I’m back…

This was the 3rd time that I stayed in this hotel in Kuching in 2010 (29th-31st December)…

360 Hotel, Kuching

…and at RM135 nett, government/pensioners’ rate…

360 Hotel, Kuching - entrance

…I certainly would not want to stay elsewhere…

360 Hotel, Kuching - reception

…considering that the room is very nice and can rival those in the very much more expensive hotels around…

360 Hotel, Kuching - room 1

It is spacious and the decor is tastefully done…

360 Hotel, Kuching - room 2

The complimentary buffet breakfast isn’t much to shout about though…

360 Hotel, Kuching - breakfast

…but it may be quite good on certain days – depending on what’s on the menu. Anyway, in Kuching, I would rather not have breakfast in the hotel so that I would be able to go out and eat all the very nice stuff around the city.

However, I really love the breathtaking view from the restaurant on the 18th Floor especially in the morning…

360 Hotel, Kuching - morning view

You can also get a bird’s eye view of Kuching city…

Kuching - bird's eye view 1

…from different angles…

Kuching - bird's eye view 2

The location is a bit out of way, not exactly around the city centre but all things considered, I would still want to stay there the next time I hop over to Kuching.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

29 thoughts on “I’m back…”

  1. I have only been to Kuching once, decades ago when I was there on training. The people there were friendly and our local colleagues even took the trouble to pack durians (shells removed) into containers sealed with layers and layers of masking tapes so that we could smuggle them up the plane. LOL….

    Decades ago? About time you hop over again… Much has changed, would be quite different now. That’s the problem – most people over your side would not come over…unless they are sent on an all-expense-paid course or training. I would say Kuching is a lot nicer that many places in the peninsula but I’m sure, these days, it will not be that easy to smuggle durians onto the plane…

  2. Last time I stayed in Crown Prince opposite Holiday Inn..decades ago.. wonder whether it is still there or not.. but this hotel u posted up is real cheap! Yes, breathtaking views too.. well, if you have “drivers” to pick you up, staying here is really worth it!

    I think it was Crown Plaza, can’t remember…as it has changed names a number of times. At one time, it was Riverside Majestic…Don’t know what it’s called now. Holiday Inn has a new name now too – Grand Magherita or something.

    There are buses passing by the hotel – all will head to the city centre…but coming back, you may need to know the numbers as there are buses going in all directions.

    Taxi is RM10 to anywhere inthe city, cheaper than Penang – now RM15.00…when they’re supposed to use meter!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  3. What’s the normal rate? Considering the design of the interior decor (and the LCD TV), I would say it is quite luxurious compared to other hotels. I don’t think I should blow the cover. Hahaha. Never been to Kuching before, by the way.

    Not much more expensive – RM150, I think…which I will have to pay in a not-too-big hotel in Bukit Bintang, KL…for a small, dark and murky room…and not-half-as-good breakfast. Never been to Kuching? Gosh! Boy, are you deprived!!!

  4. LOL… now I’m kind of regret to quit my goverment job! For such luxurious room, RM135nett/night is a steal!!!

    Hehe… the hard boiled eggs looked crumpled! You are right, me too would prefer eat out rather than having the complimentary breakfast unless it’s real good!;D

    Have a nice day to you!

    Hahahaha!!! My daughter also laughed at the egg when she saw the photo. Actually, it was a hardboiled egg that I peeled and I used to spoon to cut into halves so as to have a little colour in the photo. Too bad, it did not look good. LOL!!! 😀 Ya…some hotels give very good rates to government employees and retirees.

  5. the breakfast look so-so only, maybe u shud jz go out n search for other yummy breakfast! 😀 wow love the views!! 😉

    Didn’t like the fried kolo mee that morning – just tried a bit as we would be going out for the real thing later… I had to go for for breakfast as I needed the coffee to wake me up bah. They have nasi lemak on some mornings which is very nice…and the chicken porridge is good too. There will always be hardboiled and half-boiled eggs but if you prefer them differently, there is someone to fry for you in their kitchenette. Whatever it is, heaps better than the complimentary breakfast at that Bukit Bintang hotel where I always stay in KL.

  6. A, your pics are so good, you’re giving them all this free publicity, they should pay you to stay there next time.

    It’s ok. Good things are meant to be shared…and since they’re good, perhaps some may want to stay there instead of paying through their noses to stay at those hotels in the Golden Triangle which aren’t much to shout about really.

