Saturday to Sunday…

It certainly was quite an eventful weekend…and this was on that same Saturday in my previous two posts.

After the sunset service in church that night, we decided to drop by here

Taman Muhibah 1

…for a light supper before heading home though actually, I would not say I was particularly fond of this place. It had been quite a while since we were here last. Parking has always been a pain and the mere idea of leaving the car some distance away and walking all the way sure does not appeal to me all that much. Other than that, it was always very crowded but that night, things seemed a little slow – it  was not in any way as busy as before…

Taman Muhibah 2

It used to be the favourite haunt for the young especially and maybe it has lost its appeal or they have found another place to hang out, some place classier and cheap perhaps…or maybe it was raining earlier that evening.

For the uninitiated, this hawker centre (2.31036,111.846066) is located along Jalan Pedada, opposite the AmBank branch at the far end of the blocks of shophouses to the left of Delta Mall.

Well, my girl had only one thing in mind so as soon as we got there, she and her mum went to place the orders…

Stall 44

They’re not actually fried dumplings or what is usually called sui jiao. According to the menu displayed, they are called fried meat…

Stall 44 menu

…and if you ask me, I think they’re just the sio bee or pian sip skin with a little bit of meat filling, deep fried and served (50 sen each)…

Fried meat

…so in a way, they are more like fried wantons, just that they are not folded or wrapped that same way. They were very nice and we did enjoy them especially Melissa who’s usually exceptionally fond of anything deep-fried. We had 10 so, in total, that would be RM5.00.

I asked for the sio bee

Sio bee 1
*Do excuse the tint of red in the photos – that must be the coloured lights all over the place*

…as I wanted to see if they were still as good as when we had them before. Smallkucing had these before and he loved them so much that he just could not stop helping himself to more! Believe it or not, he just popped the whole thing into his mouth, one at a time…but I suspected he was doing it to impress Claire‘s daughter, that cheeky little boy! LOL!!!

Yes, they were still as nice…

Sio bee 2

…and they used to be 50 sen each. However, when my missus went to order, she was told that it would be RM6.00 for 10, 60 sen each. Ah well!!! The prices of everything has been going up like nobody’s business, so a 10 sen hike is really no big deal. Then, when both orders had been served, I asked the girl for the total and she said RM10.00 only – I asked again and yes, it was RM10.00 all right. I don’t know why they told my missus that it would be RM11.00 for everything – maybe they saw me taking photographs and guessed that I would be blogging about them? Or maybe they did not see me initially…and they liked the look of my face? What do you think? Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

We also had the ang tao cendol (RM2.30)…

Ang tao cendol 1

…which was very nice indeed! I thought it was nicer than what we had here (RM2.50) and cheaper too and if the last time I had it here (RM2.80) was anything to go by, this one would win hands down!

They had cincao (grass jelly) in theirs though…

Ang tao cendol 2

…but I am pretty sure that if you do not want that, you can just let them know when ordering and they would not add it.

This was from Stall No. 2…

Simon Peter

– Simon Peter, a name that always brings to mind one of the twelve apostles in the Bible.

Now, this is one thing that I like about the hawker centres here…

Sign at Taman Muhibah

…unlike the horrible experiences I had had at that overrated tourist trap in Penang when one would run the risk of being scolded even before one has sat down. Tsk! Tsk! Kudos to the people concerned too for their use of perfectly-correct English unlike what I saw here…

Sign at Pennag coffee shop
*Archive photo*

This was a big issue in the newspapers at one time but it wouldn’t bother me much as I would always order a drink whenever I stopped by anywhere for a bite to eat…but with all those extra charges, I do feel that the coffee shop people should put in a little bit of effort to paint the walls and spruce up the place and make it more presentable.

Sunday was send-my-girl-back-to-her-school day and when we got home in the evening, my friend, Lim, dropped by to pass me this…

Fruit pudding 1

He went back to Kuching for the weekend on some personal business and a cousin of mine was able to send it to me through him…and I wrapped it up nicely in the brown paper bag it came in and sealed it in one of those sealable plastic bags before putting it into the freezer.

If you’re wondering what was inside, this was what they sent me last year…

Fruit pudding 2
*Archive photo*

– the very delightfully-special rum and brandy-infused fruit pudding that my aunt makes. Thank you so much, Uncle Paul, Auntie Irene and cousins – I am saving that for Christmas or maybe, Chinese New Year.

So that wrapped up the weekend for me…and golly gee!!! It’s Friday already and another weekend’s here. Time really does fly, doesn’t it?