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I remember them selling these long ago, pickled in some yellow-coloured liquid, at those stalls selling tidbits in front of the cinemas…and after eating them, one’s fingers would all be yellow too. Then, there was a ban on those as the colouring used was harmful to one’s health.

I am talking here about buah kedondong or in English, umbra. I was a never a fan of those pickles nor of the fruit but it seems that lately, it has become a popular drink at many eateries as there are claims that the juice is good for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

If I am not mistaken, it is also used in fruit rojak…but I think I love it best like this…

Sambal kedondong 1

This is the sambal kedondong from my regular Malay food stall at Bandong and all this cost only RM2.00…

Sambal kedondong 2

However, if I had a choice, I would very much prefer the buah emplam

Buah emplam
*recycled photo*

…which actually looks similar but it is a lot more sour. They also sell these at the food stall and I bought some the other day, also for RM2.00. However, it was sold ulam-style – the fruit cut into slices, skin and all, and packed separately from the sambal belacan. I was supposed to dip the slices into the sambal and eat them like that but I prefer it done this way…

Sambal emplam 1

To serve it like this, I removed the skin on the slices and cut them into thin strips. Then I mixed it with the sambal belacan

Sambal emplam 2

It goes really well with rice and needless to say, I really enjoyed my dinner that evening! Rest assured that I will be going back there for more…

Author: suituapui

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18 thoughts on “Back for more…”

  1. Is this the buah kunong? I’ve been buying them from the stall in front of the Star Cineplex (the old Cathay). They’re good. I usually forego the plum powder (ongoing boycott of food products from China). Haven’t tried the sambal variety yet but looks really good.

    Buah kunong, that’s one of the names the Chinese here call it. Yup…they sell those alongside the cut fruits. I used to take the plum powder with guava but not since there were reports about it being harmful for health. No, thank you… 😉

  2. wonder i saw a lot at pasar mlm. I like to eat it with asamboi powder.

    Eeeee…at one time, they say cannot eat that asamboi powder, poisonous. I wouldn’t touch that ever… 😦

  3. omg!! i love those!! yerrrrr!!!

    Me too! I remember I went for lunch in KK, that complex opposite the electricity board building…and the old lady had sambal emplam at her stall. I think I had no less than 3 servings (and had to pay extra for that)…and ended up with a sore throat. Panas, I think… 😦

  4. woah…acar-acar! I love it especially with nasi briyani!

    You call them acar? Here, we call them sambal – sambal kedundong, sambal emplam, sambal petai…and what have you. Yum! 😉

  5. Hm salivating now..good sign that Bananaz is perfectly normal haha..oh eat with rice hope can waiting till rice is cooked or else cant tahan would wallop the whole lot..hehehe.

    Hahahahaha!!! I’m not into sour stuff, so I will only eat it, mixed with rice. No problem for me… 😉

  6. is this “mangolong”? Didn’t know can use mangolong to do it with sambal.

    Umbra good for health? Lower blood pressure and cholesterol? Wah, good news good news, then i can start to drink this juice more often. I love umbra juice.

    LOL!!! That’s another name that the Chinese call it. Yup…it seems to be the craze these days – a very popular drink, blended skin…and all – supposed to be good for health. Nice with sambal…but sambal, not all that healthy – must take in moderation, not too often.

  7. wah..u so creative.. like kerabu but without the sambal…makes me swallow something now… 🙂

    LOL!!! Past noon already…not having your lunch yet kah? Thought I read somewhere that your sons will be home for the weekend? Going here and there mam-mam non-stop again, I’m sure! 😉

  8. Something special to me again! Fruits + sambal belacan…….

    I’ve eaten the kedondong fruits before but don’t really like it. Quite hard to find them available here.

    I only like it in sambal…but then again, like I said, I would rather have the much more sourish and more fragrant emplam – nicer!

  9. I am back…phew! I missed many of your post.

    I guess I need a day that has more than 24 hours per day to diminish my business.

    It is the first time I saw this food. Is the said health benefits true? There are so many food supplements and herbal medicines nowadays that claims to make the body healthy. They are so plenty that I don’t know if they are believable.

    Dunno how true that is…but it’s a fruit, so no harm in taking more of that. Fruits and vegetables are supposed to be good. I go for the natural herbs, homegrown…not the processed ones sold in pharmacies and I don’t go for the supplements either. Gosh…you’re a really busy guy. Glad that you try to drop by whenever you can.

  10. oh me oh my!! I miss sambal … the delicious spicy tanginess coupled with the many sensations on one’s tastebuds ! These look delicious !

    That goes without saying…especially the sambal emplam! Really really good, must buy again when I see any at the stall. Haven’t seen you around for a while. Hope you’re doing great over there. Take care.

  11. I love kedondong drink but without the preserved plums. It is nice to eat mango with rice! I add chilly padi…mmmmn nice!

    Yup, I know one place here that sells the drink and usually they will put a preserved plum inside. Oooooo….cili padi! You’re like my missus – we always have cili padi in the house but I do not like. I prefer the fragrance of the ordinary ones – something I may mix the two for the taste plus the kick.

  12. Oooo… buah umbra… very nice to cicah with rojak sauce. 😀 Sedappp… and the sambal looks sensational… would like to have some… *sigh*

    Yum! Yum!…Drool…drool! I knew you would love these! Hehehehehe!!!

  13. wow… this makes me so sad. I MISS MSIAN FOOD SOOO MUCH!!!!!

    and .. i miss putumayam too… I am amazed that one has to pay so much for so little. The price has really increased!

    LOL!!! For us here, we are grateful that we can still get to eat this and at least, it tastes exactly like what we used to have when we were young, never mind the price. Eventually, there will not be anymore… We do have some sold elsewhere but they’re not nice at all and I wouldn’t even bother to give them a second glance… 😦

  14. OMG my favorite!! 🙂 this looks soo good. I hope it tastes so much better than it looks!

    Btw, nice blog!

    Ummmmm….yes, it tastes really great – I prefer the latter to the former. Can’t really get what you mean – you seem to contradict yourself…

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