Bun in the oven…

No, it may look like I’m pregnant but I definitely am not, by any chance, in the family way and that is exactly what this English expression means. A little learning is a dangerous thing, so they say and imagine some sweet young thing wearing a t-shirt that cries out loud in front, “I’ve a bun in the oven!” or worse, “So many men…so little time!”

Anyway, that aside, actually, I would like to highlight in today’s post some so-called Korean buns that I got to try recently. A friend of mine shared on Facebook this photograph of the ones that she bought…

Korean buns 1
*Friend’s photo on Facebook*

…and I wasted no time in asking her where she bought them. She told me that they were sold at a cake accessories shop among those in the Apollo area here, opposite the primary school (Su Lai). Well, that should not be too difficult to find, I thought, considering that there are only a few blocks of shops in that not very big area.

However, when I went around lunchtime one fine day, I was told that they were all sold out and I would have to go back another day if I wanted any. The girl said that they would bake them on the first floor above the shop and every hour, they would send a tray of the buns down, piping hot from the oven, for sale but only till around 11 something in the morning. I wouldn’t know but I guess probably, they only had one small oven so they could not bake a lot at one go, just one tray at a time.

The very next day, I made it a point to go a bit earlier and I managed to get some to try…

Korean buns 2

On the outside, I thought they looked like those artisan breads but no, they were not anything like those.

They had a very fragrant and thin crust on the outside…

Korean buns 3

…and with the toasted sesame seeds, initially, I thought it tasted something like our Sibu Foochow kompia. However, as I continued eating, it became quite clear that this was quite different and as a matter of fact, I would say that I liked this a lot more.

I googled and found out that these were supposed to be Korean mochi buns so it was supposed to be slightly chewy on the inside, Β just that I did not think it was all that sticky and rubbery likeΒ mochi

Korean buns 4

…and the texture actually gave some bite to the bun and made it different from normal bread or buns and with a very slight hint of sweetness that complemented its fragrance and taste, I would say that I enjoyed it…very much!

My missus said that she did buy some once at a local bakery but theirs were bigger and more expensive but she did not think they were any good and that was why she never bought anymore after that. Like me, she also enjoyed these a lot and at RM1.00 each, we thought it was quite reasonably priced and we would definitely go back there again to get some more time and again.

Another friend commented on the photos of these that I uploaded onto my Facebook page that he had had those from this bakery so I went over to buy some to try…

Uncle Bakery Korean buns

They were much cheaper – only 70 sen each and you can get 3 for RM2.00. To me, they did seem slightly smaller and did not look as nice on the outside. The taste was exactly the same except that they did not have that nice and crunchy outer crust that the ones aforementioned have so they were completely kind of tough and rubbery.

Given a choice, I certainly would buy the ones that I like more even though they may cost a little bit more.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “Bun in the oven…”

  1. Are they really originated from Korea or it’s been modified? Anyway, I love these types of bun as it is healthy and delicious, due to the sesame seeds which definitely add some nice fragrant to it. The skin seems looks a bit like wheat or probably it’s baked which makes it looks like wheat bun.

    What are wheat buns? I’m not really into bread nor do I make bread so I wouldn’t know much about these things but aren’t all bread made with wheat flour and are thus wheat buns? I do know there’s baguette, wholemeal bread and artisan breads like ciabatta, focaccia…but if I’m not mistaken, they’re all made from wheat flour, maybe different quality ones? So if they’re made in the form of buns, not loaves, wouldn’t they all be wheat buns?

    And what do you mean they originated from Korea or it’s been modified? You mean is this an original recipe from Korea and? Like how they say mee Bandung is originally from Johore and not Bandung in Indonesia? I wouldn’t know that either. You can always google for it – I think you would be able to find the recipe even.

