Glad to know you…

We have been friends for a while now though I cannot exactly remember how, probably through my blog but then we added each other on Facebook and we have kept in touch regularly since. He’s a Singaporean and on his Facebook page, I would see all the places he has been to and all the food he has eaten here, there and everywhere. Of course, I was delighted when he said he would be coming over to Sibu with two of his friends and the daughter of one of them and as soon as they arrived, I drove them to the hotel to check in – they could not believe that each of their rooms was so very big and so very nice with a comfortable king-sized bed and they only had to pay around SGD$35.00 a night!

Once everything was settled, I took them here for lunch. As a matter of fact, my friend was keen on going here as he had seen my blogposts on this place again and again and again and he was looking forward to the special Payung rojak

Payung rojak
*My friend’s photo on Facebook*

Needless to say, I ordered that and the usual favourites – the mushroom roll, the otak otak, the ikan keli (catfish) in soy sauce and ginger, the kacang ma chicken (No, they did not really like it – it’s an acquired taste and I had to finish most of it myself)…and they also had the beef spaghetti. Other than the aforementioned, they loved all that we had…and the boss was so nice as to prepare this ulam

Payung Cafe ulam

…for us on the house and this pita-like bread…

Payung Cafe pita

…to eat with their special vegetable curry dip…

Payung Cafe vegetable curry

They were not too thrilled by the jelly pisang but the durian ice cream…

Payung Cafe durian ice cream

…swept them off their feet and they praised it to the skies!

After lunch, I drove them around town and we stopped at the Sibu Heritage Centre and a traditional art and handicraft souvenir shop there, and after that, we headed to the Sungai Merah bazaar where we dropped by the tamu and they were enthralled by all the interesting things they had not seen before in their island republic. They got all excited when they saw people selling durians by the roadside and I had to stop for them to go and grab one to enjoy. It was a very big one…


…the size of a human head – very fleshy and rich and creamy and they enjoyed it to the max! It was RM25.00 (less than SGD$10.00) a fruit and the seller also gave them a small one free of charge. After that feast, we headed back to the hotel where I dropped them off for a quick rest and that night, we were out and about again but that would be in the next post. Stick around!!!

And look at what they brought me! Ooooo…I have enough bak kua (barbecued pork slices)…

Bee Cheng Hiang

…in stock for the coming Chinese New Year…


…that’s for sure and my nice friend gave me these as well…

Tim Tams & more

…and this…

From Alfred

…too!!! That certainly was so very thoughtful and generous of him/them…and I mustn’t forget my friend, Philip, as well. He is currently home from the US and he went through all that trouble to bring me these goodies…

From the US of A

…all the way from the States. Thank you, all, so very very much!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

32 thoughts on “Glad to know you…”

  1. Have to try the Payung rojak …it’s so different from the rojak and Pasembur we have here. wow…my favourite durian ice-cream is on display… so tempting!!
    I also like nann and like it simple without any garlic or butter with masala mutton or tandoori chicken.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hang around…lots more in the posts to come!

  2. I like that naan (?) with the curry dip, nice and light.. Oooo first time I see green tea tiramisu chocolate, interesting… Wish they have it here.. I love your loot of goodies, the TimTam, Spam 😉

    I haven’t opened it yet – dunno what it is like. Staring with the green tea Kit Kat from Japan, almost all gone already that one! Hehehehehehe!!!! Yes, that sure is a lot, isn’t it? 😉

  3. i see red … you’re starting the preparations for chinese new year! before we know it, it’ll be time to feast on bak kwa and wish each other gong xi fa cai again 😀

    Yes, slightly more than a month to go! Will be here before you know it! 😉

  4. Durian ice cream with banana sounds good, i wanna visit this place too! (maybe not too soon but yes i will :P)

    Nope, jelly pisang is a different thing altogether, not together with the durian ice cream. One scoop and one of them exclaimed, “I don’t want to go back to Singapore already!!!” It’s THAT nice…to them!

  5. All the goodies came just in time for the CNY, slightly more than a month left. Bee Cheng Hiang bak kwa is one of the famous in Singapore if I am not wrong. They are being sold in KL too. My daughter used to buy back during CNY. Rojak & durian, my favourite too.

    Yes, I used to buy this brand in Singapore and also in KL but they say the sliced ones, BCH’s is a bit hard – the other brand, Fragrance is nicer.

  6. No picture of the cute Sibu Food Mayor with your Singaporean friends?

    No, for ourselves for remembrance, yes…a lot! They’d like to keep a low profile online. 😉

  7. Wow! Bak kua! Nice goodies.

    I like those bbq bacon slices more. More fat, less tough. Hehe.

