for more, thank you very much! I’m kinda paranoid about this thing nowadays.

  2. Wow. A no no for serving warm soup in plastic plate. That is harmful.

    I read somewhere that some plastics are all right but still, I am not in favour of it. We’ll never know. They should use those stainless steel ones, not so attractive but will not chip or crack as easily as ceramics.

  3. The beef noodles look ok though I wonder is that yellow noodles or some other noodles? The broth looks dark so is there star anise or aniseed or 5spices taste in it?

    Not really. They always have those in beef noodles stock but I am not fond of it too strong – I think the Malay places tend to overdo it with their sup tulang.

    Those are our Sibu version of the yellow noodles, not so yellow because we do not add that alkaline thing to make the noodles firm – that is why there is no smell unlike yellow noodles elsewhere. Must eat right away though or else they will soak up all the soup till big and soggy and there will not be any soup left.

    1. After the noodles soak up all the broth, then it will be like udon?

      The size will be the same but not the colour nor the texture and taste. This one is light yellowish, probably due to the egg content.

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