I saw it…

Yes, I was thinking that perhaps, I would have nasi lemak for breakfast the very next morning. That was why I headed to this place again – their nasi lemak is quite lemak, currently my favourite in town.

The one that I liked before isn’t as great these days – not so lemak anymore and very strong on the ginger…plus the surroundings at the stalls, the tables and what not are not all that pleasant. Their sambal is still as good though so I do buy and take home to eat sometimes.

At least, with the setting up of the little coffee shop with covered tables and all by the side, this one is a lot more comfortable and instead of buying home, like what I usually did, I had my nasi lemak fix…

Kopi Kopi nasi lemak

…there that morning.

It’s RM3.50 for the regular here but I asked for the very nice chicken rendang

Chicken rendang

…and that would mean an additional RM1.50, RM5.00 altogether.

As I was placing my order, I saw the tray of fried eggs and they looked so good that I simply must have one…

Fried egg

Yes, it was perfectly done with its runny yolk and the lovely golden fringe all around the edges. However, I was a little stunned when I paid for everything – the total was RM6.50 altogether. The egg was RM1.50 each! Golly gee! If it’s RM13.50 for a tray of 30 extra-large eggs, that would work out to only 45 sen each. Actually, I had expected that to cost a ringgit only.

Well, never mind! Most importantly, I enjoyed it all very much. The next time around, I must make sure I do not walk around looking at everything – some things look so good they are simply too hard to resist. LOL!!!

KOPI KOPI Café & Kitchen is located at the blocks of shops, at the back facing Bandong Walk (2.313869, 111.825808) and the main road.