  7. Nice hotel and what a good rate you are paying. Great view around Kuching. I was there twice first time with Feri Malaysia just a stopover and second a biz trip so not much time to go around. Wow Alice is so sharp with the egg thingy haha. ~;).

    Yup! Women… I think they are more particular about such things. We men will just pop it into the mouth and it will be gone in a jiffy. Hahahahaha!!! Gosh…Feri Malaysia??? That was so very long ago… Gee! About time, you people take some time off and hop over to Kuching to see how nice it is today. Everyone can fly – try and grab the zero fares…and there is the cheap Tune Hotel too if you are travelling on a budget – right across the road from the very extravagant Hilton…

  8. Very greeny view, but the breakfast duzzin look so appetizing. Government pensioners gets how many % off, actually? The rate duzzin apply to other senior citizens and pensioners as well? I mean if other people are not government pensioners and is over 60, will they get the same rate?

    Nope…not that I know off. I don’t know how many percent – I will just call and ask the rate…and then I will ask for the government rate. Sometimes the online rates are very good too – may be even better than the government rates…and sometimes, if you book through certain travel agencies, they may be able to give you even lower. Just have to survey and compare…and then go for the cheapest.

    No complaint about the breakfast – after all, it’s complimentary and a whole lot better than that Bukit Bintang hotel where I always stay…take it or leave it. Many EXPENSIVE hotels – no breakfast and if you want to have the buffet in the morning, it will be so very expensive you will need to think twice or thrice…if you’re still conscious once they tell you how much per head!

  9. never been to the east of m’sia 😦

    should plan for it…….the kolok mee u have been posting up in your blog really makes me wanna try….

    About time! About time! Given a choice, I would rather go to Kuching than some of the ASEAN countries…especially at my age, when there is not much “excitement” to look forward to…

  10. Nice hotel with reasonable rates! I guess if the service and quality of the room are way good, the location can be compensated in some other way… lol!

    Yup…good for people with lots of friends and relatives around who will take them here and there during their stay – not if you hope to walk around all over the city on foot.

  11. wah that rate is really cheap considering the rooms looked quite nice. So can people like me use your rate?!! *wink wink*

    Of course you can…if you’re sleeping in the room with me! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  12. Although i am from East Malaysia, but hardly travel to Kuching, Bintulu or Miri. I remember my last trip to Kuching was 12 – 13 years ago! I was staying at Crown Prince Hotel, at that time i am using my hotelier rate, also a good rate.

    Nice and spacious hotel room you got there, that is a family room?

    Nope…this hotel has different rooms – two single beds (bigger room and even nicer) or one single plus a double Queen…and they are all the same rate – RM135, in my case. The family room I had in Penang – nowhere near this one with a single and a double bed – RM180 and no breakfast. You must bring your family to Kuching one day. They’ll love it, I’m sure… 😦

  13. I think of going to Kuching on coming CNY…still yet to decide which hotel to stay….feel like trying the TUNE hotels.

    Tune? Eyewwwww…..!!! LOL! 😀 This particular hotel has another one nearer to the Golden Triangle (former Upwell Supermarket) – a budget hotel but not like Tune – what you pay for the room is all inclusive… You can check out their website:

  14. I will be in Kuching with hubby, my kids and PILs in Feb for Chap Goh Meh celebration with my family. This will be PILs first trip to Kuching and we are planning to bring them to experience all the delicious food like kolok mee, laksa, pork satay and fish ball vermicelli beside a Chinese temple, seafood at a car park at the city and nice drinks at Hui Sing garden. I never took notice on the name of the shops though. I will jot down next time so that I can share on my blog.

    I can’t wait to be at Kuching……..

    There! I keep telling everybody that Kuching is a nice place to visit and there is all the different kinds of nice food to enjoy. Have a nice time there – I’m sure you will… 😉

  15. Love the picture with the gunung at the background…what gunung is that?
    I travelled a lot when living in Malaysia following hub but never to East Malaysia. He went almost weekly but don’t know why I tak ikut la. Must be due to my ignorance:)
    Again due to hub’s work, we will be living in hotels sometimes up to half a year. Hate,hate,hate hotel’s breakfast no matter how sedap it is. First day, sedap…second day, okay and by the third day, tengok pun muntah…just imagine have to eat almost the same breakfast for 6 months….

