Bunga Tanjung…

I mentioned a Mr Bean Special Cafe in Sungai Antu here in some of my earlier posts not too long ago but I just discovered that it is no longer there! I don’t know if it has closed down or whether they have spruced up the place nicely and renamed it…

Sri Tanjung Cafe 1

They’ve a very nice tiled floor now with some pleasant-looking furniture (with cushioned chairs) and they even have flowers on every table…

Sri Tanjung Cafe 2

Ok…ok…I know they’re plastic and they bought those at Supersave for RM3.90 but at least, they’ve put in some effort to make the place more presentable than the regular coffee shop or kopi tiam. See! They even provide a nice box of tissue paper for people to use…unlike some places where they give you a toilet roll!!! LOL!!!

I heard that their nasi lemak special with rendang chicken is very nice…but when I dropped by around lunchtime the other day, they were all sold out. So I had the nasi campur (mixed rice)…

Sri Tanjung - nasi campur

…and a teh tarek ais (“pulled” iced tea).

The fish curry was all right, nothing much to shout about as I can easily have something just as good or even better at other places but I would give them a double thumbs-up for the soy-sauce chicken. I think they had all kinds of ingredients – spices and all…not just ginger and soy sauce and lots of msg, the way they would cook it at the Chinese eating places.

I also had this ulam (the Malaysian version of salad)…

Sri Tanjung - ulam

…and the sambal was really great – super hot, super enjoyable! Altogether, I paid RM6.80…so I guess, the food was RM5.00 and the drink cost RM1.80.

Incidentally, did you notice it? Just look at what they use to serve the rice! Porcelain no less, not even melamine…and definitely, none of those miserable coloured plastic plates that we would find at most eating places here, there and everywhere. Bravo! Bravo! That certainly deserves another double thumbs-up!

I think I will be going back there again soon for the nasi lemak, so stay tuned!

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37 thoughts on “Bunga Tanjung…”

  1. Yeah,this wl be my kind of place. Went to Gloria Jeans the other day n had coffee in-hse n was a bit putoff when they serve coffee in plastic cups :(! takeaway,i wouldn’t hve minded. Haha! I know what u mean by toilet rolls, once went to someone’s ‘posh’ hse for tea n was given toilet roll to wipe hands after. a bit ‘icky’ lah!

    Had that at Seattle in Kuching too – branded coffee in a plastic cup, so miserable. You get toilet rolls at some chu-char/seafood restaurants – they even sell this cylindrical plastic container with a hole on top that you can pull the toilet paper true…and they place those in the tables. One place in Kuching long time ago – I remember it was a place near the KTS wharf, they gave that to the locals…and to the ang mohs, they gave boxes of tissue paper. We were quite put off by their double standard… 😦

  2. If I take this in the canteen, it will cost around RM4.. one piece of chicken and a bit of vege…. The ulam and the sambal is making me drool… πŸ™‚

    This one had a slice of fish curry as well…so RM5 is quite reasonable. It can be more expensive eating at Malay stalls and shops here – for one thing, there are fewer of them and many go home to eat here, not like in the cities or over at your side…so turnover isn’t as much as at those Chinese places and the food is usually nicer with a whole lot of extra ingredients used – not just msg. I don’t mind paying a little bit more…

  3. Long time never had ulam dy. 😦 ur food look great n it quite cheap for overall i guess. πŸ™‚

    I’ve eaten such food at that shop round the corner from Deleeton Hotel, same block – very nice food there…but can be expensive, and also the food court in the basement of that complex opposite the Sabah electricity board building. Had the sambal emplam – it was really great. And talking about sambal emplam, I think that’s in tomorrow’s post. Hehehehehe!!!!

  4. Premier tissue paper somemore! haha….

    The sambal belacan looks good. Time to hit the malay stall again.

