He’s good…

The young and handsome guy…

Roti canai guy

…at this roti canai stall…

Roti canai stall

here actually hails from Bangi, Selangor and has moved to Sibu following his wife who has been posted to work at the hospital here. I went early one morning at 6 something hoping to try something from him but he was not there. They said he usually would not come so early.

Well, I did manage to catch hold of him the other morning and I asked for what he calls the canai tsunami (RM2.50)…

Canai tsunami

…which is actually made up of a piece of roti canai as the base and a fried egg on top, flooded with the dhal gravy.

I was also served this…

Roti bom

…and I thought that was part of my order but in actual fact, he made that specially for me to try, what they call roti bom. He said there is nobody selling that here and come to think of it, I haven’t seen it anywhere. I wanted to pay for that but he insisted that it was on him.

With the sprinkling of sugar and some margarine wrapped inside and fried till crusty and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, it was really very nice, something like those sugared puff pastry biscuits. As a matter of fact, it was so nice that I wanted to buy two home. Unfortunately, he said that he had run out of dough for the day which, of course, was a good sign – an indication that his business wasn’t too bad.

From our brief chit-chat, I found out that he would not open that early in the morning as he would have to send the kuihs he makes to the hospital and dunno where else. Upon saying that, he went over the the kuih section at that place and got me these – his apams…


…the apam coklat, apam pisang and apam gula hangus. I don’t know what apams actually are and why they are thus called and not regarded as cakes as to me, they are like mini-cupcakes, very soft and moist, very nice – all of them. I wanted to pay him for those too but he simply refused to accept. He sure is a nice guy, isn’t he?

The people there said that the roti bom would go very well with the nasi lemak sambal so they got me this…

Sambal & dhal

…the aforementioned sambal in the dhal gravy. Gee!!! If they keep pampering me like this, I sure would want to come every day! LOL!!!

Jokes aside, I certainly would love to drop by again for this…

Canai tsunami, roti bom & sambal/dhal

…or whatever else the guy has on his menu. His effort to earn a little something instead of idling around while his wife is at work sure deserves some support and the next time around, I shall insist on paying for everything.

KOPI KOPI Café & Kitchen is located at the blocks of shops, at the back facing Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) and the main road.

I am taking a break for a week or so but worry not, there will be the usual scheduled daily posts just that I may not be replying instantly to comments, if any and I may not go blog-hopping to comment in your blogs as well. Stick around! I’ll be back!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

7 thoughts on “He’s good…”

  1. Are those apams taste like our huat kuih, only that it doesn’t smile or huat? With your description of the roti bom, I guess it is nice too. Such a generous young guy.

    That was why I thought they were more like cup cakes. Just as soft as huat kuih or even softer but very much finer and no smiles. Yes, he’s very nice – felt bad that he did not want to accept payment for all the extras.

  2. What time does he open daily?

    He comes at around 7-8, go around 9 or 10, he would be there.

    The kuih stall opens early 5.30 – go for the cucur, nasi lemak…the char kway teow and mee are nice too. The coffee shop is also open but not in full swing yet at around 6.30 but coffee is not a problem, dishes a bit later.

    1. What a name canai tsunami, lol. Looks like a satisfying meal for you. I would also feel paiseh like you if they do not accept payment for the food they serve to me as they are here to do business and definitely have a family to feed.

      I wouldn’t mind forking out a bit more for what is really good and value for money to give these people their much-needed support.

  3. ooo, i’m a fan of roti bom – we used to have it often for supper in penang when i was studying there – a nice change from roti canai. come to think of it, i haven’t had it in kl for a very, very, very long time! wonder why it’s not popular / well-known in sibu 🙂

  4. So kind of him. Roti bom. I bought the frozen roti bom before. Bought twice but my kids didnt enjoy it. They like thinner roti canai or paratha.

    I am not too sure if anyone selling that over here, never bother to check the menu. Roti bom is just thicker than normal roti canai, that is all.

    No, there’s sugar and margarine inside and it’s a bit crispy and flaky like Danish pastry, definitely not just thicker than roti canai, that is all. Gee! A little learning is a dangerous thing! LOL!!!

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