One more thing…

On the morning of their final day in Sibu, I told my friend from KL to skip the breakfast at the hotel and go with his missus to eat the kampua noodles at this place near the hotel where they were staying…

Kingwood Sibu
*Kingwood, Sibu @ RM150 nett per room, new wing, inclusive of breakfast for two*

…and also the beef noodles there and I would come a little later to fetch them to go and eat something else. Unfortunately, the beef noodle stall was not open but they did get to enjoy had the kampua noodles and they said it was good – in fact, many claim that it is the best in town.

Well, there was one more thing that they had been talking about and wanting to eat, which was our mee sua in chicken soup cooked with the traditional Foochow red wine but when I took them here, the stall was closed for the day. In the end, I decided to bring them here…

Uncle Bakery Sibu

I know it’s actually a bakery but they have a kitchen at the back and they do serve all kinds of things besides the cakes and stuff…and if you sit inside, it is air conditioned so it will not be so hot and stuffy like in many coffee shops. Someone told me that their mee sua was the best in town but I had never got round to trying it and if anyone is wondering where it is located exactly, it faces the Sibu bus terminal, a few doors away from the Medan Hotel.

My missus had the zhao chai hung ngang

Zhao chai hung ngang

– the big mihun in preserved vegetable soup and she said it was good.

I had the kampua noodles…

Kampua noodles

…and I would say that it was as good as it looked. It wasn’t too bad but I would not ask anyone to go there to eat if that is what they have in mind for breakfast or for that matter, at any time of day.

My KL friend and his missus both had the mee sua

Mee sua

…and it certainly appeared very impressive indeed. Both of them enjoyed it…but I did not get to sample it myself so I cannot say for sure how good it actually is. It looks like I would have to drop by the place again  sometime.

Now, to my delight, the moment I arrived, I spotted these in the glass case…

Hokkaido cup cakes 1

– Hokkaido cup cakes…and all the time I was there, I could not wait to grab one to try!

Of course, I simply HAD to do that and as soon as I had finished my kampua noodles, I went and bought two for us to share. It was very nice – the texture of the cake was soft, very well done, I would say…and there was a lot of cream inside too…

Hokkaido cup cakes 2

The cream was all right, not overly rich or sweet and I would say it was something like the cream one would find in cream puffs. Overall, I would say I would give it the thumbs up especially when considering that it costs only RM2.00 each. I am pretty sure you cannot get it that cheap in KL or elsewhere.

I guess I will be going back there one of these days to try the mee sua like I said I would and you can be sure that I would definitely be picking up a few of the Hokkaido cup cakes to enjoy…