You never can tell…

This cropped up in the discussion the other day as to how we never can tell whether the bitter gourd that we are buying is bitter or not. I guess the same thing applies when we’re buying salted eggs…

Salted eggs 1

I used to get them from a mini-supermarket near my house in packs of 4, each one buried in the black salted paste, wrapped in a small plastic bag and placed in the egg tray-like compartment in the pack. I stopped buying those from there when more often than not, the salted eggs turned out to be far from nice, at times, even rotten. Then there was another supermarket that packs their own, 6 in a pack. I was told that theirs were always very good so I started buying from there until lately when I found that they too were far from satisfactory.

There is a grocery store round the corner from my house and they do sell salted eggs as well. I would always ask the man whether they are any good and he would be honest enough to tell me whether to buy or not. I guess he eats them himself and some batches he receives may be excellent while others may be rather disappointing. Thankfully, he is nice enough to tell me the truth and not just sell them to me regardless.

Once, I was told that those sold by an old man at the Sibu Central Market were very good so I went to buy some to try. He makes them himself and no, they are priced the same as those imported ones sold at the shops and supermarkets and yes, the ones I bought from him were really good, slightly on the salty side, but good. I love my salted eggs like these…

Salted eggs 2

– slightly “oily” and the yolks have a very nice bright red or orange colour…and I would not like them to be too salty either.

During my growing up years, the only time when I would have salted eggs would be when I was sick. I would have them with my porridge, usually tossed with Bovril or Marmite. We never had them any other way but these days, there are so many things with salted egg like this bitter gourd dish that had been fried with them…

Bitter gourd fried with salted egg

This is available at most restaurants in town, if not all of them, big or small…for instance, this one or this one and at the latter, you can also get the very lovely deep-fried pumpkin in salted egg batter…

Deep fried salted egg pumpkin

There is also the very nice bayam dish fried with three types of eggs – the ordinary eggs, salted and century eggs…

Century eggs

…and I do know that salted egg crabs is a very popular dish among lovers of the crustacean.

Then, of course, you can find salted eggs in bak chang (meat dumplings) and mooncakes

Salted egg in mooncake

…and I love the steamed paos with salted egg custard filling aka as the lau sar pao

lausar pao

…other than some of those delightful selections that you may find at those dim sum places

Glutinous rice with salted egg

Perhaps you know of more?

But, pray, do tell me how you choose your salted eggs when you buy some. Is there any foolproof method that you use to ensure that the salted eggs you buy would definitely be good…or are you just like me and you never can tell either?

Author: suituapui

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20 thoughts on “You never can tell…”

  1. oh you’re evil, tempting me with my ultimate weakness, eggs. i love salted eggs and century eggs (love love LOVE LOVE LOVE!), and i wish someone could invent cholesterol-free eggs cos i’d happily eat 20 at one go πŸ˜€

    LOL!!! That makes two of us! I love eggs too, even those puny quail eggs. Slurpssss!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Same here, when I buy salted eggs or century eggs, I’d wonder whether they would have ‘that kinda taste’ or not.. Coz I love love love ‘that taste’ if yoy know what I mean.. Like that super ammonia smell when you cut open that century egg, oohh la la..But I usually buy them from the mini mart near my house, can’t expect much.. Usually buy them for my pork porridge with dried oysters+salted eggs+century eggs.. Best in the world !

    So you just take the chance, hope they are good? No way of telling either, eh?

  3. the pictures are taken really nice. the food look awesome. all my favourites. craving for asian food now.

    Awwwwww….you flatterer! Nowhere near yours. I’ve checked out your blog – gosh! Awesome pics. I guess you’re overseas some place? Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I’ve linked you in my blogroll. Do come again. πŸ˜‰

  4. Fresh, salted or century eggs, all I like. I always put my trust in the seller to choose for me. Most of the time I would get good ones and not too salty. Love all the dishes cooked with salted eggs mentioned above. Yumzzzzzz!!!!!

    I guess we will just have to trust the sellers. That is why I would prefer to buy from them, and not just pick up a pack from any supermarket. Some of the century eggs sold at such places aren’t good either.

  5. I trust the seller when she tells me she makes herself and good. I dont know how to see whether it is good or not. Haha.

    Me neither. I’ve seen people shaking them one by one. Dunno why they do that.

    1. If you shake it hard, wouldnt the yolk break? Hmm. Maybe they shake it to feel the density? Lol.

      Dunno. I think they say if the yolk moves, it’s good…though I wonder how. If it moves, that would mean that the links, the chalaza, would have been broken and it may be all messed up inside.

  6. deep fried pumpkin in salted egg batter! I’ve had a few variations of this dish recently. And they all come out pretty yummy πŸ˜€

    So far there’s just this one place here. Sure would want to try others, if any. Love pumpkin and love salted egg – double whammy!

  7. I don’t appreciate salted eggs… i prefer century eggs! But there’s a rumour about century eggs… the more you eat, the more stupid you gonna be due to ammonia or something, read from some random article LOL but i still eat them anyway

    Oh? So that’s why I’m so smart!!! I never liked century eggs until quite recently – an acquired taste, I would say. Now I love it…but at my age, it’s ok. Already becoming senile, not going to make much of a difference. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. I love salted egg yolks! I hardly buy because I only like the yolk and it would be a waste.

    I missed those days when my girl would only eat the white… Now she will only eat the yolk. 😦 😦

  9. I know what you mean!

    I learned this from my better half – she always buys TWO when she wants to eat ONE. She’s right too, the last time we bought salted eggs, we bought two and one of them is *rotten*. It’s worse than century eggs, the ratio of spoiled to unspoiled eggs in salted eggs seem higher.

    I wish I could tell if it’s good inside when buying. Get so put off to find that one has bought a rotten one or one that is not all that nice. Could just have had a fresh egg instead…and it’s cheaper too!

  10. Same same with me…can’t tell a good salted egg or century egg 😦
    But I super like them! πŸ‘
    So, true, during my childhood, only know how to eat salted eggs with plain porridge or white rice…poor man’s dish, some said. Nowadays so many ways to cook with them. Love the bitter gourd dish… and of course the prawns and crabs with salted eggs.

    When eating the century eggs, I like them with bits of sliced young ginger….yum yum as an appetiser πŸ™‚

    I would not say I loved salted eggs a lot – but I was ok with them. These days, I seem to enjoy them a lot more. Century eggs – I acquired the taste quite late, maybe in my 20’s. My father was the only one eating that in the house and I would not even touch it. Now, I love it!

  11. I love salted eggs and its also a staple in a Filipino pantry, we usually serve it as a side dish with chopped tomatoes

    Oh? Chopped tomatoes? First time I hear that. May just give it a try sometime.

  12. Salted eggs are made from duck eggs but you can make salted chicken eggs super easy. All you need to do is, soak them in saturated salt water for about 3 weeks and that’s it. The salted chicken egg yolk tasted exactly like those made from duck eggs. Unfortunately, the egg white is a different story being very soft in texture. Why not give it a try since chicken eggs are now super super cheap, being sold below production cost.

    Ok, thanks for sharing. I wonder how long one’s own-made salted eggs can last if kept in the fridge.

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