    P.S. You’re right, Chris. Looks like these buns are made from tapioca flour, not wheat. Pat has an explanation in her comment below. That should be clear enough. Now, I know! πŸ˜‰

  2. Haha eh all your titles very unique and creative one.. A bun in the oven, yeah, like a pregnant post, but I know you won’t be talking about pregnancy so I know it has to be food, what else? Haha.. Oohh I’ve never eaten those ‘buns’ before.. Looks like kuih texture, doesn’t looks sticky and chewy like mochi, like you said. But I guess they are healthy buns, not fattening if you eat all 6 at one go, haha..

    Maybe you can but toothless old man like me – I would take a long time to eat just two. Six would probably take me half a day. Very very chewy inside, great exercise for the jaw!

  3. I like breads, but haven’t actually gone around to try these yet. Korean buns eh. Usually my bread supply is from either the wife or the mum, as I rarely go out of my way to buy some on my own accord. Interesting insights into the world of bread πŸ˜› ..

    Ooooo…lucky you! Buns from the wifey, eh? And the mum too? They make their own? Wahhhhhh!!!! Some guys have all the luck.

  4. Never seen this Korean bun before. Amazing, since Korean stuff is the trend nowadays. Like you, I would gladly pay the RM 1 for a better quality bun, I don’t want to be 70% satisfied when eating a delicacy πŸ˜‰

    Dunno if it’s a new trend. There are always these new things creeping out of the woodworks and taking the world by storm. I would want to try just to see what the fuss is all about – like macarons at one time and then there were the Hokkaido cup cakes and lately, it’s the potted plant ice cream. Oreo would be delighted by the sudden upsurge in sales.

  5. The Korean buns craze in Miri was ‘set-off’ by a bakery owned by a fellow from Sibu. You have to actually order it if you want any and yes it was that good. A few other bakeries follow suit but it just lacks ‘that’ something from that particular bakery.

    Oh? So it’s in Miri too? Yes, there are more than one here…but not necessarily all good. Not the same.

  6. Am not a bread person so seldom step into bakery shop. 1st time saw these so-called Korean buns. Looks good, cripsy outside & fluffy inside and what not with the add on sesame seeds.

    They were good…and that’s saying a lot for someone who is not really into bread like me. Of course like everything else – once in a while for a change would be nice, not all the time. Would probably get sick of it.

  7. I have never seen those buns before and this is the first time I heard of Korean Buns. Maybe on my next visit to the bakery I’ll be on the lookout for these. Quite curious πŸ™‚

    If they’re as good as these ones that I tried, I would say it is worth getting some to enjoy. We have had three and only one is something I would want to go back for – the other two, I would just give a miss. I guess it’s the same with everything else – they may be all over but not all would be good and we wouldn’t know unless we try.

  8. Have tried out these buns before. Thought they look a bit like those Mexican bun but from the photo where it’s cut into half…obviously different

    No, Mexican coffee buns are like our usual bread, the ones here, that is…with a nice crusty coffee-flavoured top. Used to love those when they first made the scene but gradually, they did not seem that nice and fragrant anymore. Maybe they started to scrimp on the coffee so they are no longer as good as initially…or probably I just grew tired of it.

  9. The bread looks kind of special…Crusty on the outside? Reminds me of Roti Boy.. crusty on the outside and soft on the inside…

    If I’m not mistaken, Roti Boy is our local name or brand for the Mexican coffee bun, right?

    1. Not sure… but I know that there were long queues when Roti Boy was newly operated… Now I think no more queues.. πŸ™‚

      I guess not. But they’re still around, that much I know.

  10. Oh. I never try this Korean bun before. It does look like bread texture.

    I’ll see when I will drop by to grab some more – can get for you, leave at your SIL’s shop.

    1. aiyoh. No need trouble you lah. haha. Its ok, I dont really crave for such thing.

      It does remind me of English scones. Add butter and eat it.

      No trouble at all, no worries. You’ll get it when you get it. Not going out of my way to buy, that’s for sure. πŸ˜‰ Ummm…scones? I think I would prefer those – rich, buttery , crumbly ones with clotted cream and fruit jam… Slurpssss!!!! Can’t get any good ones here though. 😦

  11. Wah. Never heard or saw these kind of buns. Looks nice! 😊

    Nice. I love it! May make the scene in Kuching soon, now that they’re available in Miri already. Can google for the recipe.

