Garden of love…

I do not believe in spending a fortune to stay at an exclusive, classy five or more-star hotel especially when most of the time, one would be out all day and would only come back to bathe and sleep. However, wherever I go, I would want a reasonably comfortable, clean and decent hotel that is not too expensive. One where I usually stayed in the Bukit Bintang area in KL cost RM150 a night for a standard single/double with  complimentary American or Malaysian breakfast (not buffet) and RM180 for a triple room the last time I was there.

That was why when my blogger-friends came to Sibu, I booked the rooms at this hotel for them. The big room with two big double beds is only RM90.00 and the triple with a double and a single is only RM85.00.  Try looking for hotel rooms at those prices in the towns and cities in the peninsula and see what dump you will end up in. The drawbacks would be:
1. It was not in the town centre so you would need a car to get around.
2. There is no lift so you would have to book rooms on the 1st Floor instead of the 2nd or 3rd.

My friends rented a car when they were here so they had no complaints regarding (1) above but they were grumbling that they had to climb up and down the stairs every day while they were here and for somebody like smallkucing‘s papa who’s more than twice my size, it certainly was not easy. Frankly, I would think the exercise would do them good especially after all the food they ate while they were here – six meals a day, don’t play-play! LOL!!!

Well, having listened to their grievances, I was thinking that perhaps they, or whoever else that may be coming to town, may want to consider this hotel…

Garden Hotel Sibu

The rooms have balconies…

Garden - balconies

…so lovebirds can play “Romeo and Juliet” but I must state for a fact here that the scenery in the vicinity is not anything worth hanging around outside for.

For one thing, the  hotel has its own private parking area…

Garden - free parking

…so you can enjoy free parking all day long without having to worry about parking tickets. Actually, if you are staying in this hotel, you do not even need to rent a car as it is located right in the town centre…and as I told my visitors the other day, every place is about 100 metres away so it would be so easy to get around.

This is the reception counter…

Garden - reception

…and here are the room rates…

Garden - room rates

Their triple room is definitely more expensive than at the other hotel and I’m not sure whether an executive or superior deluxe would be one with two double beds.

But this hotel has a lift…

Garden - lift

…and a nice cafe that they call the “Coffee Garden”…

Garden - Coffee Garden

…where you can have your complimentary breakfast every morning. The last time I saw, it was a buffet but do not get your hopes up too high – you will get juice, porridge with some condiments to go with it, bread/toast with butter and jam and something Malaysian such as fried noodles, kway teow, mihun or rice…and free flow of coffee or tea.

One good thing, however, is that their a la carte menu is very nice and relatively cheaper than at other hotels. Their fish and chips, my daughter’s favourite, is only RM12++…

Garden - fish & chips

…and a platter of mixed grill cost RM18++, if I remember correctly…

Garden - mixed grill

They do have set lunch with five options to choose from at only RM9.90 nett with complimentary soup and a drink. This one was their “braised chicken in red tofu”…

Garden - set lunch

…and though it came across more like fried chicken and I wonder whether red tofu was tauju (fermented bean curd), it tasted really great and I would consider it value for money.

So, if anyone is coming to town, perhaps he or she would consider this hotel which I would think is good enough. Of course, there are at least three or four better hotels but the room rates aren’t exactly this affordable unless you are government employees and  can get to enjoy the special privilege of paying what is called the “government rate” in which case you may be able to get around these same rates but they only have standard rooms and if you come with your family, you will need to book adjoining rooms (and pay double) unless somebody sleeps on the floor…or everybody squeezes into the small beds like sardines.

You can drop by their website to have a look at the rooms that they have…and perhaps, that may help you make up your minds.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

30 thoughts on “Garden of love…”

  1. certainly sound good! at least dont have to worry about parking. The man who rented the car to us said the meter man very naughty and will come to place around the hotel sharp 8am and “saman” those car without parking ticket.

