Right beside you…

They’ve opened an outlet of our very own Sarawak franchise

Sugar Bun @Medan Hotel

…right beside this hotel in the vicinity of the Medan Mall, Jalan Wong King Huo here…

It is on the ground floor to the left of the hotel building itself.

Location map

Their spin-off, the little-bit-classier Red Carrot, is right beside it…

Red Carrot @Medan Hotel

…and at this point in time, they are giving out free vouchers…

Red Carrot discount vouchers

…which will entitle anyone dropping by to a discount of 10% on their orders.

It so happened that we were around there the other evening so we decided to drop in and give the place a try. I had their nasi lemak (RM6.95)…

Red Carrot@Medan Hotel nasi lemak

…with this lovely Nyonya chicken kapitan curry…

Red Carrot@Medan Hotel chicken kapitan

Nope! The rice wasn’t anything to shout about – there was hardly any hint of the lemak-ness (rich in santan/coconut milk) but it was very nice with the curry and also the sambal.

My missus had their beef noodle soup (RM8.95)…

Red Carrot@Medan Hotel beef noodle soup

…and she said it was very good – the huge chunks of beef was very nice and tender.

My girl had their Penang fried kway teow (RM5.95)…

Red Carrot@Medan Hotel Penang char kway teow

…and she loved it! She said that it was as nice as what we liked a lot at another outlet in town plus there were a lot more added ingredients…


…in the one here. The serving was huge and she did not manage to finish all of it on her own. I could not help her with it as I had also ordered these meat balls (RM6.00 for 6)…

Red Carrot@Medan Hotel meatballs

…to try as well and yes, they were good too, almost exactly like these but I could feel a little more of the minced meat in the ones here…

Meat ball

The gravy was like those packet ones from that place in KL but I did not quite like their mashed potatoes – a bit too fine, I think.

This was the total for all our orders…

Total before discount

…inclusive of drinks and after the 10% discount, I only had to pay a total of RM33.88. One thing I like about the outlets of this franchise is that they do not charge the ++, the 10% plus 6% unlike in all the others which would increase the overall total in your bill by a substantial sum.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Right beside you…”

  1. The title of this post… sounds eerie. Everything looks good including the prices for all the dishes except…. the mineral water.

    Eerie? You’re too imaginative…or you’ve been watching too many of those movies…or would you prefer “behind” instead? Mineral water is fine – they give the whole bottle – it’s RM2.00 at a cafe here and you get a glass of R.O. water! Thank goodness it’s not Avian or Perrier.

  2. The beef noodles got me drooling. I dont know about meatballs though. They look good but I dont really fancy them. People rave about the meatballs in IKEA but I dont find them nice. Very dry infact. But then again, I might be the odd one out πŸ™‚

    You don’t fancy balls? Oh! The IKEA ones, you mean? Hehehehehe!!!!! I’ve never tried those. These were ok, a bit better than those frozen Marina ones sold in boxes, just a bit.

  3. Wah …you sounds like a stalker when I see the post title. Haha. Initially I thought they are serving atas food judging by the appearance of the eatery. I love the char kway teow. …. looks good.

    Why a stalker…when it’s beside? Shouldn’t you be stalking people from behind? Nope, this is a spin-off of the fast food franchise, not too cheap, not expensive either…and the best thing is that they serve pretty good food at their outlets or those that I’ve been to, at least.

  4. Aaah! The post title was scary! I thought about something rather sad :-p well… Dishes look good πŸ˜‰

    You too? Why? Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone right beside you…through thick and thin, standing by you? I do not see it as being scary in any way. Food here is great all right.

  5. The beef noodles really looks very good with big chunks of beef. I wonder why don’t they just roundup the prices of each item like RM7, 9 & 6 respectively.

    Search me! They do not round it up here…some shops, they tell you, say, 7.99…and they just charge you RM8. Places like Giant do that, if I remember correctly. Terrible. Maybe, RM7.90 looks better, cheaper than RM8.00?

  6. I love the kapitan, beef noodles and meatballs.. I can eat 15 pieces of balls! They have similar stuff in Ikea, but served with fries and raspberry jam (?), very nice..

    Raspberry jam? Or is it cranberry sauce that they serve with turkey?

  7. STP, the price is incredibly good for those food your showed here. I find it is a steal to have so much food and it costs less than RM40.

    Yes, food’s generally cheaper here than other similar chefs and restaurants but it is a franchise – quality may vary between outlets depending on who the resident chef is. The one near my house is good and this one’s good too – I saw the chef, a middle-aged Chinese man. Saw his plates of fired rice for the staff too – looked really good…but it is not on the menu. 😦

  8. Enjoy your weekend… Loves the meat balls…

    You too! Just a few scheduled posts left. Posts on my Singapore friend’s visit to Sibu will start Tuesday. Make sure you come back for those! πŸ˜‰

  9. The char kway teow looks a bit too wet for my liking, but that’s just me..
    Thumbs up for not charing the 10% and 6% things. If you ask me, those taxes are daylight robbery. Those taxes are supposed to be paid by the business owners, the cost of running business. Instead they transfer the cost to customers.

    Wet? Either it’s the reflection of the lights that’s playing tricks on your eyes or you need new glasses. Whatever, personally I am not fond of our kway teow here – the texture is not the same as the nice ones I like up north where your are. But I do know of people who prefer ours – to each his own, I guess.

    Ya, my girl and her colleague went to the franchise pizza place and after the ++, the total was shocking…for some miserable franchise place! Going to be worse, once there’s GST?

  10. Very reasonable price! The Penang CKT looks good and I suppose it is up to mark as Melissa clearly loved it. The meatballs remind me of those famous IKEA ones which I have yet to try.

    Yes, it was very good despite the difference between our kway teow and yours over there. Oh? Everyone keeps talking about those IKEA meatballs (and curry puffs), I thought everyone there would have tried. Hmmm….looks like I’m not the odd one out then.

  11. I like that fried kway tiaw. Always have weaker spot for cockles in my kway tiaw. I could finish the whole plate myself. Lol.

    Hmm. Maybe they will charge GST like other eatery places soon. By then everything will look and feel expensive.

    All these years, they’ve never charged the ++ but GST, maybe they cannot escape. 😦

  12. That’s a reasonable price for all the delicious meals.

    Yes, has the appearance like one of those classier cafes but with lower, more reasonable prices.

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