Humble beginnings…

I’m not too sure whether they started their business here…

Medan Mall Sibu

…at the Medan Mall, Jalan Wong King Huo or whether it was at the Catholic Centre, ground floor along Jalan Bukit Lima – right next to the Sacred Heart Cathedral or SK St Rita or perhaps, they started these two places at around more or less the same time. The one at the latter had since closed down and they opened an outlet at Pusat Tanahwang, Jalan Oya…directly opposite Sacred Heart School. I guess that was a very wise move as it certainly seems that they are enjoying brisk business there and the place is crowded any time of day.

This one at the mall…


…is still going strong and it does seem to have its own clientele as well for the business looks pretty good there too. This one is rather small though so it cannot really accommodate a lot of people but it is air-conditioned and would be a lot more comfortable than the other place…and you can get more or less the same things in the menu.

I heard that the egg burger was very nice but I kept forgetting and had never ordered every time I dropped by (usually at the other outlet) but I was at the mall the other day to look around so I took the opportunity to stop by and give it a try…


This is the so-called “special” with cheese and everything else including some french fries as well. There was a slice of cucumber and some coleslaw by the side and I decided to just put them on top of the egg in the burger…


…and eat everything together at one go.Β Ooooo…it was nice! I loved it! And I certainly wouldn’t mind ordering that again next time.

I think the special was RM4.50 as I paid RM7.00 for that and the ang tao peng (red bean ice) – RM2.50…


…that I had with it and like the ones at the other place, this one here is just as good. I certainly would say that they’re my favourite in town.

Incidentally, there is a small stall at the mall…


…where the lady sells all the Foochow delights – kompia, chu-nu-miang, lay peang, pek guek tong chiew pia…and so on and the other day, I bought these lung ngor to try (6 for RM2.00)…


– the pandan ones and also the traditional plain Β ones.

They were very moist with a very nice soft texture inside and very fragrant. There is a popular place here where the lung ngor seem to sell like hot cakes (Hmmmm!!! They’re hot cakes…literally!) but I did not think they were all that good and I did not like the smell of essence that I could detect in theirs. This was the first time I tried the pandan ones and I think they are nicer than the old-school lung ngor…with a hint of santan or perhaps that was the pandan and my taste buds were a little bit confused. My only complaint was that there seemed to be very little quality control – some were big, very big and some were small, very small…plus I think they could cut down on the sugar. It was kind of a bit too sweet for my liking.

Well, I did not manage to find anything I would want to buy at the mall that day but at least, I got to try the egg burger and enjoyed the ang tao peng…and bought a few of those lung ngor home.

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38 thoughts on “Humble beginnings…”

  1. An egg burger, now that’s interesting! I’ve never heard that term to describe that. Does it somehow differ from an egg sandwich? Looking at the picture, it seems it includes similar fixings as one would find on a burger?

    It is an egg sandwich all right – a rose by any other name, so to speak just that they use a round bun instead of the usual slices of bread…and they put in one fried egg, sunny side up instead of the mashed hardboiled egg that I’d use for my egg sandwiches.

  2. Definitely is a hearty burger! Am having a simple one now for supper but its not as elaborate as yours πŸ˜€

    RM4.50 isn’t exactly cheap. I wonder if the regular is any good…and more affordable… 😦

  3. ooo, burgers! this reminds me, i haven’t had a burger in weeks! heheh πŸ˜€ y’know, i remember liking mcdonald’s mcegg burger when it first came out, back in the early 90s maybe, but i had it recently and it just tasted sad and unappetizing. oh well…

    I had that a long long time ago and I did not like it. I did not like their fish either. Used to love their Big Mac when they first set up their business here (in KL) but I don’t bother going for that either anymore these days. Will eat when any, wouldn’t go out of my way to have some…

  4. That Stall/Cart looks cool πŸ™‚ Wish we had some around here! Heck! In recent years we have been lacking even nice salad bars! I love those decorations, too! Very colorful!

    The ones in the first pic? They’re for Hari Raya…the Muslim/Malay festival coming up next week…and the rectangular dark-coloured ones look ethnically Dayak – the designs are somewhat like our local Sarawak ethnic designs.

  5. The desserts suit me reaaaaaaaaaaal Fine!! The ang tao looks great…. wish I could have a bowl of that now.. πŸ™‚

    You should have tried that when you were here in Sibu. I think you went to the other outlet with the Kucings…but you all had the other desserts, the ABC or some fruit cocktail. Never mind, come again…and you can have this and more! πŸ˜‰

  6. The lung ngor so cheap. Maybe your taste buds is correct. Some will put pandan essence. Hence chemical taste. If real pandan the colour will b dull green. Not bright. Me too dun like essence

    Cheap??? I thought that was rather expensive – over 30 sen each. Gone are the days when it would be sold for 5-10 sen each… 😦 I don’t like anything with essence – cakes and biscuits.

