Now I’m here…

This restaurant has moved. It used to be around the commercial centre in the  vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal and people used to crowd there to eat the crabs, among many other dishes. Everyone seemed to like it so much, praising it to the skies but I did not think the food was great plus I would not fancy the idea of standing by a table where some other people were still eating and grabbing it as soon as they finished.

Well, they have moved to the new blocks of shophouses to the left of the Medan Mall along Wong King Huo Road here…and I heard that they have dim sum in the morning…

HongFu dim sum

I wanted to give it a try so when a friend of mind was in town on Saturday, I grabbed the chance and took him there. The char siew pao (steam barbecue meat buns) was very nice…

HongFu char siew pao

…and I liked the siew mai (meat dumplings) too…

HongFu siew mai

They also have the shui jiao or the sui kow dumplings, whatever you may call these…

HongFu sui kow

…and I thought they were very good as well.

My friend had the chicken claws/feet and he did not like them – I did not touch those, of course…but he loved these dumplings with lap chiang (Chinese sausages)…

HongFu lap chiang dumplings

As for me, I was not really impressed – I thought they were all right but should I happen to drop by again, I don’t think I would ask for those. These dumplings with century eggs were much nicer, if you ask me…

HongFu century egg dumplings

…and you can also give these wrapped in seaweed a pass…

HongFu seaweed meat rolls

I did not like these as well – owing to the colour, I had expected some salted egg in them but when I ate them, I could not taste anything of the sort at all…

HongFu dim sum dumplings

We were there a bit late so they had run out of lor mai kai (glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf) and chee cheong fun so we did not get the chance to try those.

For one thing, it was very cheap – for RM10 only, you get any 3 laus (storeys) – the name they use to refer to those steamer baskets…and as a whole, it was quite nice. I wouldn’t mind going there again and the next time around, I would know exactly what to order…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

50 thoughts on “Now I’m here…”

  1. Good morning. Of late, I have refrained from makaning dim sum already, firstly, too much of pork, secondly and the most damaging one is, it is so expensive now here in Penang, one siew mai,two small ones, would cost RM2.60 to RM2.80…. cannot tahan lah.

    Worst still now there have this scandal of dead pig being turned into stuff like siew mai, enough is enough lol, hahaha

    For one thing, these are really Sibu Foochow sizes. They’re HUGE!!! Nothing like those delicate ones at the high class dim sum restaurants. I think one of these can make two of those… 😉

    Ah well, in Hokkien, we say “la sap ciak, la sap pui” – dirty eat, dirty fat! LOL!!! Not only pigs, I tell you…even others like chicken. If the chicken is sick…walking wobbly, you think the rearer will get rid of it and make a loss? No way! He would slaughter it and sell it at the market to unsuspecting buyers. Too bad if you happen to buy that one! Why else do you think we ended up getting outbreaks of those illnesses? 😦

  2. WHOA!!! I’ve found my calling!!!
    I love dim sum & I think I’m going to love that shop!

    LOL!!! When will you be in town? Call me, I’ll take you there… 😉

  3. I’m back! reached back kl at 3am last night, dumb airasia flight got delayed by more than 2 hours. Totally missed the last lrt, luckily a very nice blogger friend came over to fetch me from KL Sentral.. I’m so disappointed with Air Asia.. from 9pm, delay to 10.40, then delay again to 11.10…

    Oh, i see dim sum pictures! Om nom nom nom 😛 do I hear rm10 for 3 “laus”?? meaning around rm3.30 per dish right? pretty reasonable!!

    Cheap mah! Pay no-class airfare, cannot expect 1st class treatment lor. More than 2 hours’ delay – can claim RM250, I think…unless they’ve withdrawn that condition. Guess it was unexpected, otherwise they would have retimed the flight and informed you earlier and then, no need to pay you RM250 anymore. Very smart, those people….

    Only 3 something for a basket of three…and all extra big some more. Cheap eh? Use you RM250 to book your tickets to Sibu, come here and enjoy the food! Yum! Yum!

  4. Love dim sum too but dont worry, I dont eat a lot one… i get full very easily eating those varieties in dim sum shop, one char siew pau, a bit of this and that.. i m satisfied.. but like Eugene said, these days refrain first.. hahaha.. i have visited the dim sum shop many times this month itself!

    No need lah! You don’t know how long you’ve been eating dead meat. These Chinese livestock rearers, you think they want to make a loss. Sick or dead, also just sell… What you don’t know wouldn’t hurt you.

  5. Oh! I’ve been there before! The old restaurant I mean, not this new one. Interesting, now they have dim sum in the new one. A couple of years back, I remember there was a dim sum place that was really popular and you have to queue up during weekend mornings to get a seat.