  12. Lovely…maybe can ask HB to tapao some back for me but not sure it will still be as nice or not.

    I will try and get on the day he leaves here to pass to him. I did keep some in the fridge and heated them up a bit in the oven to eat the next day – still very nice. Anything else you’re craving for from here?

  13. I like chewy foods, so would definitely try something similar.

    Good luck. Lots of people sharing the recipe in their blogs, I noticed.

  14. These buns are different as they are made of tapioca flour instead of wheat flour. Used to be available at Korean bakeries in Ampang or can DIY using premix from Korean shops

    Ahhhhh!!!! I see. That explains the stickiness or elasticity inside. Yes, I’ve seen somebody sharing a photograph of the DIY premix package in his or her blog. Thanks for the explanation and thanks for dropping by too. Do stop by again. Cheers!

  15. I am also very keen on this uniquely baked bun.They call it korean QQ mochi bun too.There are many places selling this bun,the taste is more or less the same as I think that they use the same premix flour in the making.I prefer the Farley bakery one(for no obvious reason,most probably because it is more chewy inside the slight crispy outer thin crust).It is really awesome!

    Farley, eh? Will give that a try. My missus bought from BreadSense, just once and never bought again for obvious reasons – I didn’t get to try them…but she loved these and I do too.

    1. Bread sense one is not bad too.But it really pale in comparison with the one at farley (just from my own stance)..I came across with that thingy at bread sense in the first place. But later I found it even better at farley. LOL..

      I’ve mentioned the ones at Bread Sense a few times already in my earlier comments. Never tried myself but my missus said not nice and she never bought again. She loves these Apollo ones though…

  16. oh la la! buns! best eaten when hot and with cream and with hot tea! I like the buns they sell at that bakery by the roadside behind Wisma Sanyan, i forgot the name.

    That’s BreadSense. Missus bought this type of buns from there but never bought again – meaning is clear. I did not get to try though. She said these that I bought were very nicer, much nicer than the ones she bought from there. They do have some nice stuff there though – loved their curry puffs, New York cheese cake, baked and others.

  17. Oh interesting buns…. there is also a Korean bakery around here, must go n try find this.

    In some country in Europe or you’re back in KL already? Can go and verify if there are indeed such Korean buns – that will answer Chris Au’s question in his comment. I don’t know much about these things – first time seeing and first time trying. I know there’s a Japanese bakery at MV, didn’t see a Korean one there.

  18. The first one does seem *a lot* better than the second one!

    It’s the power of the egg wash! πŸ™‚

    I think the first one had egg wash before baking while the second didn’t, which was probably why the texture was different. Plus, it looks so much better with egg wash too. I just learned this a couple of months ago when I got my breadmaker and also when my better half told me about the importance of doing that.

    I’m not a huge fan but I don’t mind trying, it might change my mind! I’ll be bringing back quite a lot of stuff, haven’t confirmed the flight yet and I need to check if the shops closes too so Monday is a risky day to fly!

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ We learn new things everyday, don’t we? πŸ˜‰ Just let me know when you’re flying and I’ll get some fresh ones for you – anytime nicer than buying them early and keeping in the fridge for so long.

  19. Oh yes, Korean buns. Over here quite a number of place or bakery selling them. Some are not so nice, some nicer than the others. I like the ones from RT Bakery over here. Nice! Best to have them fresh or at least eat them on the day of purchase :). But they cost between RM1.60 to RM1.80 each! 😬

    Ahhhh!!! I’ve heard of that bakery. Very famous, had the Swiss rolls and stuff from there before. Hmmm…not cheap, I see.

  20. I reckon I will love the buns a lot because of the sesame seed πŸ˜€

    It sure adds a special fragrance to it.

  21. Unfortunately looks like they are no longer selling them (as of 2017)

    Oh? No more? I have not been there for a long long time, so I wouldn’t know. Thanks for informing. So far, those that I find at the full-fledged bakeries are all not nice.

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