    Enjoy yourself! I always love Malay food…and if there’s ulam sambal, even better! πŸ˜‰

  5. My fav is the sambal belacan, and it is a ritual for me whenever i take nasi melayu or kandar, i must eat it with fingers …sedap betul like that.

    hey arthur have yourself a great weekend ya, since you no class and shake legs, so can go for more foods hunting already lol , right

    Must take to me to a nice place for such food the next time I go to Penang, roadside stall ones the best! Not nasi kandar though…the mamak’s chopper very sharp one! I’ll avoid them if I have a choice, after being sliced a couple of times.

    Aiyor…no cless means no pay, no pay means no money – want to go out to eat also must think twice. No money liao lor…until end of January. Sobs!!! 😦

  6. “2 thumbs up ” from you… lol, I consider that’s very rare! It’s must be superb delicious! I would prefer rendang dish over anything too and the sambal… woooo… I couldn’t have enough of it! Slurp~!

    Have a splendid weekend!^-^

    Well, the guy said ayam masak kicap, so I was not expected anything great – what could one possibly expect from chicken cooked in soy sauce…but it turned out to be so very nice…with a whole lot of “hidden” ingredients – that was why I was impressed. The fish wasn’t much to shout about though – just ok, same as anywhere else.

  7. Teh tarik ais and nasi lemak — sounds like heaven to me. After reading that, I had to make my own teh tarik too (boh teh tarik kurang manis – bought them at Mega mall Carrefour) but no nasi lemak. The dishes look absolutely stunning. That Nikon of yours is really fantastic, the pictures look good enough to eat (except for the plastic flowers).

    The lighting at that place was good…and since it’s digital – no worries about the limited exposures on film, I would usually take a few…and then choose the best ones, except when there are people with me and they may in a hurry to eat. Well, it’s October…and soon the new year will be here. When’s your next trip home? We can go for nasi lemak and whatever you want… πŸ™‚

    1. Looks like it’s going to be June. Can’t wait. Nasi lemak, teh tarik, prawn mee, coffee fantasy, Ah Tong kampua, chicken rendang, rice bryani, already have the full agenda planned out.

      Looking forward to that! Can’t wait too…and ah yes! Mustn’t forget our trip to Kanowit!!! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Bwhahahahha… I tot u just made nasi lemak for bfast oni? Bwhahaha!

      I had nasi lemak this morning…but not from this shop – just picked up a packet from my regular stall in the kampung – extra pedas!

  8. Ohhhhhh sambal… *DROOL* looks like to die for. Sobs… must really go and find the lesung and batu liao la… beh tahan… guna blender make sambal tarak syok la… no ooomphhh!

    Come and see my post tomorrow. Lots of sambal… LOL!!!

  9. I just had nasi lemak for breakfast today. πŸ™‚

    Sambal ma…..i don’t like. hahahha

    The soy sauce chicken look good. It must be taste very good till you give them two thumbs up?

    It was! The business is good, always lots of people there…so I guess it must be one of the better places in town. Ya…I know – you’re not a sambal fan… LOL!!! πŸ˜€

  10. Wah you’re very observant! What kind of plate they used also you noticed πŸ˜› But it’s good to know that their little effort is noticed by someone πŸ™‚

    I like nice crockery and that can push up a restaurant a class above the rest – stoneware, porcelain, real China…they make a lot of difference.

  11. How come the meal there looks so crude. πŸ˜€

    Crude? You mean they do not arrange nicely? What do you expect from nasi campur – kopitiam? Nasi kandar shops over your side, also like that or worse…and at least double the price. Melaka ones not like that kah?

  12. aiyo….drool man looking at your belacan. I just bought one big piece from my last trip back to melaka and still dare not cook it (coz i’ll eat so much of it, which is bad for health, isn’t it?)

    Melaka’s nice? Well, if you come back for the next post, I’m sure you’ll b e pounding away in no time at all… Muahahahaha!!! Eat in moderation, not all the time – and you’ll be fine.

  13. I am always reading the word “ulam” from some of your posts. Now I know it means salad. For us here, ulam means viand. ^_^

    “Ulam” means raw or boiled/blanched vegetables which you eat by dipping into the “sambal”, made from pounded chillies and dried prawn paste (belacan) and lime. It’s the Malaysian salad…not really the same as the western salad which is usually tossed in the different kinds of dressing.

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