Pretty pictures…

I first stumbled upon this guy when he was selling Mexican chicken quesadillas at a food fair at the town square some years ago. Not long after that, I gathered that he had opened his own place…

Gabriel's Recipe

…selling those as well as a wide range of burgers.

We never went to check out the place as my girl was on a gluten-free diet for a couple of years so she couldn’t eat the wraps nor the bread and we were not too sure about the batter they used to coat the chicken for frying.

More recently, I saw on Facebook that they had started serving some rice dishes as well but we still did not go to check it out until the other night when my girl went to attend her school’s end-of-year dinner and my missus and I dropped her off at the venue and we stopped on our way home.

I was attracted by this picture above the counter…

What I saw

…and yes, I do love those soups served in the crusty bread bowls so I ordered that.

Unfortunately, what I was served (RM14.90, two pieces chicken) sure did not look as great…

Gabriel's Recipe bread bowl mushroom soup

The soup was like the mushroom gravy they usually serve with chops and the bread was kind of soggy, not nice and crusty. The chicken was all right but at the end of the day, it was what it was – fried chicken.

My missus wanted the Tasty Thai…

In the picture

…and yes, it (RM11.50, one piece chicken)…

Gabriel's Recipe Tasty Thai

…did not look anything like what was depicted in the picture either.

Thankfully though, it tasted a whole lot nicer than it looked – the chicken rice that came with it was very good, tastier than at a lot of other places and my missus enjoyed the green curry gravy very much. Personally, I do think this would be much nicer than the Tasty Malaysian which, if I heard correctly what the girl said, would be served with nasi lemak sambal or the Tasty Indonesian, with sambal belacan.

I must say that the burgers seemed mighty popular. While we were there eating, I saw people coming in and leaving with bags and bags of those. Perhaps we shall go back and try those one of these days.

GABRIEL’S RECIPE (2.297300, 111.825012) is located along Jalan Tun Abg Hj Openg, opposite the old Sing Kwong, in between The Coffee Code and a hotel located beside Bateras Food Court.