    Hey, a couple of the dim sum dishes looks very promising – I like the siew mai with lap cheong and the dumplings with century eggs. My two favorite foods – lap cheong and century eggs. Haha!

    Average of RM 3 for each basket is really cheap. Used to paying RM 8 – 12 over here where I usually eat dim sum. 🙂

    Mitsu? Still around but the quality had dropped a bit – I think the Shanghai chef has gone back. Ya…I’m sure you’ve been to that old place – everyone in Sibu has, I’m sure…but I don’t like the food there. Oh? That expensive there? No wonder! Went with a friend for supper Jalan Alor – I think we had the pao, siew mai and har kau, 2 items only…and the bill came up to around RM50, inclusive of drinks…and the dim sum was not even nice – would never go back there again.

    1. Where is Mitsu?In Sibu?

      Yup! Behind Rejang Medical Centre, next block to Loke Ming Yuen coffee shop. Uncle Dom’s in the block behind…and Sushi Tie’s in the block behind Loke Ming Yuen.

  6. Siew Mai, my favourite – the other day, we went to a restaurant in Kuching, and I was “horrified” to read in the menu that they have “fired” Siew Mai.

    So, my friend tweeted – Siew Mai, I hate to tell you this – you are fired!

    Poor Siew Mai…

    That’s Kuching. I will make a point to visit Siew Mai in Sibu next week.

    Bon appetit! Home for the Gawai, eh? No “fired” ones, that’s for sure…all steamed. LOL!!! 😀

  7. Biz for dim sum and bak kut teh affected after to the black heart pork surfaced in the media. Bak Kut Teh had a bigger blow as they can have other choices in dim sum. Good about to post something about dim sum and may get your permission to steal your nicey pixz?

    Go ahead. What pics you want? Lots of dim sum stuff in older posts too. Here, not much concern about the pork thingy – either our pork is safe or people just don’t care. Been buying from the same seller and eating his pork for years and years…still alive and kicking!

  8. oh i’ve never eaten any seaweed siew mai before!! yummy!! 😀

    This one’s not so good. I used to love the ones at this other place here…but they’re not making them anymore…not since the Shanghai chef left, I think.

  9. Dim sum is pricy and only be taken once in a while poor Bananaz cant afford it as compared to my buffet brunch of RM5 incl of 1 cham compared to dim sum which normally cost 3 times more than my regular buffet. Not talking much here shall post em akan datang but not so soon..~;).

    Wah! Your buffet meal so expensive kah? Here, I think RM3-3.50…but of course, if you want more from the buffet spread, you have to pay more lah…but not as bad a s those nasi kandar shops. Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  10. These actually look delicious .. and they’re quite cheap ! Man, I miss Ipoh dim sum !!! :p

    You’re overseas or in KL? If in KL, you can always go home on weekends… 😉

  11. RM3.30 per lau is not cheap leh as compared to here RM2.80 per lau for plain comparison only, of course subject to argument on the size, taste etc.

    RM2.80? Where? Must tell the rest – everybody is saying, so expensive over there…you’re the only one saying it’s cheap. Using dead meat one kah? Muahahahahaha!!! 😀

    1. Sure used dead meat lah brudder how to eat alive or raw meat think Japanese porksushi kakaka..

      That’s the term the newspapers use. I would think the problem lies in the fact that the animal was sick…and died and they sell the meat. 😦

  12. Mmmm.. those looks delectable. Dim Sum nowadays very expensive. One basket can go up to rm5

    Nice. I wouldn’t mind going again… Not expensive some more. 😉

  13. Dimsum? I hardly eat cuz very expensive…. over here one basket can go up to rm5, 6, and just for some measly thing! But this one, if really Rm10 for 3 baskets, den it’s a steal!

    Gee! Looks like we’re really lucky here… Big ones some more! Siew mai – almost knuckle size! 😉

    1. Wah! As big as ur knuckle? Then it’s really big!

      Ok lah…exaggerate sikit. LOL!!! Maybe a little kid’s knuckle. 😉

  14. dim sum are all my time favourite. all yr pics are making me hungry now!

    I like steamed meat paos… Just ok with the rest, don’t mind having them once in a while but not a die-hard fan. 🙂

  15. Looks like now Sibu also serve nice dim sum. I remember when i am young, i want to eat dim sum, we have to go to Li Hua Hotel at Lanang road for Sunday dim sum.

    I love the char siew pau, look so “fluffy”, i like this type of char siew pau. Yum yum. Siew mai look very good too.

    Li Hua had dim sum? Never knew that. Well, you can try these when you come back to Sibu – then, you can give your verdict.

  16. should i go for dim sum today? looks so tempting man!!
    but here not so cheap, taste pun agak2 😦

    Ya, I guess you must know where to go to have some really nice dim sum – same as everything else. Some nice, some not nice, some cheap, some not so cheap.