    That’s Gunong Santubong – the very famous one with a song and a legend (wild boar grave) about it. Same here. Before I retired, I used to travel a lot on official duty, so much so that I was called “full-time course participant, part-time teacher”. It was exciting at first…but after sometime, it became such a drag…and after a day or two of hotel food, you would find me at some coffee shop in the vicinity eating char siew fan and stuff like that. For one thing, no matter which hotel you go to, the food would taste more or less the same… 😦

    1. Hey A, isn’t that Gunung Serapi? Mt. Matang?

      Nope, Santubong. Serapi (in Matang) is in the other direction…city view side, not visible in the photo that day…but if you click the link to my earlier post on the hotel, you can see it in the similar photo of the bird’s eye view of the city centre.

  16. I love that song…lama never hear. Have to google and download. Kat Malaysia bolehlah I go out and eat something but if you are in a different country with a young kid and no hub, how la to go out. Lucky hub would usually be around to take us out and makan and explore the place. However, I never follow if he goes to anywhere in Malaysia…just overseas, stupidkan? Kuman di seberang lautan nampak but gajah depan mata tak nampak. Rugi that i never appreciate Malaysia’s beauty. Only after living abroad I realised the grass is not always greener on the other side.

    Ya…that’s very true. Used to love going overseas…but now, I think with that kind of money, I can pamper myself a whole lot more here – staying in five-star hotels, pamper myself with the comfort and luxury…and I get to eat anything – all so nice and I would not need to convert and have the shock of my life upon realising how much I’ve spent… Well, you can come over for a visit – with your money, everything is really dirt cheap here! I think MAS currently having an offer – around NZ$900 Auckland to KL one way, all inclusive… Cheap! My daughter’s Air NZ Welly to Auckland already NZ$500, if I’m not mistaken…or perhaps that’s for return.

    P.S. Here’s the video clip of the song, Puteri Santubong. Enjoy…

  17. Really nice views and spacious room ! You got a great place to stay for a vacation!

    Yes, there was a nice cheap one too where I used to stay in the 90s…but that one’s very far from the city centre and the last time I was there, it was still ok…but had that old hotel look and smell.

  18. no wonder u knew my flight delayed…u stop by my territory oso nvr tel me…the hotel u booked got lotsa china dolls wan u got order some onot? lol

    No, I didn’t. They all told me they were waiting for you. Hehehehehe!! Why must tell you leh? What is it you want from me? Wink! Wink! Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  19. have only been to kuching once back in 2003 i think.. this hotel is very nice, and RM135 is quite affordable, given tidy room and also the superb view!! nice stay…

    So long ago… Time to go again!

  20. wow… the place looks so expensive and the view of the mountain and the whole vicinity is so stunning

    …and the best part is the fact that it’s so affordable. Any place of that standard would be too expensive for the likes of me.

  21. this hotel sounds great…price wise and the rooms are big mmm thanks for sharing info on this hotel. Now I will know where to check in when I am there for holiday 🙂

    Let me know if you are going. I can meet up with you there…and take you around. Kuching is not like Sibu – just walk and eat…and eat…and eat! LOL!!!

  22. u drop by must pay toll ler else its illegal… 😛

    Namind, lots of illegal immigrants…like those China Dolls of yours. 😉

  23. the view is great but the breakfast looks not so delicious leh . hehehehhe!
    but the rate is cheap lor. if rate for not pensioner how much?

    RM150… The breakfast is quite good on certain days, depending on what’s on the menu for that morning.

    Better than what I would get at Bintang Warisan in KL – the only quite-ok thing is nasi lemak (and walk-in quests have to pay RM13.50 a plate)…and for RM150, I got a room that was slightly bigger than the queen-size double bed, no wardrobe, no fridge… You can imagine how small that is!!!

    This one, I really really really cannot complain anymore…especially at THAT rate! Hilton is over RM300, Pullman is over RM200…for example…and NO breakfast plus the rooms are not even half as nice!

  24. u re right, in kch, u dun take hotel food for breakfast, not even mcD or kfc breakfast. go for kolo mee!

    Yup…or Kuching laksa…or kueh chap…or chai thow kueh…or tomato kway teow…or whatever else. So many places to go, so many things to eat…

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