    I wouldn’t dare touch those, so fat. We like the minced pork slices, softer…but my missus likes the sliced ones, all meat, more to chew.

  8. I can’t stop eating the green tea kit kat…but I can stop buying cos it doesn’t come cheap..ahhaha

    We just opened…and gone so soon! Ya…can’t stop at one…must have another…and another!!! 😀 😀 😀

  9. I have been enjoying your blog for some time, and admire how you can do daily posts. Just a short note to say keep it up and a Happy New Year.

    Thanks for your compliments and thank for dropping by and commenting. A warm welcome to you. Just hopped over to peep at yours – awesome pics, interesting – will go again in a bit to browse around. Feel free to come by again, love the company – I’ve linked you in my blogroll. Happy 2015 to you too! Cheers!

  10. Thank you

    It has been a pleasure to read your blog; one that I have enjoyed daily for over six months.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your wonderful comments. I maintain my blog for family and a small circle of old school friends in Singapore (I live in Perth, Western Australia and have done so for well over thirty years).

    Best wishes.

    Most welcome. Perth, eh? I’ve got lots of relatives and friends there, and some have been there as long as you. All good wishes to you and your loved ones too.

  11. Thank you for linking me in your blogroll. I have reciprocated, if you don’t mind being called an “old bugger”.

    Thanks. No problem at all, I am ancient all right, a dinosaur…but very very young at heart. 😉 LOL!!!

  12. Wahh…STP received so many goodies! Varieties of Tim Tam & SG’s popular bak kua.
    This year’s durian season is so short. I want to eat lulian….. 😀 😀

    Yes, people are all so kind, and generous to this old man, praise the Lord.

    Short? It seems like all year round here now. One season ends, after a little while, another season starts. Not as much this time around though but still quite a lot, dabai too. I think I have had enough, getting a bit bored/sick of it already. 😦

  13. Oh…Payung Rojak! All I can do right now is just imagine how it tastes like. I bought a can of Spam not too long ago. I think it was the smoky jalapeno flavour. It was very good but I find it too salty.

    Yes, it’s salty…like most luncheon meat. I would fry with egg and onions to eat with rice or cut into very thin slices and pan-fry to go with egg and toast…or eat with noodles, never on its own. I’ve not seen that smokey jalapeno flavour though.

  14. Still eating hearty after all these years!! Still in love with Payung!!
    I haven’t been to Payung for a while. Mostly going to Nice & Fat Mum when I was in Sibu.
    Haven’t seen you in a long while!! Hope things are going well!!

    All’s good. Happy 2015 to you. Ooooo…you’ve your own domain now, congratulations!

    We go to Nice sometimes – early…before the noisy crowd comes in. Fat Mum, not our favourite – msg overdose and food ain’t that great. VERY cheap though.

    1. Yeah… Being thrifty is the in thing now… lol!!!
      I like the stir-fry at Fat Mum. Noodles & Kueh Tiaw are pretty good.

      Now only? Hasn’t it always been so? You’re Foochow, right? Thriftiness courses in your veins. Muahahahaha!!!! I used to go very frequently long long ago even before there was Payung, then I stopped. Went again more recently…twice. Definitely very very cheap. I blogged about these two visits. It’s o.k. Nothing to make it stand out – many other places in town, same standard and just as cheap…and just as much msg.

  15. I thought Christmas just over? Received goodies again? Wow!!

    I love BCH dried meat. Can keep till chinese new year? I thought they can’t keep long, unless you put it in fridge. But i still prefer the fresh one.

    Of course but the local ones aren’t nice plus they spoil very quickly too even though they are supposed to be freshly made.

    These, I would keep in the fridge – then place them singly on a baking tray. Turn on the oven till very hot and place the tray in it to heat up the bak kua using the residual heat – so it will never be overcooked/baked. Turn regularly. Take out as soon as they’re hot enough – as good as new.

  16. I’m always up for otak otak!

    The Singaporeans loved the ones here with the real fish chunks – nicer than their nyonya fish cake type, same as Muar’s. Don’t think they’ve tried the Penang egg custard steamed ones.

  17. Yum yum durian. Giant durian. hehe

    Yes, it was a big one, very thick flesh, so very rich and creamy, very nice…but RM25, not for me! Ok for them, so cheap. Back home, they sell by the kilo – pay for the heavy shell!

  18. happy new year, arthur! i like bee cheng hiang 🙂

    Thanks, and the same to you and your loved ones. Me too!

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