    Oh? At other places here, no sign of them even by 8.10-8.15… That’s the time when they would be on their way to work/to their booth and 4 p.m. they would make their last round and head on home even though by right, they should knock off at 5. Not complaining though… We love it this way. Oh, I forgot to mention that 12 – 1.30 (and usually it would be 11.30 – 2 something as those nice people will not be around… LOL!!!), there’s no need for a parking ticket.

  2. i like the fish and chips, can see it’s not done the traditional way, the batter is not thick and it’s darker in color, perhaps more oriental style?? and they use green lime instead of lemon, another exotic taste!! but too small a portion for me..

    It’s breaded – just like the ones at our local franchise – the Sugar Bun. Both my daughter and I prefer this coating to the usual batter. The serving was big enough. My daughter could not finish – a little bit left…but then she got two pieces of bacon from me and some of her mum’s chicken…and there was complimentary garlic bread too… 😉

  3. i like the reception counter…

    One little problem there – they only have a small couch in the lobby and I’m not sure whether it can hold your weight. LOL!!!

  4. Hmm Garden Hotel~~ Not bad the food~~ =D

    Nice…and the prices are reasonable too…and they have local specialties too like umai, mee sua, kampua…but of course, theirs are halal but they’re not bad at all – I do like them and also other things on the menu.

  5. My friend stayed at this hotel before …I would say this hotel is not bad and the price is reasonable and the location is at town central. But the parking space is too small. I was having a hard time to get the parking lot that time and no choice..have to park at the roadside.
    For the food, I never tried before…but from the pictures above, it looks yummy.

    Hmmm….makes me wonder about your driving/parking skill. Muahahahahaha!!!! At times, there may be too many people so no space available – have to park by the roadside…but lately, it seems that everytime I go there, I do not have any problem at all. 😉

  6. I did not even notice this hotel exist:P Sounds good to me 😀

    You didn’t? It’s near the Chinese Horoscope Garden/Sibu Gateway. At one time, rumour had it that when they built the garden, the tiger was facing this hotel with its mouth wide open and its sharp teeth showing and that was supposed to be bad feng shui…so the hotel sent people to go over and remove its teeth. Dunno whether there’s any truth in this – orang punya mulut…susah nak cakap! LOL!!! 😀

  7. I like hotel with own private parking area. Saves a lot. If use parking coupon, sure beh tahan. Fish and chips looks nice.

    Ya…and if your tickets are for short term parking – half an hour only…it would be so tedious to put tickets for the whole day! 😦

    1. Now I know why they can have 6 meals per day.

      Well, for one thing they only had a few days here…and then when somebody came later, they had to go back to the same places and eat what was good there again…

  8. You are so right about the choice of accommodation. To me, any room is agreeable so as long as it is clean and is equipped with an air-conditioner. On my recent trip to Melaka, my friends and I decided to go on a nostalgic experience as we stayed at a famous backpackers inn that has been catering to international guests. Although they put us up at the extended building which was kinda unpleasant since the entry was via a backlane and at the back of the building and we had to use a common bathroom and toilet, we got used to it as the room was clean. It was cheap too at Rm25 per pax!
    But I think I will still opt for luxury for any trip that involves spending lots of time at the resort and using its facilities to the max ie. beach holiday!

    I wouldn’t stay at a backpacker as I would want something more than that…but I can’t afford anything expensive or luxurious…so I would settle for something less expensive, with all the basic amenities and comfortable enough for me to laze around all day, relax and do nothing. Like what my friend, Mandy used to say to me, “I know you love staying in hotels…but wouldn’t you come out for a while and we can go for dinner?” LOL!!! I always told her no to bother, I would be fine… 😉

  9. Arthur,
    When my family and I were in Sibu, we had this great accomodation with airport transfer somemore. It was a big room with a double and a single. Bathroom got bathtub with endless hot water and with a few varieties of shampoos and cream bath lagi. I for one love the hair-dryer…very powerful and will dry my hair in no time at all…can’t find that type of hair-dryer nowadays. Best of all, every morning bangun pagi get to smell all the nice breakfast…sambal hay bee with kompia one morning and the most delicious FooChow mee sua…slurppppp…so shiok! Not only that, got complimentary drivers to drive us around lagi. Best,man! Can still get that accomodation with that service, ah Arthur?…muahahahaa

    Can!!! Anytime…open to any party interested buy restricted to groups up to a maximum of 3 persons only…AND on a 1st come, 1st serve basis.

