Back at one…

I was here…

One Cent Sibu

once before when my blogger friends from the peninsula were in town and I went there again another time but we left because the mee sua stall happened to be closed that morning. In case anyone does not know where it is, it is among the LOT 9 shops along Jalan Pedada – the area on the opposite side of the road from Delta Mall and this shop is somewhere behind the Singapore Chicken Rice outlet there.

Well, I went there again one morning sometime ago for brunch…and despite the name, there was nothing there that cost just one cent.  My missus decided to have the lor mee (RM3.50)…

OneCent lor mee

…that was somewhat dark and she said it was all right but she would prefer the one she had here. She did not like the dip very much – it seemed to be something like bits of chili in black vinegar.

I ordered the bitter gourd mihun (RM4.00)…

OneCent bitter gourd mihun

…with lots of bitter gourd, minced meat and mihun in it…


…and also some tomatoes and black fungus…

Black fungus & tomatoes

…and I would say that it was very nice – with a slight hint of the bitterness and taste of the bitter gourd and I was glad that they were quite generous with the minced meat. It was something that I certainly would not mind ordering should I happen to drop by the place again.

I also ordered the Sibu Foochow-style sio bee (RM5.00 for 5)…

Sibu Foochow-style sio bee

…which were very nice but I thought it was a bit expensive.

These jiaozi or more specifically, zhēngjiǎo


…were similarly-priced but they were bigger and nicer with a lot of ingredients inside…

Jiaozi - inside

…and I would say they tasted nicer too.

All in all, it was a good brunch and I would say this is one place in town that would be worth checking out should you be looking for something to eat – you’ll be spoilt for choice here, I assure you.

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38 thoughts on “Back at one…”

  1. why does it not cost only 1 cent for the dishes? 😀 good morning Arthur!! 🙂

    Just like how things at the 100Yen stores do not cost 100Yen… 😉 It’s just past midnight when you posted your comment…time to sleep – guess it’s true what somebody once said, “KL…day is night and night is day!”

    1. lol! I’ve been slacking a lot on my blogging, tiring days i guess. It’s really awesome you still maintain a post a day for so many years. I’m in awe…

      Too many social activities, that’s why… Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  2. The sio bee is it like the dim sum siew mai and the jiaozi are wontons? At RM1.00 per piece they must have put good ingredients in? I like the bittergourd noodles. I wonder why they name the cafe one cent, but it’s catchy though.

    This sio bee is our local version of the siew mai, the Hokkien name for it…and the jiaoze is the dumplings that people usually call sui kow or sui jiao – you can click the link to read the details about it. Lots of meat inside but RM1.00 isn’t all that cheap. I guess that name will amuse people and get their attention…

  3. I like your bowl of noodles.. bitter gourd with minced meat and tomatoes, fungus… gosh, it is going to be 8am and my stomach is making noises already! You should be awarded as a Sibu Ambassador… Food Ambassador for Sibu, I should say! 🙂

    It was very nice. We went there when you were in town – same stall as the mee sua stall but we did not order that… You will have to come again, I’m afraid. Hehehehehehe!!!!

  4. Such a heartily breakfast! Look at the noodles! I’m drooling over that bowl of loh mee! It’s quite hard to get a bowl of “black” loh mee in KL because most of them offer clearer soup (or maybe I’m not good at food hunting).

    I don’t like bittergourd beehoon, prefer kiam-chay beehoon soup 🙂

    Then you will love our zhao chai hung ngang – my missus loves it!

  5. Lup the lor mee still cheap at 350sen & Sibu Foochow-style sio bee at 100sen each must be yummy.

    My missus said the lor mee so-so only, prefers the one at another place. The sio bee…cheaper elsewhere and nicer too!

  6. If the zhēngjiǎo is bigger and nicer than sio bee but at the same price, human nature would opt for “yew pi yew tua tay” haha.

    I guess so… Definitely trhe better choice. I just wanted to try the sio bee…and look for the best in town.

  7. I’m not in favor of bitter gourd, but my wifey loves it to the max and always order this bitter gourd mihun when we are out for breakfast. She always emphasize that the food that are bitter in taste are good cooling medicine, and having said that she will shove some of this into my mouth.

    Yes, they say it is good for health. I did not use to like it when I was younger but now that I’ve learnt to eat it, I really love it…and the ones these days are not really bitter. Very nice!

  8. haiyah, call one-cent cafe but then nothing in there is sold at one-cent?? tsk tsk tsk.. we call that lor mee as “lam mee” over here, cos lor mee is slightly different with lighter color and the noodles is thick fat noodles..

    Oh…is there a difference? Didn’t know that – thought they’re the same, just the names are different. Not really a popular dish here – lor mee…but these days, there are more and more stalls selling that around town, unlike before…and they’re not necessarily good. Yet to find one that I would want again and again… 😦

    1. Oh~ so the blacker loh mee in KL is called lam mee? No wonder I always got it mixed up! Make me wonder why the soup is not black and curse the hawker in my heart for mislead me, cheh!

      Next time I’ll ask for lam mee.

