A good year…

On the eve of New Year’s Eve, Melissa’s coursemate and his family dropped by my house to pass me this really awesome serunding daging (beef floss)…

Beef floss

…that he had just brought back from Terengganu after the long school holidays back home. Yes, it was very nice and very spicy too which made us love it all the more, thank you so much, Bubu. It is always so nice and thoughtful of you to bring us a little something whenever you go back home.

These came in on New Year’s Eve…

Greeting cards

…just in time for the New Year, bringing my total for the year to 5, thank you so much to Merryn and family and also to Ozzie, my friend in Singapore, who sent hers all the way from Hokkaido in Japan while on holiday there.

That morning, we left the house at dawn to go to my girl’s school in the jungle. The road was pretty much the same, for better or for worse – some parts were a bit better, other parts were worse than the condition they were in over a month ago. When we got there, my girl had to go for their staff meeting so the mum and I spent the time cleaning her quarters from top to bottom. In keeping with our Chinese/Foochow custom, I cooked our traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup to bring along and eat with mee sua (longevity noodles) for lunch – my girl had it with bihun (rice vermicelli) instead.

We left around mid-afternoon and had the misfortune of having to go through torrential rain all the way on the horrendous Pain-Borneo Highway. We got home rather late and I had to rush to the car wash…and wash the engine when I got back so I did not get the chance to rest or have my forty-winks. That was why I did not go for the Thanksgiving Service and Fellowship/Pot Luck Gathering at our regular church that night – I might dose off halfway and I went to the one in the morning instead…and they had a little ceremony after the service to usher in the New Year 2019…

Welcome 2019 at St Mary's

After that, I decided to go in search of some very nice mee sua in town even though I already had that the day before. I did not bother to go back here as my favourite is no longer available and the substitute is not all that great and I don’t know if this one has moved some place or not after that coffee shop closed down. The one here was a tad too sour for my liking the last time I had it so I went here…

Uncle Bakery

…in the end as I could remember I did have some nice mee sua here a long time ago – I forgot that the last time I had it, I was somewhat disappointed.

Well, the kopi-o-peng (RM1.80)…


…wasn’t great – it was just so-so. There are a lot of places in town that serve very much nicer coffee at that same price or less.

The mee sua (RM7.00)…

Mee sua 1

…has gone up in price by a ringgit and the instant it was served, I knew right away that it would not be to my liking.

The soup was what we say in Hokkien, lor-lor (murky) and yes, there was enough red wine in it just that it wasn’t the top quality kind that we would get to enjoy here. The chicken was well-marinated and tender enough and there was one whole hard-boiled egg and a shitake mushroom…

Mee sua 2

I keep telling my friend, Peter, the boss of Payung to serve it as a special…say, for lunch on Saturdays, like their lei cha on Fridays and because their red wine is absolutely the best, made by his sister, approved by his mum – the matriarch in the family and since they use the more expensive pua-chai kay (I bought one for our mee sua that day, RM60 a bird), they can give two pieces of the meat and more noodles and soup in a  bigger bowl and charge double, RM15.00 perhaps. Because it is so very nice, I, for one, would keep going for it and there will be others, I’m sure…and their friends who may not be thus inclined can always order something else from their regular menu. How about that for a business proposal, eh?

As for this one that I had, at best, I would say it was all right…and at least, I had mee sua on New Year’s Eve and also on New Year’s Day in the hope that I would be blessed with longevity and a good year ahead. I must say, however, that despite what I felt about it, it certainly seemed very popular as there was quite a crowd and many were having this same thing. It would be such a shame if there isn’t a place right here in Sibu, basically a Foochow town, where one can get really very good Foochow longevity noodles or mee sua.

UNCLE BAKERY (2.304785, 111.849142) is located along Lorong Pahlawan 7B/3, directly facing the Sibu Bus Terminal, a few doors to the right of Medan Hotel/Bus Terminal Food Court.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “A good year…”

  1. Happy New Year! LOVED seeing your HAPPY MAIL! Before I read what you have in that first pic – I thought it was a yellow/orange IRISH MOSS 🙂

    Thanks and the same to you! No, that’s meat, not anything vegetarian.

  2. Happy New Year to you and family, Arthur. Glad the card finally made its way to your place. It took two weeks?
    Love your tradition of eating mee suah to usher the new year. For us, we try to catch the fireworks display at midnight. We have been bringing the boys to see fireworks without fail each year except for that year when the great tsunami struck and as an act of respect, no fireworks were lighted up that year.

    Thank you and the same to you and yours. It took over a month to reach my cousin in Brisbane, Australia!

    I slept soundly through the transition from 2018 to 2019, did not hear nor see a thing. I hope you were not at Pavilion, Bukit Bintang – the crowd looked quite rowdy, saw it on youtube. Big crowd at KLCC too…and all that rubbish that they left behind all over the road, so irresponsible, absolutely disgusting – gives the country a bad name.

  3. I guess the beef floss is exactly the same as our meat floss.

    In the sense that they are both meat floss, absolutely different in taste though. I’m surprised you have not have it before – can get it quite easily here but of course, the taste may vary between the people making. They do sell it at Ramadan, eaten with lemang.

  4. The chicken in the mee suah, nice?? Look scary to me. Haha.

    I am going to have mee suah for breakfast today. ^^

    Good idea for Peter to have special on certain day, then the kitchen wouldn’t be so tired preparing so many dishes.

    Yes, the chicken was well-marinated, hence the red colour and it was not tough. I think it had been simmered for a long time…and was at the bottom of the pot and was a little bit charred – probably that was why the soup was lor-lor, not freshly cooked soup.

    They still have the dishes on their regular menu even on their lei cha day, Friday but I guess many go for the lei cha so they will not have to cook a lot of the other dishes. The lei cha entails a lot of work though – they would have to prepare the leaves and herbs for the soup a few days ahead and cook it, ready for lunch on Friday. I think mee sua is a lot easier to prepare.

  5. here’s wishing you more serunding and better mee sua in 2019! hope the first three days of the year are going well for you 🙂

    Yes, it has been good, thanks. With my girl back in her school in the jungle, things have more or less gone back to the same ol’ routine.

  6. I see firecrackers! I late grandpa used to light those on CNY eve. He was partially deaf and the noise didn’t bother him LOL!

    Yes, the traditional Chinese way to usher in the New Year. It was loud so I left quickly…as soon a I had taken the pics. Can’t stand the fumes either.

  7. Sorry Arthur for not coming lately, I cannot access to your blog using my handphone… they kept asking me to log in to wordpress which I do not have. Anyway, hope all is fine now… did not update my blog for a couple of days already… I like the serunding, miss the good old days when I was in office and my colleagues used to bring that every now and then.

    Hmmmm…starting to miss home already, eh? Happens all the time…especially for old folks like us. East, west, home is best.

  8. I only know one eat mee sua on his or her birthday, I learned something today that can eat mee sua on new year eve or new year day too hee hee

    Dunno about other people but we do that every year.

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