Between the two of them…

That day, when I dropped by that dim sum place with the misspelt name, I saw that they were selling their own-made Hokkien bak chang (meat dumplings) at RM4.00 each so I just had to buy and try.

There was quite a lot of meat inside…

Thanksgiving Dinsum bak chang

…but at best, I felt that it tasted all right. The small ones at Rejang Park that I enjoyed did not have much meat inside but I thought they tasted better and they were cheaper, only RM3.00 each. I am quite sure that the lady said there would be an egg inside but there was none.

They also had the Cantonese chang, those big rectangular pillow-shaped ones and luckily, I decided not to buy those. I am pretty sure they would be much more expensive and inside, they would taste more or less the same.

In the meantime, I also bought this HUGE one…

Small & big bak chang

…from a stall at the Sibu Central Market. You can see in the photograph that it was almost double the size of the one I mentioned earlier.

The old ladies manning the stall were well-known for their kuehs, their kao teng koi (9-layer cake), for instance and at one time, their popiah (spring roll) was very popular. These days, they also sell yeu chang koi and I did buy it once for my missus and she said it was good.

Well, that morning when I dropped by the market, my attention was drawn to the bak changs at the stall. Gosh! I had never seen any so big so I grabbed one to take home and try.

It was RM6.00 each and inside, there was a lot of meat, a couple of kao lak (chestnuts), peanuts and one salted egg yolk and whatever else…

All the things inside

It sure looked like it was value for money considering the size and all the things inside but sadly, I did not think much of the glutinous rice…

Perfect cone

It did not taste as nice plus it was rather salty so I did not really enjoy it.

It sure looks like the ones at Rejang Park the other day are still my favourite…for now until I find one that is better if ever I happen to do so, that is.