Make it special…

I blogged about this place once before. I had the so-called kolo mee which turned out to be some very nice kampua noodles with minced meat.

I’ve gone back there a number of times – sometimes, I would eat there and sometimes, I would tapao the noodles back. Sometimes, I would order the chap-chap (mixed) soup with the pork liver, intestines and all and then, one fine day, I found out that they do serve the “kolo mee” with all those innards as well…

Kolo mee special 1

The old couple running the shop and the noodle stall call it the kolo mee special and I like how the old man would pronounce it as “spay…sial“. LOL!!!

The noodles are not sticky and starchy – just the way I like it but do be forewarned that the old lady is not very consistent and sometimes, they may be a bit overcooked and too soft for my liking. Somehow, seeing that she is quite advanced in age, I do not have the heart to tell her not to boil the noodles for too long…so everytime I go and eat there, I would just hope and pray that luck would be on my side and the noodles would come out just right.

Kolo mee special 2

I bought a few packets of that for smallkucing and family when I went over to KL that day and she loved it! In fact, everyone that I’ve bought for them to try loved it!

Kolo mee special 3

When eating there, you will get the complimentary soup like everywhere else that sells kampua noodles in Sibu but unfortunately, more often than not, it is bland and quite tasteless. So what I would do here would be to put all in the innards in the hot soup…

Complimentary soup

…so that after a while, it will become more flavourful and a whole lot nicer.

I’m not too sure how much this “spay…sial” costs but together with one glass of kopi-o-peng (iced black coffee) which usually costs RM1.50 here, I got a RM4.10 change for my RM10.00 note…so I guess it is around RM4.50 a bowl. Not cheap, eh?