      Dunno. I had once in Penang as my friend asked me to try the Hailam lor mee…and the other day, SP asked me to try the Penang lor mee and har mee combo. Otherwise, I would not have ordered as I’m not a fan of lor mee or lam mee….

  9. Yum! Your bittergourd mihun looks just that. Yum! I noticed they were generous with the minced meat, the item I normally ask for more of. The second batch of dumplings look delicious too.

    I’m more used to lor mee with thick noodles prepared normally by those ‘tua cha’ stalls/restaurants. And they are much lighter on the black sauce.

    Good morning!

    I thought of asking for more but good thing I did not as they gave a lot of those minced meat balls. Just right!!! Ya…I’m more used to lor mee in some lighter shades too.

  10. ooh, the bitter gourd meehoon looks good, love those greenish bitter gourd and the minced meat combination.. but looks like the soup is a bit oily.. the one i had here, the soup is more clear, nice..

    Not oily, just nice…maybe the fat from the minced meat use… Loved it!

  11. How come suddenly you are so health conscious one????.. Lol!!! Eh, first time I see bee hoon with bitter gourd, a bit Jakun lar me 🙂 The lor mee looks so shiok.. anything as black as that sure very sedap one. As for the sio bee and the friend, mahal lar… tak kambuan I want to pay that price…makan tak kenyang and for the same price can get a bowl of your bitter gourd bee hoon + a drink.

    Yup…it is pricey but at least, there’s a whole lot of meat inside – others, you find mostly sengkuang and flour. 😦

  12. Ohh I love jiaozi! Saucer and I never fail to order these whenever we see them. We ate a whole lot of them when we travelled to China too. LOVE them!

    I guess you can get them in Oz too…but they would be a lot more expensive than these…and even these here, we would feel the pinch already. 😦

  13. One Cent Cafe, i love the food here. Most of the food are nice, i had their “pek ting yoke” with mee suah, very nice and their foo chow red wine mee suah also very nice. I think their ‘chu char” corner the food is nice too, many variety.

    Love your bowl of bitter gourd mee hoon soup, i don’t mind having that for lunch. yum yum!!

    Ya, one of your favourite places in town! So many things to choose….will have to go again and again to try one by one. 😦

  14. Wah, so nice, all these lovely food to enjoy. The meehoon with the minced meat looks great but I’ll leave out the ..eeeeee.. bitter gourd. My lunch today (and yesterday) is Tuesday’s leftover spaghetti bolognese…that’s how poor I am, sobsssss.

    You cooked enough for an army so you would take a long time to finish lor… Look on the bright side – at least, you’ll be very free these next few days.

  15. Now is 12pm, I shouldn’t have come here at this hour. My tummy is drumming so strong. Food looks so good, is it because of your photographing skill, Arthur?

    It actually looks good and tastes good too! Me, what skill…just simply click one. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  16. Wonder why they named the shop 1 Cent. In Kuching we do have a shop named dua puluh sen but now I think it has closed down if I am not wrong. I prefer bitter gourd fried than made into soup. Foochow sio bee & zhēngjiǎ looks good.

    Ya…we had dua puluh sen also…and also closed down. I don’t like bitter gourd boiled till soft – this one is just right, still crunchy. I like!!!!

  17. Wah… the lor mee got bubble some more. Must not be taken hot, else burn tongue, ho?

    Never tried or even heard of bitter gourd mihun… wow that is really very creative.

    It’s nice…but then again, I love clear soup! And minced meat balls and bitter gourd too! 😉

  18. At first I thought the food sells there would end with 1 cent.. keke..

    This shop really can drive thru ar? Hehe….

    LOL!!!! I guess you can park by the front or by the side and get them to deliver the food to your car. 😀

  19. good price for the bittergourd bee hoon! hmmm, though now it makes me wonder: would it be possible to use bittergourd as an ingredient in an alcoholic cocktail? i wanna experiment 😀

    Good luck! LOL!!!

  20. Now you had me drooling over the bitter gourd and minced meat beehoon soup !! Thanks, I will try to replicate it :p

    Should be very easy to cook, just make sure not to overcook the bitter gourd. Best, still green, nice and crunchy.

  21. I just had lor mee for dinner 😀

    I love bitter gourd and certainly loves bitter gourd mihun. The one I always have in Asia Cafe closed down dy 😦

    1cent is a marketing ploy isn’t it?

    Dunno, just a name, I guess – nobody pays attention to it. Maybe it’s easier to remember, gets around more easily.

  22. not keen at lor mee. But the mi suah with red wine at that shop was good. I love the soup.

    I’ve yet to try that myself… So many things to eat and Annie says the pek ting eyok is nice too. Slurpsss!!!!!

  23. The bittergourd meehoon look awesome. A good deal for RM4 too! That’s one of my fave noodles when we eat out at the local coffee shops…if they serve it lah. Not easy to get bittergourd noodles in KL…

    Not easy here too. First time seeing it at this place…so I did not hesitate to try. Loved it! 🙂

  24. it all seems to be yummy but still on the healthier i have tried that side Sibu Foochow-style sio bee and i love it

    You have? Where? In the Philippines? There are Foochows there too? Gosh! They’re everywhere, it seems… LOL!!! 😀

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