One more thing…

On the morning of their final day in Sibu, I told my friend from KL to skip the breakfast at the hotel and go with his missus to eat the kampua noodles at this place near the hotel where they were staying…

Kingwood Sibu
*Kingwood, Sibu @ RM150 nett per room, new wing, inclusive of breakfast for two*

…and also the beef noodles there and I would come a little later to fetch them to go and eat something else. Unfortunately, the beef noodle stall was not open but they did get to enjoy had the kampua noodles and they said it was good – in fact, many claim that it is the best in town.

Well, there was one more thing that they had been talking about and wanting to eat, which was ourΒ mee sua in chicken soup cooked with the traditional Foochow red wine but when I took them here, the stall was closed for the day. In the end, I decided to bring them here…

Uncle Bakery Sibu

I know it’s actually a bakery but they have a kitchen at the back and they do serve all kinds of things besides the cakes and stuff…and if you sit inside, it is air conditioned so it will not be so hot and stuffy like in many coffee shops. Someone told me that their mee sua was the best in town but I had never got round to trying it and if anyone is wondering where it is located exactly, it faces the Sibu bus terminal, a few doors away from the Medan Hotel.

My missus had the zhao chai hung ngang

Zhao chai hung ngang

– the big mihun in preserved vegetable soup and she said it was good.

I had the kampua noodles…

Kampua noodles

…and I would say that it was as good as it looked. It wasn’t too bad but I would not ask anyone to go there to eat if that is what they have in mind for breakfast or for that matter, at any time of day.

My KL friend and his missus both had the mee sua

Mee sua

…and it certainly appeared very impressive indeed. Both of them enjoyed it…but I did not get to sample it myself so I cannot say for sure how good it actually is. It looks like I would have to drop by the place again Β sometime.

Now, to my delight, the moment I arrived, I spotted these in the glass case…

Hokkaido cup cakes 1

– Hokkaido cup cakes…and all the time I was there, I could not wait to grab one to try!

Of course, I simply HAD to do that and as soon as I had finished my kampua noodles, I went and bought two for us to share. It was very nice – the texture of the cake was soft, very well done, I would say…and there was a lot of cream inside too…

Hokkaido cup cakes 2

The cream was all right, not overly rich or sweet and I would say it was something like the cream one would find in cream puffs. Overall, I would say I would give it the thumbs up especially when considering that it costs only RM2.00 each. I am pretty sure you cannot get it that cheap in KL or elsewhere.

I guess I will be going back there one of these days to try the mee suaΒ like I said I would and you can be sure that I would definitely be picking up a few of the Hokkaido cup cakes to enjoy…

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “One more thing…”

  1. What happened to Uncle Bakery’s face? Got burnt out? haha

    Poor quality, I guess… Probably can’t stand the heat of the lights inside. Not that old, this place – maybe less than 10 years.

  2. Is that ark thooi or kay thooi mee sua? Or looks like too thooi mee sua leh haha. Also one of my favorite when I was in Penang.

    They have Foochow mee sua in Penang????? I wouldn’t think it’s the same. I had in KL – famous one…but I could not finish half the bowl – not nice, the wine was sweet. Ewekkkkk!!!!

  3. That hotel room wis only RM150 so cheap? Is it at Sibu is much cheaper compared to Kuching?

    Yup, hotels of this class in Kuching can go up to around RM200 or more in the so-called Golden Triangle but there are nice cheaper ones if you don’t mind staying further away – like 360, for instance.

    1. Going travel, I dun mind staying in hotel which dun burnt a hole in my pocket. We spend more time travelling and exploring outside, where got time staying in the hotel. hahaha. Thanks for sharing this info, will bookmarked down this hotel and nearby also have so many goodies to eat.

      Me too. As long as it is nice and clean, good enough for me. If going for the expensive hotels, I would just stay in the hotel and relax, basking in the comfort all day long, don’t want to go out. I enjoy that also… πŸ™‚

  4. I just had Zao Cai Hoongan today!! It’s one of my favourite and I always ask my mum to bring over zao cai whenever she travel back to Bintulu. The Red wine mee sua also looks awesome! We are now making our own red wine and hopefully it turns out well.

    You had??? And you have red wine? Hey!!! Then you can cook the local Sibu Foochow mee sua…other than the zhao chai hung ngang – these would be true blue local Sibu Foochow dishes…and simple to cook, provided you have the traditional Foochow red wine – red Chinese cooking wine, not the same and the longevity noodles in China/Hong Kong are completely different.

    1. Yes I actually make the foochow mee sua a lot here. Until I ran out of red wine that’s why now we are making more. πŸ™‚ It’s my fav way of making chicken soup! BTW I wouldn’t call it ‘Sibu’ mee sua myself (just foochow) since I’ve grown up eating that in Bintulu too. Hehe.