  7. Yum! The burger looks like something I could get from a coffee shop during my childhood. And then the uncle moved away and I never got to taste it ever again! 😦 This looks very similar… ahhh so nostalgic!

    I liked it very much…so I guess I would go for that again should I happen to drop by that place anytime.

  8. All looks nice. Love lung ngor & ang tao peng. Kay nergn kor & lung ngor, same thing or not or distance cousin.

    One and the same, kay nerng kor is in Hokkien…and kueh bahulu’s similar too. But they’re not exactly the same – my cousins in Kuching would only eat those from Sibu – they say they’re nicer. πŸ˜‰

  9. Wow…the ang tao peng looks like flooded with santan…… so whitish.

    Yes, santan. I had not stirred thoroughly yet – the gula Melaka’s at the bottom so it would not be so white once mixed together. Nice…but of course, santan – must not take too regularly! πŸ˜‰

  10. The egg burger caught my attention!
    It looks like those conventional type of egg burger, must be yummy!!

    Ya, those at the kampung stalls would be like this as well, I think. I once had the special – an egg like this, beef patty, cheese, baked beans, coleslaw…all in. Nice! And the best thing, it was cheap!

  11. The breakfast burger reminds me of McDonald’s 😑 tsk tsk tsk

    They fry their egg using the metal ring and the last time I had it, the yolk was already hard…no, thank you.

  12. You could try the “ang tao peng” at Stall No. 20 at 1st floor of Sibu Central Market.

    Not too crazy about the place…

  13. It’s good that you recalled ordering the egg burger this visit. πŸ™‚ Seems like you have a hard time remembering. Maybe you a lot of things in your mind.

    Not really forgetful, just that I have a lot of favourites at this place and once I get there, I would automatically order one of those…and the egg burger just does not cross my mind… πŸ˜‰

  14. Burger with coleslaw filling? Sounds special.
    HB likes ‘lung ngor’ πŸ˜‰

    The coleslaw was one of the sides together with the french fries – I just put everything in the burger and ate. Hmmmm….typical Sarikei Foochow, eh? πŸ˜‰ LOL!!!

  15. I can see that there’s definitely lots of food choices there. Egg burger sounds lovely, especially with the oozy cheese.

    I like the fact that the yolk was runny – not a fan of those fried using the metal ring…and the yolk is already hard.

  16. I forgot what i had when i was there at Thomson Corner last time. Remember ordered some dessert, but not ang tau peng and i think i was too full from lunch, and i didn’t order any food. Next time should go there with empty stomach.

    I love the lung ngor from this stall, like you said very moist, and not too dry, my boys love it.

    Hah!!! Must be the Foochow in them! Hehehehehe!!!! Ya, some of the things they saell are pretty good. The pian sip was my favourite in town but they’ve taken it off their menu, dunno why… 😦

  17. wow, kompia, chu-nu-miang, lay peang, pek guek tong chiew pia and lung ngor!! so many types of Foochow delights available?? that lung ngor is already looking so delicious, it’s whispering to me “pssst, come and eat me and you’ll feel like in heaven..”, hahahaha!!

    So when are you coming? Come, come…I’ll be right here waiting for you! πŸ˜‰

  18. I tried the food in Jln Oya twice with my girl because her tuition centre is upstairs only. I like its nasi lemak because of the sambal. I heard the rojak and laksa are good too. Must try it out someday.

    I like the laksa, the nasi ayam pattaya, the nasi lemak…in that order. The pian sip was the best but no more – the chicken dumplings (sui jiao) and the salad sotong are my daughter’s favourites…and we love the rojak and the sotong kangkong as well…and the ang tao peng and cendol… The kampua’s ok, not bad at all but others elsewhere may be better…

  19. well they say great things come from small beginning
    anyway, i was drooling over that burger tho i find the bun to be a bit
    small for the fillings it was still very captivating

    Big enough for me. More or less the usual burger size…unless it is a place that makes their own bigger buns.

  20. Aaaaaahhh.. i want angtaopeng or maybe special at stalls near jubilee ground in kuching !!! But maybe after Kuching fest (3 more days to go) cos traffic there now is crazily heavy O.o

    What’s the name of that guy now…Swee Kang? Seems to be a favourite of many…

  21. Wonder if lung ngor is sold here or known by any other name…looks nice πŸ™‚

    In Hokkien, it’s kay nerng (egg) kor…and it is similar to the Malay kuih bahulu.

    1. I was wondering why my comments were ‘awaiting for moderation’. Thought you have blacklisted me, Arthur! Just found out I typed my email address wrongly.
      .com not .vom! Cis!

      So, Akismet thought it was a different person, somebody new…

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