Let’s go there…

I blogged about this place not very long ago, here

Warung BM menu
*Oooopsss!!! Excuse the spelling error!*

…and as not many would go past this area, many did not know of its existence and some could not figure out exactly where it was.

Well, if you are standing in front of it, you can see Medan Hotel in the distance…

View from Warung BM

…and that building on the left with the SUPER SAVE sign is the back portion of Medan Mall along Jalan Wong King Huo and in the photograph, you can also see that bakery that sells some pretty nice cakes and stuff.

Well, we were back there once again for lunch last Sunday as my missus enjoyed what we had on our first visit and was keen on letting our girl try what they had in store. She had the nasi ayam penyet (RM8.50)…

Warung BM nasi ayam penyet

…and she loved it! They had marinated the chicken thigh with all sorts of things like serai (lemon grass) and kunyit (turmeric) so it was very flavourful and to her liking. The sambal (chili dip) that came with it was different from the one that came with my chicken rice…

Chicken rice chili dip

– that one had belacan (dried prawn paste) in it and yes, she loved it too!

I asked for the nasi ayam goreng 2 ketul ayam (RM8.00)…

Warung BM nasi goreng ayam 2 ketul ayam

…thinking that it was chicken rice that would be fried served with two chunks of chicken. I did fry the chicken rice that Mary gave me the first time – I was saving it for my girl but she was sick that weekend and we were so preoccupied with it that I completely forgot about the chicken rice in the fridge and when I came across it one fine day, I decided to just fry it mixed with some leftover plain rice…and it tasted so so good – it sure brought the taste to a whole new level and I was thinking that perhaps, theirs would be good too. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed when my order was served – it turned out to be chicken rice (nasi ayam) plus  fried chicken (ayam goreng) and nothing like what I had expected.

Like during our previous visit, the rice was all right, quite good but nowhere near Mary’s…and thankfully, the chicken was very nice – freshly fried and served piping hot and crusty on the outside, moist and tender on the inside…

Warung BM fried chicken

…and I did like it though I would not say it was something so good that I would want to order again.

My girl had their mushroom chicken (RM11.00)…

Warung BM mushroom chicken 1

…which was actually chicken chop served with mushroom gravy…

Warung BM mushroom chicken 2

…and she did enjoy it but she thought that the best in town would be the one at Eco-Delite, no, not the Hainanese one that she had but the grilled one with mushroom gravy that the mum had….and that was so much cheaper, RM8.90 only.

The total inclusive of drinks, came up to RM35.10 that day and yes, I did ask about the RM23.00 chicken and the sweet Malay girl told me that it was indeed RM23.00 each, smoked/roasted and it would be available daily especially in the morning or around lunchtime but by evening or night, they may all be sold out. As for the XXL fried chicken, it is just fried chicken chop, just that it would be a very generous serving but at only RM10.50, I do not think it would be very much bigger than what my girl had.

I guess we will be coming back again sometime – there are a whole lot of things on their menu that we have not tried yet.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Let’s go there…”

  1. No gravy? Too dry. Super dry.

    Why bother having fried chicken if you’re going to do that? We want to taste the lovely crispy skin with the nice crusty batter…and the sweetness of the moist succulent meat inside. No need to drown all that goodness with any gravy. Any bland meat will taste good with good gravy.

  2. Warung BM … What does BM stand for, ya? It can’t possibly be Bukit Mertajam! 😉

    I did mention that in my first post on this place – people up north would think the way you do…teachers and students would think it stands for Bahasa Malaysia. It’s actually the name of the organic chicken farm.

  3. The skin of the fried chicken looks so cripsy. Anything with good grade belacan would taste great even in dippings.

    My missus said it was very nice so maybe they use the nicer Bintulu belacan. I did not try. Fried chicken was very nicely done but at the end of the day, it was what it was – fried chicken. At least the ayam penyet one had all the marinades, definitely a lot nicer.

  4. The marinated chicken thigh looks delicious!

    The one my missus had? Yes, it was good – I would have that next time, I prefer that to fried chicken a la Colonel Sanders, anytime.

  5. The one your missus ordered looks very delish… Cannot go wrong with lemongrass and spices to marinate the chicken and then frying them dry…

    Exactly what I said in my reply to Linda’s comments. Those people don’t know what they’re missing.

  6. Nasi ayam goreng, yes can be misleading. It could be chicken fried rice or rice with fried chicken. Looks like this chicken place is good!

    Not bad, nice and not expensive – we sure would want to come back again.

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