      It’s Foochow and Bintulu has a lot of Foochows, as well like Sarikei or Bintangor. Outside this Foochow area, can’t get…and their longevvity noodles and their confinement diet all also not the same. Could not get in Kuching before (and red wine neither) but these days, so many Foochows there – no problem getting mee sua at the shops and they can buy red wine there too.

  5. The mee sua certainly looks good. SO how many days do I need in Sibu to check out all the goodies you have been posting πŸ˜€

    They were here two nights only and they did not get to eat everything – at least three or four nights…and if you stay longer, maybe you would like to venture out to the nearby towns like Kanowit or Bintangor and Sarikei, all around an hour away – they do have their attractions as well.

  6. Oh, you like Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcakes. Agree that they are nice to eat. All those noodles sure look tasty πŸ™‚

    I don’t mind. They’re ok – these here are light, not sweet…and I quite like them like that. Come, book your tickets fast… I think the airlines are having some promos right now.

  7. oh.. i can give a LIKE to each of the thing you mentioned here.. the mihun in preserved vege soup looks appetizing, the kampua with only pork (and no pork liver and pork intestine) looks good, the hokkaido cake is yummy.. but the meesua keeps loading after even 5 minutes so i can’t see how it looks like, hahahahaha~~~

    Looks perfectly ok to me… Must be your connection. Anybody else having this problem?^.^

  8. Eeee this kampua no intestine geh….would prefer tha Zhao chai hung ngang

    I’m never a fan of zhao chai hung ngang, Foochow sesat – my missus loves that and my daughter likes it too.

  9. yum yum! never try kampua noodle before! looks dry though! hokkaido cupcake! with lot of cream inside? YUMMYYYY!!! i can almost imagine that!

    Tak kenal make tak cinta…but true, the one here isn’t that great. I would not bother to go back there again for that.

  10. I am a noodle person. I like noodle more than rice. So, all the noodles in this post look great for me. I haven’t tried big mihun in preserved vegetable soup and kampua in my life. Looks very special to me.

    You will have to come to Sibu for those…and our mee sua’s different too – so very much nicer than the one I had in KL – despite all the press reviews on display at the stall.

  11. I love red wine chicken noodles! The first time I had it was at a friend’s gma’s place in Setiawan and she makes her own stuff. Was a little sceptical at first with all that redness but one mouthful and I was sold! Now I order it whenever I see it on any menu … BUT … not everywhere does it good. Like you, I’ve had the overly sweet ones and that really is such a turn off. Maybe I’ll learn to make some one day … maybe.
    The Hokkaidos are pretty decently priced. It’s about 2.50 – 3 ringgit each over here. Or we can just hop over to QPC’s and hopefully get it for free! Shhhh …

    Hehehehehe!!!! Her extra-special ones, so much nicer…and no money can buy ones. Wink! Wink! LOL!!! πŸ˜€

    Ah!!! Sitiawan – Foochow town! Ya…or when I go over, I can bring you a bottle or two of the wine – that’s all you need, no problem with the rest.

    1. In exchange for tarts? Sounds like a good deal to me! But I’m sure I can find it here … somewhere. Can’t wait that long til you come again. Getting hungry thinking of it.

      No need to exchange – I can always bring you a bottle or two but the question is when? Vincent Tan is not very kind and generous to me these days…😦

  12. The red wine mee sua looks so yummy and appetizing, but the noodles seems to a little bit less or most of the noodles are inside the soup?

    Yup…you will have to toss the noodles to loosen it and then you will see that you actually have quite a lot.

  13. i’ve always like a preserved vegetable soup base. it whets the appetite and it makes you wanna eat more and more. haha

    Not for me. Is it a woman thing, loving sour stuff? My missus loves it…and my daughter too… LOL!!!

  14. Most of the shops you went also closed just liked the time we went to kampua shop and it was closed also. Thank goodness the next trip I get to makan the kampua noodle. Sibu people really know how to enjoy their life.

    It seems that Mondays, some mee sua stalls are closed…and some beef noodle ones too. I think Noodle House closes on Tuesdays and Ruby on Wednesdays. Want to come, have to plan – if weekends, should be safe…and avoid long holidays and festivals. Still, there are other places to go to, no worries.

  15. zhao chai hung ngan, give it a pass but love the mee sua x’pecially the drum stick. Yum!!!!Yum!!!…

    You’re like me then. Mee sua…anytime! πŸ˜‰

  16. Hi, next trip to Sibu will be 5 days 4 nights. Haha.. That was the 1st time we went to Sibu, not knowing what to expect. Now we know, & as the Terminator said: I’LL BE BACK! You mentioned 360 hotel? How much is it? Other than that, if the Kingwood hotel has cheaper rooms in the old block, we might go for that too as the central market & night market deserves another round of visits. We just love the location of Kingwood hotel. There’s Payung & best kampua noodle behind Kingwood, rm2 beer & more food at night market. What more do you want? Oh, by the way, I just uploaded my blog with KK food. Sibu food is still under process..

