Long weekend…

It was a long weekend with a public holiday on Friday, Labour Day, and Monday was a holiday too replacing Wesak Day on Sunday so my cousins and friends came over from Kuching and KK on a jalan jalan cari makan (going around looking for stuff to eat) trip. One of them came by air and the flight was delayed by 45 minutes – no prize for guessing which airline that was!

As soon as she had landed, we made our way here for my favourite kampua noodles (RM2.80) in town. She had the “black version, the one with dark soy sauce…

RTM Cafe kampua black

…while the rest of us had the “white” one, with light soy sauce…

RTM Cafe kampua, white

After that, we took her to the hotel to check in and then, we made our way here for this (RM9.54)…

Noodle House chocolate lava cake

– something that she had before and would want to have again as she loved it very much and she said she could not get that in Kuching.

My girl opted for the savoury stuff – the salt and pepper calamari (RM8.69)…

Noodle House salt and pepper calamari

…and the dry fried dumplings (RM9.75)…

Noodle House dry fried dumplings

…both her favourites here…and the sweet girl picked up the tab – her treat, this one! Prices at this place now are inclusive of the 6% GST.

And look at what my cousin brought me…

Stuff from cousin

– the t-shirt was from her sister who is into making artisan breads at home…and there was a lovely black lace dress for my girl too but I did not take a photograph of that.

My other cousins and friend from Kuching who, drove over all the way, gave me these…

More stuff from cousins and friend

…and also this special hill-grown rice from Bario.

Rice from Bario

Thank you so much to all of you for the lovely goodies!!! Next stop, dinner…but that will be in the next post. Stick around!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

23 thoughts on “Long weekend…”

  1. Drooling at chocolate lava at this time of the day is no good >_<

    So many goodies you have there and I bet you've had a wonderful time with everyone over the long weekend. Can't wait to read more about it 🙂

    Stay tuned! More coming up…right till the end of the week. The weekend just went like that – time really flies when one’s having fun!

  2. I think I have the exact pack of chorizo sitting in my fridge at the moment. Hah!

    From Cold Storage – they have a branch in Kuching. Can’t get those here. 😦

  3. Love the lava cake and the fried dumplings..Mel is so sweet to pick up the tab..Wah you got so many goodies, bet the feeling is like small kid opening presents, so nice..

    Nice to get, but dunno how to reciprocate – got come got go, even a little is good…not just come come come.

  4. I have been eating Bario rice for past one month as my hubby bought a lot from Bario. I love it.

    Yup. Everyone on long holiday and were away from home during the weekend.

    Yummy. I like the look of Noodle House’s calamari and dumplings. I tasted its fried calamari before but not the dumpling.

    I like the white one, extra fragrant, extra nice but they say very starchy, not good for diabetics. This one’s healthier. They got it from Bario too, some politician’s wife was selling. The dumplings are very nice, but we think the ones at YummyKafe, the beef noodles stall, are even nicer. Yes, a lot of people in Sibu, terrible jam everywhere…and very long lines of cars along the Sibu-Selangau road yesterday – both ways.

  5. I think Chorizo is the best sausage that I have ever tasted in my life up till now!

    How long does it take to drive from Kuching to Sibu? I heard from a Kuching friend, it is not a drive for the faint hearted, much easier to just take the flight. :/

    The single-lane (double lane from Kuching to Serian only, around 1 hour or less) trunk road is good, not so heavy the traffic on normal days and there are very convenient overtaking lanes here, there and everywhere…should take 6 hours but go on a nice and leisurely drive, stop here and there to eat – 8-9 hours…like what we did last year:
    https://suituapui.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/im-going-home/ and
    Of course, like everywhere else, there are those who can’t wait to rush to their death. Traffic is heavier on the Sibu to Bintulu/Miri side (I’ve to go through it every week to my girl’s school along the way) maybe because no MAS Boeing and no Air Asia (only from Kuching to Sibu) flights so instead of taking the unreliable small Maswings, many would choose to drive. Fly from Kuching around 40 minutes only.

    The chorizos I brought from New Zealand were not so great, maybe it depends on the flavour – my cousin says these are very nice. Yet to try.

  6. Mmmm….chocolate! 🙂

    Heavenly…but I would want to share, 2 or 3 persons, and eat a bit only – can’t indulge in sweet things too much.

  7. That’s a lot of goodies. Saw from FB people are praising high to the sky about this KT homemade sambal. This type of Bario rice is good for making “or bee moi” if I am not wrong.

    The white Bario rice is great for moi as it is starchy and very fragrant, dunno about this type. Will try and see one of these days. The KT sambals are great but we would love them a lot more spicy – our taste buds all numb already, must be very very spicy before we can feel it.

  8. oh i LOVE sourdough bread!

    My cousin makes the best – with nothing but the best ingredients! Like most other things, nothing beats homemade! Those from the bakeries…may take “shortcuts” or shortchange people on what they use – may not be of the same standard. Hers is VERY expensive though – you pay for the top class quality, dunno the ones in the bakeries. We do not have that here.

  9. Holiday is over! 😭 I still couldn’t find any KT’s brand in Kuching.

    You do not find it – you call and book…and wait and wait and wait…and at times, too many orders, order rejected!!! The business so so so good! I think there is delivery around Tabuan area…other areas, dunno. You cannot just pop into a shop or supermarket and expect to see it on the shelves.

  10. Bookmark this pace, loves all the foods you all had…

    Bookmark also no use…if you do not come.

  11. The black version of kampua noodles look pretty good to me! Do you like this one?

    Nope, that was exactly what my NZ friend said before she came – she said how could anything so pale and colourless taste nice so she tried…and gave the rest to her hubby and took over his white version. The strong taste of the dark soy sauce would overwhelm the fragrance of the shallot oil/lard so if you love kicap, you may like this version.

    As for me, all through my younger days, we never had it with dark soy sauce so to me, it is not authentic, not the original thing…and with dark soy sauce, I can jolly well toss my own at home. I do not know who or when somebody started this…and it caught on. I do know many who like the dark version…like my friend Annie-Q, for instance. There have been other attempts to bastardise our kampua – pandan-flavoured, tom yam, curry…and thank goodness those failed to make an impact.

  12. yup….long weekend.

    wah so many packets o goodies. Can present your cooking skill again .muhahaha

    Yes, they tell me the nenas one is very nice. Can’t wait to try!!!

  13. Aiyo, Rm2.80 for that, I want ya! Here the cheapest is Rm4 ya!

    Generally, RM2.50, some places may be a bit cheaper even…but a few are charging this price. Still ok especially considering that it is very nice.

  14. UGH!!! OH MY GOD!

    i just love everything posted here! num num num! can i just stay in your blog! everything is mouth-watering! 🙂

    Too bad no direct flights here, only to Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Otherwise, you could hop over to enjoy these…and more!

  15. I am more towards the black kampua noodles, it looks so good. Oh yes, I am missing the kampua noodles…hahaha… I guess I go Yong Peng for the fix.

    May be easier to just buy the instant ones in Skudai, phone contact – 012-962 1233
    Restaurant Five Happiness
    Address: 2, Jalan Mutiara 1/3, Taman Mutiara Mas, 81300 Skudai, Johor.
    They should have the dark soy sauce version as well…and this, at least, would be pretty close to what ours are like here. Dunno about Yong Peng – Sitiawan’s is definitely VERY different – theirs, I saw, is more like wanton mee…with the black sauce and all.

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