  17. Wow!…Syiok!!…an array of dim sum. All looks pretty nice.Salivating all the way through. Some of them looks special x’pecially….century egg, seaweed and salted egg. So creative!!!……Yummylicious!!…..

    What about Kuching? Any nice and cheap dim sum place? Don’t tell me to go to Fook Hai – I can’t stand that one…or Open Air…and those 88 ones at almost every coffee shop are no good at all.

  18. Good price. Heh, no chicken feet dim sum kah? ha ha ha!

    Got! My friend ate…and he said not nice. Didn’t realise till I got home that I did not take the photo. I wouldn’t touch that… Eyewwwww!!!!

  19. Hubby say ‘yummy’!…he’s the dim sum hantu in the family. I’m not so keen though but wouldn’t mind the kaki ayam…love those!
    If the food is good, wouldn’t mind the price.

    LOL!!! The dim sums there are of course the classier ones with the authentic dim sum chefs from China/Hongkong – we used to have those here until the Shanghai chef left. It’s still ok generally but not as nice as before. These are the more “kasar” dim sum that one would find at coffee shops and that kind of eateries all over KL and the surrounding areas, unlike those in the hotels or restaurants like Tai Thong. Nice also…but definitely lack the elegance in appearance, if not the taste as well.

    1. U like kaki ayam kah, Shereen? Eyewww, I feel geli wif kaki ayam~

      Hahahahaha!!! Same here! Can’t get the idea of what they’ve been stepping on out of my head. LOL!!! 😀

      1. I love kaki ayam and even forced fed hubby…hahaha..cannot enjoy alone, ma…must distribute good things ( actually, hor..usually 1 bowl too much for me to eat alone..hahaha). Geli tu geli la but the taste syiok..slurppp…chewy,chewy macam jelly…but I only like those cooked in the black sauce with garlic and mushroom which susah to find here in NZ. They usually cooked them in a red sauce and rasa a bit sweet…potong steam, man!!

        Yup…the ones at this dim sum stall were red in colour and my friend said not stewed enough, not soft enough. You can buy these in NZ? Should be really cheap – since not many people would want to buy them?

  20. Ha, what a coincidence..I just had dim sum yesterday..fortunately, too, otherwise I’ll be craving for it once I see your post! Certainly looks like bigger portion compared those over here..:)

    Ya…that was why my friend commented – so big, Foochow-size. LOL!!! 😀

  21. Dim sum is prolly the most expensive breakfast treat that we chinese have nowadays. I noticed many little shops have opened in my hometown recently, and the prices are pretty pricey too, but the dim sum served looked pretty “rough” unlike the dainty ones served at the famous outlets ie Tai Thong, Concorde hotel and Federal hotel’s Dragon Court.. I tend to indulge only once a while.
    The outlet you went to seemed to have served pretty nice looking morsels. Glad you enjoy enough to make a return 😉

    Not really. I thought these are quite crude too – certainly not like what they have at those places that you’ve listed. One thing that I find expensive over at your side too is yong tofu. Just pick a few items and the bill will go way beyond RM10.00. 😦

  22. They looks yummy…what is the kopitiam name?…
    I must dropby and try it out one day.
    The one at farley also not bad…3 baskets for Rm11 now.

    Click the link. I like the one at Farley too…but my missus prefers this one – says this one’s better.

  23. Since Fook Hai is out of question, then I am not able to assist you. Is Fook Hai that teruk kah? I think you know Kuching better than me and you know where to hunt for nice goodies, rite?….hehehe!!!!………….

    To me, it is…but not to many many people. They seem to love it so much. For me,anything but that… 😦

  24. you are so bad lah, those dimsum looks extremely delicious and i am hungry again although i just had my dinner few hours ago~~ you bad..

    Just had dinner? Aiyor…must not eat so much, later you end up becoming a tua pui like me… Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  25. i dont like century eggs… i find them .. weird :p

    I acquired the taste myself quite late – way past my teenage years… 😉

  26. Duno why, i always think the char siew bun reckoned the flower shaped is always nice than those normal char siew pao.

    I’m ok with all…as long as they are fluffy and soft steamed buns with lots of filling!

  27. The Thomson Corner next to Sacred Heart Cathedral used to have nice dim sum. Closed down already I think.

    That was a long time ago…before it became Eden Corner, I think. I went once – it was ok, not really thrilled by it…but I remember it was very very cheap…though I was quite sure that they calculated wrongly. 😉

  28. Where is this place? now sibu got a lot of food d

    Medan Mall area, Jalan Wong King Huo…to the left of the mall…the block behind the shop block where Courts Mammoth is now located…

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