    This is cheap: – not in town but I’ll be around…or you can stay here – location is better than Kingwood (across the road from the more expensive Tanahmas & Premier). Now that you’ve been here, you do realise that you do need a lot more time than just two nights in this little town.

    360 is in Kuching – govt rate was less than RM150 but you can google 360 Express – not as nice, but cheaper…all inclusive, not like Tune. Location is better than this one.

  17. I like ‘zhao chai hung ngang’. I want to try cooking it. (wait till I get the same zhao chai) hehe….And I oso like Foochow red wine mee sua…I brought back the red rice wine from Sarikei and cook the mee sua at home. Its certainly a comforting meal! πŸ˜‰

    Lucky you! Not available in the peninsula…our traditional red wine and I know many would be dying to lay their hands on a bottle or two. πŸ˜‰

      1. So far I only bought once….call me stingy =p
        Paying RM3+ for just 2 bite…habis edi… LOL!

        Like the cream puffs over there – not cheap either. Here, only 80 sen…and I would think that’s expensive too. Just a mouthful and it’s gone. Hehehehehe!!!

  18. Hmm if I were your friend, I’d be requesting for the mee sua that is personally cooked by you! I’m sure nothing in Sibu could beat that. πŸ˜› The Hokkaido cakes looked so creamy.. not for me.. hehe

    No problem!!! I cook it quite often as I do enjoy it very much…and my missus will cook as well. Oh? You’re not into stuff that’s rich and creamy. Watching your figure, I guess? Wink! Wink! LOL!!!

  19. I think I had the best mee sua while I was in Sibu πŸ™‚

    Ooppa Foochow style… LOL!!! πŸ˜‰ My friends also commented about the chicken – the meat firmer and nicer than the chicken they have over at their side…

  20. zhao chai hung ngang!!! Slurp slurp!! I want that and the red wine mee suah.

    Best kampua in Sibu at Lanang? Should check that out on my next trip back. Not sure is it this is the same shop that my mum mention to me, saying they still use the pork lard oil to cook the kampua. *hungry*

    Hokkaido cupcakes ? Not really a fan, cannot have too much, very “zai”. My mum said another bakery selling 2 @ RM3 or 3 @ RM4, taste even nicer. I don’t know what is the bakery shop name in English, but chinese will be “xiang peng peng” meaning – smell good.

    I wonder which shop that is. There was a “Sweet Smelling Bakery” but that one has closed down. Will look around and see…

    Yup…the coffee shop at the traffic lights junction – the road turning right to Li Hua/Kingwood hotels. So many people keep telling me about this place but I have not gone to try the kampua – traffic usually heavy and parking is a problem.

    You don’t have any more red wine, I guess. Have to wait till your mum or I go to KL again. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Ok, just got the bakery name from my mum, it is Aroma bakery, I don’t know where is it. Hahahha

      Red wine ? I still got two bottles !! πŸ™‚

      Aroma? That’s where I get the delicious chicken pies!!! Hmmm…must drop by today to check it out. πŸ™‚

  21. the cake looks not too sweet but the noodles looks so salty πŸ™‚ one day i would go to malaysia just to have food trip πŸ™‚

    Noodles? The first one – sourish because of the preserved vegetables plus the strong fragrance of ginger and traditional red wine…and the mee sua’s the same – minus the sourish taste of the first one. Usually there is salt in the mee sua here so when we cook the chicken soup, we do not add salt anymore…and when we add the boiled mee sua, the soup will become salty enough…and the kampua is as bland as it looks – should be a bit oily and salty but unfortunately, it isn’t. So which do you think is salty? Well, in actual fact, none of the above is.

  22. Hi, the mee sua and hokkaido cupcake look delicious, slurrrpppppp I want the mee sua right now. Can fedex 1 bowl over here. LOL

    Have a nice week ahead.

    I wouldn’t think it is edible by the time it reaches you. Would be a whole lot better if you hop over here instead… πŸ˜‰

  23. Hmm.. zhao chai hung ang, kampua and mee sua with red wine! I think I’ll go for mee sua today. My dad managed to bring over zhao chai and hung ang from Sibu. Yum yum..So at least that can satisfy my cravings. Mee sua is difficult to bring over I think. We do have it here but of course it is different from what we get in Sibu. I can get kampua here for $6-7 per bowl but I’m not a big fan. πŸ™‚

    I hear it’s no good, the pseudo-authentic ones that you get there but then again, beggars can’t be choosers. Good grief!!! That’s around RM20 a bowl!!! *faints*

    You can ask your dad to bring the dried mee sua from here and also the dried kolo mee/kampua. The China-made mee sua in red boxes aren’t the same – not nice lah…or at least, not as nice as ours!

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