    1. Forget to add…boleh do laudry lagi.No need to bring smelly bajus around…hahahaha and free stand up comedy! 🙂

      Now you can also throw in FREE Welcome Drink – traditional Dayak rice wine/champagne…and FREE karaoke entertainment any time of day. LOL!!! 😀

      1. Keep some of your treasured rice wine for us!! And remember, we don’t do ‘sips’, muahahahaaa!

        You can lick the bottle. Just don’t get you tongue stuck in it! Muahahahahahaha!!!!

  10. nowadays in KL there are lots of cheap hotel …
    they convert the shops lot to be hotel.
    dunno whether they got install those hidden camera in the room or not…..

    No worries. I’m so big they would only be able to film the vital part, cannot include the face…so they would not know whose that is – all the same. Muahahahahaha!!!! Bintang Warisan where I always stay in KL is in a shoplot – and look at the prices…not cheap at all. This hotel in Sibu is in its own building, not a shoplot hotel.

  11. Uumm…not true, Arthur. There’s more than “only come back to bathe and sleep”. There’s jumping on the bed to be done, and for this exercise, the slightly more upmarket hotels will have strong, solid beds that will take that punishment. Hah?? what did you think I was thinking about when I said “there’s more than only come back to bathe and sleep” ?? 😉 jahat!!

    What would you want to go jumping on the bed for? Just be a good girl and go and sleep…but knowing the likes of you, when you say you want to “sleep”, “sleeping” is the last thing anyone would expect you to do… LOL!!!

  12. hmm i prefer local dishes. hehe… but the food is cheap and the hotel rate is cheap too.. compared to the KL rate

    They do serve local dishes there – you want fried midin, sweet and sour fish fillet and all – they have it but like I mentioned before, the food is halal…so you may prefer to go elsewhere. 😉

  13. Kingwood Hotel also not bad. Last month when I stay there, my room with 2 double bed at the rate of RM88/night (old wing). Much more cheaper than Garden Hotel.

    What? Maybe Swimming Association special rate eh? I heard it’s RM150 per night…and the promo now is for that same rate, they will upgrade you to the much nicer executive room. I think this is until enf of August this year only.

  14. Hello, Arthur. I came over from QPC after reading all the raves about you 🙂
    I needed to just check you out … a little … don’t mind me. You are certainly a great host with a super sense of humor … and best of all … great tastebuds!

    You’re the Ping who came to Sibu with Quay Po? Welcome, welcome…and keep on dropping by. Always appreciate company… 😉

    1. Uh, no, not that Ping…. I think. I don’t recall ever going to Sibu … must have passed out.

      Ok, no worries. Always glad to make a new friend – the more the merrier. Will link you in my blogroll…and will check out yours soonest. 🙂

  15. Garden Hotel, not bad huh, can survive for so so many years. I think i been there twice for dinner before i came over to KL. Forgot that time what is their signature menu that bring me there.

    From the picture, Melissa like losing some weight? No good food in Sungai Petani?

    Yalor…can’t do own cooking, eat at canteen or those dirty roadside stalls across the road… So kesian!!! Ya…Garden’s still going strong, looking a lot better than before. The food’s not bad there…and the cafe’s a lot more classy than before.

  16. Agree with you. A clean and presentable hotel room is more important since we will only be using the hotel room at night to sleep.

    And spacious! The new hotels are so very small…the size of a double bed – such a tight squeeze…and I stayed at a hotel in Sg Petani – had to sit on the toilet bowl to take my shower…my face almost touching the wall! Not cheap also – over RM100 a night…

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